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Πώς σχετίζονται οι Μασόνοι με την τραγωδία του Χίλσμπορο-Λίβερπουλ

Η τραγωδία του Χίλσμπορο του 1989 κατά τη διάρκεια αγώνα ανάμεσα σε Λίβερπουλ και Νότιγχαμ Φόρεστ που είχε τραγικό απολογισμό με 96 νεκρούς, κρύβει μέσα της ακόμη, πολλές “σκοτεινές” πλευρές.


Origins of the Illuminati and Its Influence Today

Origins of the Illuminati and Its Influence Today

We know the control the Masons/Illuminati have with NASA and the lies they tell us in order to cover up the flat earth truth. 114 more words


News of the Week - August 14, 1896 -Organizations

In the second half of the 19th century fraternal organizations provided fellowship and connections in the community.. Organizations for women or mixed membership were also founded as companion groups to what were originally groups just for men. 2,813 more words


Free your mind...and the Rest WILL follow...

So…the Freemasons. This secretive and curious organisation can explain the origin of not just the Universe, but also the weird handshakes, knowing glances and the myriad conspiracy theories (and strange documents released thirty years after everyone said it wasn’t true) that we have to skate across on the icy lake of the modern world on a regular basis. 1,476 more words

Design Literacy Sessions

We run design literacy sessions for a group of masons to teach them basics of design, and understanding architectural drawings among others. We learn about realities of constructing and issues around interactions between ‘formal’ and ‘informal’ construction industry workers from them.

Social Architecture

Angelo Zanelli & Elisabetta Kaehlbrandt

collocazione: Vecchio Reparto

Zanelli helped with the sculpture for the Altare della Patria, a Masonic celebration….

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Ernest Nathan

Ernest Nathan (1845-1921) politician and first mayor of Rome

  • Ernesto Nathan (1845 – 1921), politico. Collocazione: Pincetto Nuovo, riquadro 47
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