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Drinks in Tube

I was thrilled to be contacted by the folks at Drinks in Tube and asked if I would like to try out one of their gin tasting sets, my answer was obviously yes…no one in their right mind would ever turn down gin! 694 more words

Gin Journey

Lucky review - New Brewer/Masons player 

So thought I would do a quick post about the new Brewers / Masons player in the shape of Lucky. At the moment he only seems to be available via an event ran by your local Pundit or Shop so he isn’t easily available right now and is meant to be a ‘bonus’ for players playing in a local league event. 532 more words


The Grand Masonic Lodge

On the 5th of August, I travelled up to London to have a tour around the Grand Lodge in Covent Garden. When we arrived we checked in for the tour and then we went up a very big staircase which had gold coloured railings and soft blue carpet. 701 more words


David Icke: The Turd In The Punch Bowl

If you haven’t heard of David Icke, he’s a “conspiracy theorist” whose combative debating style and often spectacular claims have made him both the subject of ridicule and fascination over the last twenty odd years. 769 more words


The Wisconsin Persecution

It isn’t every day that a criminal investigator turns up at the door, any door. When the investigator turns up and wants to see – and then confiscates – a Masonic Lodge’s charter, that’s rarer still. 4,819 more words


Uncle Sam, Soul Food and Safe Refuge.

We had the statue of liberty show up on Tuesday, of course good old Uncle Sam shows up yesterday in a reading!!  All I could do was crack up, especially since it was a lady I was reading for.   616 more words

The Shift

Music and the Quadrivium

Music is delivered to us via our sense of hearing, which when young hears a wider range than when we are older. Our mind processes the complex mathematical formulas of sound waves, and that processing, can affect our mood, thoughts, feelings, and memories. 436 more words