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Needles and Pins.

And get down on my knees and pray, that they go away And still it begins, needles and pins Because of all my pride, the tears I gotta hide… 578 more words

Physical Pain

The physical pain from a chronic health condition has been overwhelming the last few weeks. I have only recently been discussing my pain with Daddy. I was trying to hide it because I didn’t want his sympathy or even empathy. 53 more words


The 1990s end of century was the sexiest time of my life

The 1990s end of century was the sexiest time of my life; it was also the most painful time of my life. Do the two things always go together? 67 more words

Sadist mode

This morning i was given a task by a Sadist.

In a blindfold, ball gag and with wrist cuffs on i was to kneel on small piles of quinoa (since i had no rice available) until He decided to release me. 468 more words


Ang Wagas na Pag-ibig ng Sangkalan sa Matalas na Kutsilyo

Ako ang naipong amoy ng sandaang kaluluwa ng baboy, baka at manok

Na makailang ulit mong ginahasa sa patag ng aking balat na puno na… 262 more words


It Sucks to pretend!

I used to think that play pretend is only for children. I guess I am wrong… So wrong.

I have been pretending to be okay, to be happy, and to be contented for over a year now.

227 more words

50 Shades....

I find pleasure in my pain…

This masochism isn’t from whips and chains,
Nah this comes from the welts life has given me,
For a while I was locked into my body trying to free my mind, so as the sin lit cigarettes to my skin, I cried out because I seemed to have forgotten the safety word, 125 more words