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Taboo: Loving Pain

I’ve always felt as though it’s been obvious to people that I’m a bit odd. When I was younger I definitely revelled in the shock factor and extracting reactions. 721 more words


Your Protestor.

The protestor,

writhing longingly,

beneath the fingers,

that break me,

bucking the system,

I beg you openly,

awash with desire,

afire with the need,

hurt me, 51 more words

Americana Injustica

Tacoma rear-seat platform mod

Since I got my FWC on my truck, I’ve been wanting a better way to pack my gear in the truck (and travel with the dogs) 811 more words


1.40 am

Somewhere inside of me there is a caged bird with big doe eyes.

Tearful and beautiful,she runs into that shiny glass wall,time and time again. 217 more words

Expectations and undoing

Nina sat in the chair and could smell the alcohol. The room was clean, graceful swearing lines decorated the walls split by occasional frames of artwork. 670 more words

Poem: Violation

Booming red sky in my ears donging a dinner bell,

in hell the wolves pant breathless, beer batter brown

sharp and dripping with blood, and the pain when they bite… 145 more words

Andrew Halter