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Job ad

Within the context of this job, you will:

  • come last in my line of priorities (I shall seek for you whenever I need you);
  • be ignored during leisure times (except if there is no one else around that would stir my attention);
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Before your hands there were metal


Masochistic love

Is that why you won’t touch me anymore?

Even with my skin smooth


You cut right to my soul… 48 more words


Cyber Sexuality?

I’ve been online for quite some time. As a result, I’ve been in some interesting conversations, if you will. The sort of conversations that start out: …whispering in your ear…telling you how much I want you to… Then, they move on to things like: …my hand travels down…feeling every inch of your…chest…then, lower…lower…until….finally… To be honest, I have found many of these encounters to be quite satisfying, although none can compare to the sexual existence I once had. 35 more words


An Old Man, A Lunch Date, And A Lesson Or Two

I’ve always been drawn to S&M. My earliest sexual fantasy involved bondage and this yummy man, dressed as an executioner…hood and all. Even now, that image drives me to distraction. 1,012 more words


Watch out for them

Narcissists are enchanting, until they are not. Woe betide you if you let yourself be drawn into their snare: 46 more words

Hurt Stays

I’m a masochist.
No, not the kind that likes to rip the cord off
and tie it around their necks till they see the stars. 116 more words