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Embracing Otherness: Mastery of Submission in The Sun Also Rises


Literature Criticism

Farting in the shower is the height of masochism

The definition of masochism is to derive enjoyment from pain or discomfort. Therefore, the act of farting in the shower can fairly be argued to be the height of masochism. 118 more words


Masochism or is it? 

Masochism. Pain tolerance. Pain threshold.

I don’t know whether my self-evaluation is right or not. I (only) know that there is something satisfying in pain. A feeling I can’t address. 550 more words


“I’m going to leave my hand and teeth marks in places no one but us will ever see so you’ll know you’re private property. I’m going to edge you until you weep. 2,591 more words


'Fifty Shades of Grey' and Me

There are dozens of reviews out there concerning Fifty Shades of Grey, so you’ve probably heard almost everything there is to hear about here. Here I want to talk about the issues I had with it and those issues prompted me to take a closer look at the world of BDSM and address my own concerns that I had with it. 1,860 more words


Introduction To My Blog - Sex and BDSM

CAUTION: This blog contains themes of a very adult nature. Please do not read if you feel that any of the following issues may cause you discomfort: sexual situations, BDSM, and personal experiences. 981 more words


One More Time And Then We'll Stop

The more you hurt me

the more I believe that

perhaps my masochism

is getting out of control…