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Mass Effect; Outlast the Night excerpt

Switching gears here. This is an old fanfiction I revisited and thought, this ending is just too damned sad. Can’t have that. Here’s the most recent section I reworked. 661 more words


Mass Effect: New Earth 4D Theme Park Ride Opens May 18

The Mass Effect: New Earth experience will open for business at California’s Great America in Santa Clara May 18. A 4D theme park ride, set in the same era as the start of  224 more words


Twist the Knife - Chapter 14 Author's Notes

And finally, I give you Cerberus coup attempt, TTK-style XD… Tons of changes here, some subtle, some huge, but one thing doesn’t change, so tissue warning! 67 more words

Commander Shepard

Twist the Knife - Chapter 11 Author's Notes

As I’m sure you’re aware, this is Priority: Tuchanka, and while I have tried to do my best to put my own spin on TTK, some moments in the game should stand as is, because they’re so nearly perfect… this is one of those, so there aren’t huge changes here, just adding in the Shenko… hope you don’t mind ;-) of course, you’re aware of the events to come so you probably don’t need a tissue warning, but still… *sob* 8 more words

Commander Shepard

Twist the Knife - Chapter 6 Author's Notes

You all know my fondness for Kasumi by now, so she had to make an appearance… also, I know you spend ME3 running back and forth to the Citadel with abandon, but it just doesn’t work in fics without a reason, so Shepard decided to talk to Tevos in person about the summit, rather than by QEC… it just seems like something she’d do, she’d want to stare down the asari in person XD Meanwhile, the hospital visit in TTK is not gonna resemble ME3 at all, except for the Peruvian whiskey… hope you like my changes! 8 more words

Commander Shepard

Twist the Knife - Chapter 4 Author's Notes

I struggled a lot when I wrote this chapter… in fact, I got 1500 words into it three times and deleted the whole thing and started over :-/ It was difficult to strike the right balance I think… Even Shepard in the game is visibly affected through these events, and TTT Shepard has much more on the line and her very life experiences have softened her and shaped her into a different person… Still, the first few tries, I had her either emotionally crippled or completely numb… I’m finally happy with this version, and I hope you will be, too, and not consider her OOC… … 8 more words

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Twist the Knife - Chapter 3 Author's Notes

So now that you know that Shenko has left their son behind on Earth, I can tell you that I debated long and hard about how I wanted to write TTK… this fic could have gone one of two ways… the more fluffy approach of having a toddler on board through ME3 events, or the angsty route of having him back on Earth and knowing that their fight against the Reapers has a personal stake… is anyone surprised with the way I chose to go? 59 more words

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