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I wasn’t that serious about running. But I needed a result to convince myself that this dabbling in running wasn’t in vain. So, in August I registered mysef for a Full Marathon at Jakarta Marathon 2015. 1,533 more words


Seven Minutes in Sodom

Preface: ADULTS ONLY. And even then, if you have delicate sensibilities, read no further. This is not meant to be pornography as such, but rather, disturbing erotica and satire in the vein of Sade. 1,264 more words



slashed, battered and bleeding
I gaze up at you pleading
for what I don’t know
is it just the next blow

gutted and shattered
would it ever have mattered… 39 more words


Emotional Masochism

I’ve always known I’m a slight masochist in some way or form (read: sex). However I’ve always thought it was very minor, a small characteristic among many others in the makeup of my personality. 346 more words


Rut Hillarp in B O D Y

One of Sweden’s great modernists poet and writer Rut Hillarp’s work has never before appeared in English before now. With The Black Curve about to be published by Readux Books in a translation by Saskia Vogel, B O D Y has published… 44 more words



There’s nothing wrong with me. I’m not emotionally damaged, there isn’t some deep trauma in my past that I haven’t dealt with. I don’t have daddy issues, I’m not repressing anything and there aren’t any secrets that I’ve hidden away. 1,287 more words

The Submissive's Tale