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Books for Trade: Vincennes, Gaston. L'Amour fouetté. Orné de douze illustrations hors-texte par Ch. Avalanche. Paris, Editions Prima,[vers1930?] . Couverture par Marilac

I have now opted to list this title with all the illustrations in an attempt to solve the mystery of the artist of the 12 plates, having already established, following conversation with Thanalie of Biblio Curiosa :- the cover for L’Amour Fouetté is signed Marilac, a pseudonym of the Italian illustrator Mario Laboccetta who worked in Paris in the 1920-30s  ,it is unlikely to be Marilac who is responsible for the other illustrations, I am tempted to think that the mysterious Ch. 190 more words


Masochism and Functional Consumption

I’m a masochist and I admit it. I enjoy being in pain and finding ways to deal with the pain I am in. That’s one of the ways I find my conflict in life and it helps me be selfless and help people. 206 more words


Toeing the Edge of Kink vs Abuse

i have been feeling like i am getting closer and closer to the edge of my self control for a little while now. For some reason no matter what i do, how much kneeling i inflict on my knees and feet, the edge keeps creeping closer and closer. 646 more words


The Hard Copy Masochist

It’s hard copy time!

With only one more Brone-Reimagined scene to sweet talk out of the old imagination, tomorrow I will be ready to send the whole of The Hushing Days to the printer. 115 more words



When you vanish, you take me with you. When you turn invisible, I become transparent. A spectre takes the place of my heart. It throbs within my ribs like an incessant siege. 844 more words

Fiction (Short/Long Stories)


The sound of the chisel against these iron bars

Is tick-tock-tick-tock

Our meet-cute is a forty-minute cab ride away

Yet I remain imprisoned.

These metal arms that long embraced me… 116 more words


The Greatest Gift

They keep telling me how pretty they view my eyes, my hair, my face and my mind is. It brings them joy to revol in my beauty. 888 more words