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Dolphin Square scene in first Culture Club/Boy George Hit Video

I’ve just been sent this by a long-time subscriber (edited):

Hey Ellis, vid of Culture Club, Boy George,’Do You Really Want to Hurt Me?’. in the video clip it flashes on the screen that it is a scene from Dolphin Square Health Club 1957?? 203 more words


The Real Sting

This has been an interesting summer so far, with the western social culture. It seems to me that each year the main media ( CBS, NBC, CNN, ABC, and Fox) have more easy time to manipulate the masses, because they continue to be successful in dumbing down the masses. 1,699 more words


Freemasonry: A Greater Danger Than Jewish Supremacy


A few days ago, I was going through some of my posts about freemasonry and yet it hasn’t been clear to some of my followers that I consider Freemasons a greater threat than Jewish supremacy for many reasons.   479 more words

The Jewish Problem

Masonic Checkerboard

The masonic checkerboard shows up in various music clips that we see in pop culture. It represents duality: black x white; positive x negative; knowledge x ignorance; illumination x darkness; good x evil; etc… The 3rd Dimension is based on dualistic thinking. 296 more words


Xadrez Maçônico

O xadrez da maçonaria aparece em vários vídeos clipes que nós vemos na cultura pop. O piso representa dualidade: branco x preto; positivo x negativo; conhecimento x ignorância; iluminação x escuridão; bem x mal; etc… A 3ª Dimensão é baseada em pensamento dualista. 347 more words