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Why I Call America, JEWmerica.....

Last Sunday afternoon, I was speaking with a good comrade about his last week experiences and the conversation turned of course to the Jewish problem here in the states.   684 more words

The Jewish Problem

Deciphering the Lost Symbol

Dan Brown tells the truth about 1/2 the time, and this book tells you what’s true and false in The Lost Symbol. 148 more words

Book Blog

April Speaker Series and Annual General Meeting - Oshawa's Masonic History

On Tuesday, April 19, at 7pm, the Oshawa Historical Society will be holding its Annual General Meeting.  Oshawa Historical Society members, and members of the public, are invited this evening for the AGM and Speaker Series.  108 more words


Εκδήλωση αλά Ελληνικά στο Λονδίνο

Προσωπικότητες του πολιτισμού η Κάρμεν, η Ζάχα Χαντίντ, η ελίτ Ελληνική Παροικία και το μεγάλο γκαλά.

Ο Τζέρεμι Άϊρονς ανάμεσα στις κυρίες Κάρμεν Σγούρα, Σινέντ Κούζακ, Ζάχα Χαντίντ και το Πριγιπικό ζεύγος Μιχαήλ του Κεντ.


Today in Texas History - March 15

From the Annals of Masonry –  In 1836, Texian soldier Lewis Ayers was captured by forces under the command of Mexican General Jose de Urrea.  Ayers in action under Captain Amon King engaging Urrea’s rear guard when he was captured  with 32 other soldiers.  60 more words

Today In Texas History

The Magickal Burt Wonderstone

OK, here you go: possibly the most “deep,” esoteric analysis of the movie The Incredible Burt Wonderstone you will probably ever read.

You’re welcome.

Prepare to have your world-view, your religious identification, and even your very perception of reality altered forever—all through this seemingly insignificant 2013 movie starring Steve Carell and Jim Carrey.  2,061 more words

At The Movies