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Hello, world.

I go by Lady S.

I dominate, and I write about it. Through this I hope to provide a look into my world, possibly answer to your burning questions surrounding what I do, and educate. 63 more words

I Pay Women to Beat Me

There, that was not hard to say, now was it? I am a little ashamed as I write it.  But it is true.

I pay them to punch me, to slap my face, and to spit on me.  210 more words

The Primal Actor/Musician (Part 1)

I watched his adept fingertips dance down the fret-board in minor chords as my blood dried on his knuckles. I was lost in his ominous melody when I heard him whisper my name and say, “Look at me. 1,290 more words


"I think my partner is unfaithful and I keep digging. Am I right?" Advice for Real Change - No quick fixes (sorry)

“My girlfriend and I (both 26) have been together in a long-distance relationship for eight years. It was a dream until she became a successful chartered accountant when she got a job, while I was doing not so well academically. 1,353 more words

BDSM – A Dark Art

Many years ago I started on a journey of sexual exploration. Being more of a lover than a fighter I have always wanted to please my partners and take them to places unknown. 825 more words


No Turning Back

It was the summer of 2014 and I was on a journey to sexual freedom and enlightenment. I’d always been adventurous, but my tastes were evolving. 2,108 more words

Carnal Knowledge

The "M" Word

I awoke to the sound of a loud knock at the door. Room service. He had ordered enough food for five people and for a moment, I wondered if he planned to return.   765 more words

Carnal Knowledge