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Vying for the Spotlight

The Hollywood Reporter is currently polling the masses concerning which of the trailers shown during last nights Super Bowl was the most popular with audiences. At an average of 5 million dollars for a 30 second spot, these studios were spending what could easily be an independent film’s budget to catch a few eyes. 173 more words


How to Rock a Pitch

I recall the first time I noticed how much people love over-acting. I’ve always loved theatre. I’ve been fortunate enough to act, direct, design, light, write and watch many theatrical performance. 517 more words


Agenda Setting and GMO foods (Long Feature Article)

The Agenda Setting theory is strongly related to university students’ ignorance of Genetically Modified (GM) foods.

Some eat to live, while others live to eat. Consuming food is a daily activity, so surely what people are putting into their mouths should be of great concern. 1,040 more words

Black Mirror - Charlie Brooker's TV series

Both seasons consisted each of 3 episodes.
The lowest common denominator in each episode seems to be Twitter.
Other than that, every single one story is as different from the other as possible. 157 more words

Film Reviews

Advancing the cause of publishing from content sites

Tired of visiting content sites and puzzling over article ranking when you really wish there were a better performance indicator?

It’s true that a title with 10 articles could contain 10 poorly-written articles or 10 highly-competitive pieces. 959 more words

As an advertising major I felt that taking Principles of Public Relations as my extra class out of my major would be perfect because these days the line between the two professionals is very thin. 263 more words


Representation of Children in Advertising

Here is another excerpt from my Literature Review. It is of a controversial nature but I believe it to be a point that needs to be made more often. 549 more words