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O came over again last weekend; I got a day and a half of serenity out of it. I’ve admitted to being high-strung before, but I’ve never truly  1,543 more words

Recent Experiences

Where did the time go?

Blimey, haven’t posted on here in ages. Massive geeking has returned after an extended hiatus.

I stopped doing this masochistic exercise in Sep 2015.

Now I’ve started again. 66 more words


a junkie

Use to the highs,
Maintence and calming affects.
Never missing,
Always on time.
ready on demand.
Until one day…
Days turned into weeks,
Weeks into months… 45 more words

The Session - Energy Sensual Sadist

My journey to self-identification as an Energy Sensual Sadist was a circuitous one through the darker environs of my inner self.  A great deal of soul searching was necessary for me to arrive at this place where I was able to fully reconcile who I was/am as a Loving, peaceful, non-violent being and the Dominant that enjoys the Power Exchange between myself and a willing submissive. 1,784 more words



We label pain as this evil.
This epitome of misinterpretation.
To the contrary,
There’s nothing sweeter than waking up,
And feeling the muscles ache. 12 more words


It Hurts

so you keep touching it:
Paper cut, glass shard,
hangnail, splinter—
abrasions, eruptions, small
dermal breaches: those slight
vexing snags you can’t
leave alone, so you touch, 36 more words


Bandaging the Invisible Wounds

As a child, I used to love Sailor Moon. My friends and I would go outside and pretend to be different characters, defeating villains, mentally transforming into hyper-sexualized teenage schoolgirls as we roamed the playground, playing Sailor Moon. 1,394 more words