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One of my favorite game series of all time, Mass Effect 3 continues the path of Captain Shepard in his infinite quest to save the galaxy.   188 more words

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Mass Effect Citadel DLC [or how to finally do something right]

As we all know, the Citadel DLC was the last DLC of the Mass Effect trilogy. I’ve been waiting for this particular DLC ever since they first announced it (please bear in mind that I’m writing this 2 months later). 500 more words

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New [old] Mass Effect news

So, I guess everyone knows by now that a new MP DLC with 4 new chars, challenges, hazard maps and an online achievement tracking system – N7HQ – has been released (for free of course). 327 more words

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New Mass Effect 3 DLC - Omega officially announced and rumors regarding a new Mass Effect game confirmed

So. Yes. I know. I know we all knew that the Omega DLC is in the making. And yes…I know…of course that a new ME HAD to happen. 350 more words

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Bioware, we thank you

Dear Bioware,

I write this on the behalf of all the Mass Effect fans who didn’t like the ending (didn’t enjoy it as much, hated it, “threw a rock at the monitor and put the DVD’s in the microwaves” it, “cried before, during and after the ending” it etc). 282 more words