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Disclaimer: These are my thoughts and opinions from my experiences only – I’m not saying they’re right or that you should agree with me, I’m just sharing my reactions.  1,888 more words

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It's the deep breath before the plunge

It seems fitting that my first post is about Mass Effect as it’s all I seem to be able to think about at the moment. I wrote this post several days before actually finishing the game to capture my anticipation, excitement and apprehension. 278 more words

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ME3 Endings - My thoughts

Revised 11/11/2014: I know, I know it’s been years get over it but alway someone somewhere starts thread about the endings and it makes me think about them again. 1,487 more words

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Putting the Ending of Mass Effect 3 to Rest

I wrote countless essay-length posts on the Bioware Social Network back when the controversy surrounding the Mass Effect 3 ending was current. Those who were in some way involved in it will remember, albeit painfully despite their allegiance; those who were not should know that after the third installment of Bioware’s highly acclaimed Mass Effect action-RPG series was released, many fans felt strongly–and negatively–about how the writers decided to wrap up the overarching plot in which the races of the Milky Way fought for their bare existence against the Reapers, an ancient race of sentient machines that returned to the galaxy every 50,000 years to harvest all organic life. 1,411 more words


On the Mass Effect Ending

A week after Mass Effect 3 was released, players throughout the Internet began ranting about how horrible the ending played out. Players said that the ending was too short, that they didn’t like Shepard’s death, that they didn’t like the Mass Relays being destroyed, or just a more general “it’s poorly written”. 454 more words

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Mass Effect 3 - Why Control Does Not Work


*Warning – some people may find this image to be graphic in nature.

Many people chose Control because they believe it is the paragon choice. 778 more words


Mass Effect 3 Ending - Introduction to Analyses

Mass Effect 3 – Which Ending?


Okay, so I think just about everyone can agree that there’s no perfect ending to Mass Effect. Every choice has pros and cons. 1,099 more words