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Step up the pressure on the Tories

People new to political activity and the Labour Party should help strengthen trade unions and trades councils in workplaces, towns and cities as the only guarantee against austerity and the Repeal Bill transferring all EU pro-market, pro-big business legislation into British law, writes… 1,309 more words

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Yhdessä olemme vahvempia! (Puhe, 12.6.17)

Pitämäni puheenvuoro “Työpaikkoja, ei sakkoa!” -mielenosoituksessa (Turku, 12.6.17)

Hyvää iltapäivää ja kiitos tähän tärkeään mielenosoitukseen osallistuville! Joukkotoiminta on nykyään tärkeämpää kuin koskaan jos halutaan puolustaa meidän yhteiskunnallisia oikeuksia, niin kuin oikeutta työhön. 793 more words


A Week of Mass Actions Challenge Trump



In the nine days from April 22 to May 1 inclusive, there were three important national mobilizations against aspects of the Trump administration’s policies.

 By Barry Sheppard… 1,726 more words

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The Power of Mass Action

The following is based on a talk the author gave during a Philly Socialists educational meeting. The talk was based on the texts The Nature of Mass Demonstrations… 1,512 more words

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Fighting Trump and the far right: The need for a united front mass action orientation

Fighting Trump and the far right: The need for a united front mass action orientation

John Leslie

Following the election of Donald Trump as President of the US, many on the left are calling for the building of a United Front (UF) to oppose his reactionary agenda. 2,218 more words

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Varieties of Civil Disobedience for the Age of Trump

This New Yorker piece by Jelani Cobb briefly surveys 1960s history to get at the necessity of conducting “democracy in the streets.” That period of history is worth revisiting for the reasons Cobb suggests. 673 more words