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GESCHILD Nestgeur 3


Ama, mijn Groningse Beppe, was een vreemde vrouw. Mijn echtgenote vindt mij gek, althans een beetje. Hetzelfde vindt ze van mijn moeder en van onze dochter. 638 more words

Lyrisch Proza

Freemasonry Historic Links To Zionism/Judaism


Much has been said about the Jewish, or maybe it would be more accurate to say the Zionist interests which influence Freemasonry. Few members of the lower orders know the significance of this link, or its importance to them personally, and is especially true if they happen to be Christians. 936 more words

Jewish Question

Freemasonry and Judaism Worship the Same Egyptian Gods


In studying the sacred books of the Jews, the Talmud and the Kabbalah, and also those of Freemasonry for more than a quarter of a century, there is one conclusion I have come to—that the God of the Jews and the God of the Masons is the same God. 1,658 more words

Jewish Question

History of Freemasons: The Origins


Every Freemason who spends time reading about the history of the craft must eventually ask himself the same questions. When and where did Freemasonry start? 5,316 more words

Jewish Question

More About The Dickinson Mafia

The first time that I wrote about the Dickinson Mafia was in my previous post, “The Dickinson Mafia”.  I stated that the Dickinson Mafia was a group of local business owners and city leaders that had decided among themselves what they envisioned for Dickinson, that they tell themselves and each other that what they want is for the betterment of Dickinson, and in the best interest of its citizens, but what they want happens to coincide with making themselves richer, controlling citizens for their benefit, and helping them maintain power. 800 more words

Do the Jesuits represent The biblical Jesus or oppose Him?

I humbly ask those who believe themselves Followers of the Biblical Jesus to consider what the Catholic Church and Popes believe, and their character, nature, and purpose. 5,017 more words