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The Paradox of Stress

I really wanted to write a post about stress in today’s classroom, asking, “What is the role of stress-discussion in education today?”  However, I found an article that states it too well to imitate.   2,422 more words

CHAOS: All I really wanted was student VOICE and CHOICE!

Student voice and choice with lots of chaos

How did I start to tame the chaos? This post will outline steps that I took to guide and shape my students to become self directed learners. 470 more words

I miss seeing that smile

Journaling for a scrapbook page to be created some day in the future

This is a smile I love to see.

I wish we could see it more often. 528 more words


Mass Customized Learning Truly Revolutionary?

Due to its prevalence in both the philosophies of modern education and more recently, the structures of many state and national educational policies, I believe it is necessary to discuss the very real and dire implications of Mass Customized Learning. 2,421 more words

The Upside-Down Tree

The discussion of maturity in the realm of education has taken an odd evolution.  The term itself rarely appears in any vision or mission statements of educational institutions today.   1,275 more words

Connecting The Dots to Mass Customized Learning: Part 2 (Is MCL a Passion and People Driven Movement? YES!)

Again,  you can’t connect the dots looking forward.  You can only connect them looking backwards, so you have to trust that the dots will somehow connect in your future.  835 more words

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