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Mängupeo teema: Maslenitsa. Laste vanus: 3 -7 aastat (osalevad kõik lasteaia rühmad, va sõimerühmad)

Taust: Me elame suures linnas, aga ka linnas on võimalik mäletada traditsioone ja pidutseda samamoodi, nagu see oli tehtud sada aastat tagasi. 1,024 more words


Hanya Makan Pancake Selama Satu Minggu? Kok Bisa? Simak 6 Festival Paling Unik Dari Seluruh Dunia!

Setiap negara di dunia pasti memiliki festival atau biasa yang disebut perayaannya masing-masing. Festival merupakan hasil kebudayaan dari suatu bangsa. Di artikel kali ini RIM bakalan bahas tuntas 6 festival unik di dunia D`RIMers! 329 more words


Maslenitsa. Pancake paradise

As a true pagan I cannot skip such an important holiday as Maslenitsa. It is an ancient slavic holiday, originally pagan. It is celebrated for the whole week with different customs and traditions and means the end of winter. 177 more words


Sunday of Forgiveness.

I think no matter where you live, you have to always remember who you are and where you are from. Sometimes it`s hard to remain Russian in a place where nothing reminds me of home. 334 more words

Maslenitsa Mystery

Hello God!

Thank You for Maslenitsa!

We are celebrating this sun-festival during the last week before Great Lent and the most characteristic food of Maslenitsa is… 383 more words


Experiencing a Russian Holiday: Масленица

The Russian holiday “Maslenitsa” is often translated as Butter Week, Crepe Week, or Cheesefare Week, (in Russian, “maslo” means butter). It is said to be one of the oldest surviving Slavic traditions practiced today and has roots in early pagan tradition. 367 more words

What do you know about Maslenitsa?

“Happy Maslenitsa week! Your Montesha’s speaking. I’ve been eating this tasty Swiss pancake, when my assistants told me it’s Maslenitsa week now. Have you ever heard of it? 281 more words