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Fate's idea of a slap on the wrist.

You having a low opinion of me is one of the reasons I wake up in the morning. That’s right, your revulsion sustains me. (Mwalidi’s last tweet before the campaign.)

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35. You don't get another society by killing civilians and soldiers, all 99%. The 1% should be the target.

In all struggles only the 99% are damaged or killed. But civilians and soldiers do not start wars. When the struggle stops the 99% are still downgraded and secondary to the 1%. 395 more words


When the Assembly was bombed

When Bhagat Singh threw a bomb in the Assembly he was not a communist though he thought he was. He was a revolutionary terrorist. In jail he became an authentic communist when he abjured terrorism and embraced the concept of mass action. 19 more words

29. Inequality rises everywhere and the position of the 99% deteriorates.

The crisis accelerated the inequality. The rich got more and the 99% got less. Society became less humane. But resistance against the selfish and greedy 1% does hardly exist. 399 more words


The Hague: Thousands marched in solidarity with the people of Kobanê

Thousands of Kurdish sympathisers marched through the streets of The Hague to show their solidarity with the people of Kobanê, a kurdish city in Syria which is under attack by the ISIS for over a month now. 118 more words


Kenya's tyranny of excessive democracy that borders on anarchy

The Saba Saba rally at Uhuru Park last on Monday this week was
calibrated to produce maximum “CNN effect” by amassing perhaps the largest ever display of popular support and “people’s power”. 1,004 more words


Mass action; Baba needs to down a glass of stronger drink than a cup of tea at SH to face the reality of his future agenda

For men well past their prime, their fluid dance motions pointed to their active life when they were youths.

Only that they would have us believe their younger days were spent not on the dance floors,but in the trenches where, I suspect, they were… 543 more words