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Dutch Elite Banker Reveals

Dutch Elite Banker Reveals

The way the people think that the world works and the real way the world works.


[Article]Masonic Temple Art Museum to open

Rejoice, all ye conspiracy theorist and occult fanatics! As a lover of art and the mysteries of this realm, I have to admit I find this…interesting to say the least. 13 more words


Thoughts on the Masons’ Training

Who built the Taj Mahal? Yes, that’s right. The masons built it.”

With this opening remark, the Masons’ Training Programme held at Coimbatore was kicked off. 734 more words

"Talk to Me of Mendocino"

Shrouded in fog on the north California coast, Mendocino still carries the mystique of Kate McGarrigle’s song.  Its houses and stores built of wood by transplanted New Englanders in the mid-1800’s, evoke a kind of everyman’s home town with such a northeastern feel to it that Mendocino has portrayed the quintessential Maine coastal hamlet in movies such as “Summer of ‘42” and “The Russians are Coming” and the long-running television series “Murder She Wrote.” 864 more words


The Virtue of Industry

In the modern era, we hear the word “industry” and tend to think of large brick buildings, chimneys billowing smoke, workers trudging in through large iron gates to manipulate gears and cogs to produce… something. 1,260 more words


Feast of the Beast – Bride/Sacrifice of the beast, rescued.

This post is Pt 2 of my Cinderella post HERE.

Easter is not just a couple of days each year, it’s a procession of events on multiple religious and luni-solar calendars in March/April. 3,256 more words

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