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Waxing Lyrical About... Mordin Solus

We all have things in our lives that we’re just a little crazy about: an old TV show you watched as a kid, a song that helped you get through a rough time, or, as the title of this post would suggest, a video game character who earned a special place in your affections. 1,323 more words


Mass Effect 3: SPACE DIVAS and [deep breath] That Ending

HAHA OK YOU GUYS SURE LIKED THAT THANE STORY HUH. Every time I open WordPress and notice the stats for a particular post, a flash of unadulterated panic (Charlotte you need to stop doing this people are actually reading it) is then followed by a wave of smug self-satisfaction that gives me the energy to do the next post. 2,036 more words

Your Shit Is Problematic

Masochistic Lizard Bf Writings

So it’s midterms and I’m not going to be doing a regular weekly post but I wanted to put SOMETHING up, so guess what? It’s fanfiction time. 751 more words

I Have No Shame So I Proudly Declare It STORY TIME

Mass Effect 3: Requiem For Two Amphibian Heroes

This post is going to feature some pretty significant emotional whiplash, because there are of course goofs to be made, but also I kind of forgot how many characters die in this game and how exquisitely-wrought each one of those deaths is. 2,049 more words

I Have No Shame So I Proudly Declare It STORY TIME

Wrapping up Mass Effect 3

I lost count of the hours long ago, but they were up there. After so many of them, it’s time to say goodbye to my Shep again. 2,607 more words

Mass Effect

What is an RPG without the “R” and the “P?” [Mass Effect 3]

Just prior to the release of Mass Effect: Andromeda in March, I chose to play through as many of the original Mass Effect games as I could. 1,605 more words


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Earlier in the year, just prior to the release of Mass Effect: Andromeda, I aimed to tackle the original ME trilogy in a speedy manner. At the time, I only got through the first two games. Thanks to a recent lull, I was able to complete my original endeavor by finally doing a "speed-run" through ME3! How did things turn out? Click on to Virtual Bastion to find out!

Mass Effect 3 Mid Game Post

Ok, I’m back. In the past month, I played until the end of my WoW subscription.

Not much to talk about there. I made it to Northrend and about level 70 before running out of time. 1,793 more words

Mass Effect