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Why Sprouting in Mason Jars is the Easiest/Fastest Way

My favorite way of sprouting is using glass mason jars. I would say this is also the easiest method to start sprouting seeds!

Why Sprouting in Mason Jars is the Easiest and Fastest Way to Sprout: 144 more words


Cozy in the rain...

Það er algjör rigningardagur í dag. Svona dagur þar sem maður vill bara sitja inni og gera ekki neitt. Það er akkúrat það sem ég ætla að gera. 248 more words

Daily Life

Flowers and Mason Jars - How to Save Those Beautiful Gifts.

For my birthday at the beginning of the month, my fiancé brought me peach roses – my favorite flowers.

But, the inevitable happened. They started to wilt and die. 161 more words


Mr. Hyde (Coffee Cream Stout) Mason Jar Cupcakes

This past weekend I was commissioned by my younger sister to make 50 cupcakes and a cake for her boyfriend’s 30th surprise birthday.  I love to bake cupcakes I even have my own Facebook  page: 648 more words

Flower Friday {number twenty-one}

Hello, hello, hello! Happy Friday everyone! I am so, so excited to show you guys this week’s flowers, I can barely contain myself. In the past I have been solely taking pictures by myself with the use of a self timer, but today I asked my wonderful roommate J to help me out a little bit…best decision ever. 432 more words


My Kitchen

So I just wanted to show off my kitchen! I completely designed it myself, and am so proud of how it turned out! From the 50’s refrigerator, to the mason jar lights, this kitchen is comfortable, practical and super unique! 17 more words

Mason Jar Blender Trick

Did you know you can take the base and blade from your blender and attach it to a regular sized mouth mason jar? I didn’t! Thank you Pinterest! 297 more words