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Hopes and Fears on Mass Effect: Andromeda

Growing up, I have always been drawn to the storytelling ability of video games. Bioware’s Knights of the Old Republic may have been the first game I played that fully immersed me into the idea that video games could be an advanced form of storytelling, one that merges reader/player and protagonist. 746 more words

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Let's Play Mass Effect 3: Part 58 - Deepsix

This time we’ve found Leviathan, so it’s time to pay it a visit.

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Let's Play Mass Effect 3: Part 57 - Engines of God

This time we continue our hunt for Leviathan on a remote Xeno Archeological dig site.

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ME3 Screenie Of The Day - Eve And The Krogan

I consider Urdnot Bakara or Eve as Mordin names her, to be the diva of Mass Effect 3. Both because of her rich costume and interesting jewelry but also because of her poise and confident bearing. 188 more words

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FanArt Five - Mass Effect Andromeda

Here’s a quick fly-by of some amazing fan art talent on Tumblr who share my anticipation for what hands down will be the most important game release of 2017. 326 more words

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Mass Effect 3 Screenie of the Day - I Don't Need Luck I've Got Ammo

Grunt is my brother. On the surface, he’s about as complicated¬†as a brick and that seems to be the flavor of his diplomacy too but don’t let this lost Krogan pup fool you into thinking he’s stupid. 130 more words

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Let's Play Mass Effect 3: Part 56 - Call Me Ishmael

This time we’re hard on the trail of the Leviathan of Dis. The Moby Dick reference counts – there was a SF version of Moby Dick.

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