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Guild Ball GenCon 2016 Roundup

So GenCon 2016 is over and the first US Guild Ball Championships where held.  The event was won by  Jordan Nach with the Mortician’s Guild. 564 more words

Inside The Masonic Order: Attempted murder, rape, smear campaigns and perjury 

In 1990, I was almost completely unaware of the dark forces involved in my attempted murder or the horror that would ensue for the next 26 years. 1,917 more words


Leaflet from "The Chivalric Order of Knight Masons"

A Leaflet from “The Chivalric Order of Knight Masons” detailing who they are, why and how to join and other details.


Do Not Disturb - Don't Come A knockin' - You Ain't Welcome

So July 21/22 is the ‘real’ Summer Equinox (in the upper hemisphere), I’m not going to explain it to you, look it up and see to which people(s) it’s poignant, why and what they do, are scared of. 446 more words

Time And Culture

Turkey – Murky History but Clear Future (1/2)

For those who have some kind of confidence in me, I fear that I shall disappoint you if you seek clear direction on recent events in Turkey, i.e. 1,684 more words

What's in a name? - Season 2 Mascots

It’s been a while and as the Season 2 Mascot models are due to be released shortly, I thought I would round off the ‘What’s in a name?’ for Season 2. 405 more words

Futurama Fraternitatis


#Top10Tuesday Episode 1:

Futurama Fraternitatis: Secret Societies of Futurama

Top 10 Secret Societies in FUTURAMA

10. Robot Mafia – http://futurama.wikia.com/wiki/Robot_Mafia
9. Council of Robot Elders – … 186 more words