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In the Hands of a skilled sadist, even office supplies are deadly.

“Why arent your all whore’d up?” Sir lowered his glare at me causing me to stop in my tracks.

“Um…” I had nothing.

“Go on. Go get whore’d up. 1,204 more words


History Class

“I’ll be there in approximately 30 minutes. Flip the mat and be standing on it when i arrive.” The text message read.

“Yes, Sir” I went and moved the spiky mat into the living room and then changed my clothes and carefully applied my makeup in the fashion Sir loves. 1,609 more words


Victory Declared

After limping through Thanksgiving with my usual lack of grace and social skill, I have emerged on the other side ragged but whole. I will take that as a win and celebrate appropriately… i.e. 39 more words


Feminism and Jane Eyre plus some Art?

I am writing a paper, arguing against a feminist, Jean Wyatt, about Jane Eyre. In her article A Patriarchy of One’s Own: Jane Eyre and Romantic Love, … 1,094 more words


My Slave the Grandmaster

Instead of being fucked by R’s neverending hard on this morning, I told my husband I was going to church, and could I use his car? 772 more words

To see Leyla again would be amazing. I cannot deny it

To see Leyla again would be amazing. I cannot deny it. Hahaha. You saw her yesterday and you ignored her for 45 minutes? An hour? Till she walked out. 60 more words

Have you ever

Felt while lying on your bed

To take a knife to your head

And bleed till the end?

And after all the blood drains out and the organs hang in the hollow… 54 more words