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Fighting Trump and the far right: The need for a united front mass action orientation

Fighting Trump and the far right: The need for a united front mass action orientation

John Leslie

Following the election of Donald Trump as President of the US, many on the left are calling for the building of a United Front (UF) to oppose his reactionary agenda. 2,218 more words

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Varieties of Civil Disobedience for the Age of Trump

This New Yorker piece by Jelani Cobb briefly surveys 1960s history to get at the necessity of conducting “democracy in the streets.” That period of history is worth revisiting for the reasons Cobb suggests. 673 more words

Cash for Ash -Will the Stormont Sinn Féin-DUP Coalition be Incinerated?

A BBC (Northern Ireland) news story offers a neat summary of the key issues in Belfast’s FosterGate : £400 million disappear into the pockets of Cash for Ash friends of the Stormont Peace Process Government. 675 more words


Super Chairperson Joe Kelly - What is the Statement behind Your Question? A Frank Discussion About the Irish Peace Process With John Meehan and Killian Forde

Thoughts of Chairperson Joe Kelly, April 8 1938 – December 7 2016.

Phrases that came immediately to mind :

“How’s Your Love Life?”

“What is the statement behind your question?” 4,726 more words


The super chairperson - Joe Kelly, born April 8 1938, died Wednesday December 7 2016, Aged 78.

Tributes are pouring in to Joe Kelly. In future days a lot more will be written said and sung about an outstanding political activist and very firm friend. 1,070 more words


Drowning The Kevin Duffy Water Charges Report

Brendan Young, an anti water charges member of Kildare County Council, examines the Kevin Duffy Report Commissioned by the Minority Fine Gael Government

A Right 2 Water steering meeting with a full discussion on all aspects of the Report would be the best way to tease all of these issues out.

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Post 258a

The mass protests of the Digital Age are different from their versions of yore. Everything now follows a tenet of millennials – to visually capture life’s events.

Photo by I.R. Arenas

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