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Great Opportunity to Showcase Talent: NBA School of Mass communication

India is a country with talent spread across the length and breadth of the territory. The youth of the country have immense capabilities and what they simply need is a platform to showcase their talent. 219 more words

NBA School Of Mass Communication

Choose best university in India to pursue higher education

In a country of 1.2 billion people, quality higher education seems to be a possibility to restore constant growth for the nation. There are  large numbers of colleges that offer higher education to Indian students as well as have provisions for foreign students; as more and more universities and colleges are coming into shape, the question of quality education has become of prime importance.  368 more words


Be the first choice of employers by the education of Nam

Mass Media has today become preferred stream of making remarkable career. If you have talent, and suitable degree and diploma in this stream, then you are ready to get best possible job opportunity. 270 more words

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Advertising Industry Growing Rapidly

We watch advertisements on televisions, newspapers, billboards, big hoardings, over Internet etc. If a company does not advertise its products and services, consumer will never know about the product or services. 146 more words

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Masscomedia - Non-Linear Editing and Composting Program

Do you want to build your career in TV production and editing? If so, you should join Non-linear editing and composing program. This program is perfect for those who are seeking a career in TV production, those who want to upgrade their qualifications and those who wishes to learn cutting-edge techniques. 122 more words

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Career in Broadcast Journalism

Do you want to build your career in journalism? If yes, you should have professional degree for making a career in this field. In Broadcast Journalism… 162 more words

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Why Should You Join Business Degree?

No doubt, a career in business ensures a higher paying job and better promotional prospects, if your business degree is imperative. Today, business skills are required in all the fields from Healthcare to Entertainment, Government to Commerce and even for non-profit organizations. 137 more words

Mass Communication Course