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Everyday I’m Shuffling

Monsters of the horror genre have had a makeover in the last decade or so. Sexy vampires like the ones we seen in Interview With A Vampire have been replaced with sparkly vampires with real makeup issues. 653 more words


Mass Effect 3’s Leviathan: Losing the Fear of the Unknown

Every year or so, during a dry release spell, I find myself drawn back to the old favourites. You could call it my gaming comfort food. 1,166 more words

Ranting Features


‘I Don’t Need Luck, I have Ammo.’

Urgh! Mass Effect 3 is starting to gnaw at me. I just lost Grunt, and the way it hit me, you would think the Krogan was an actual living, breathing person. 780 more words


Why the end does(n't) matter

In the 300th issue of Game Informer, they listed the top 300 games of all times.  Mass Effect 3 was ranked #99 (above Breath of the Wild… 417 more words


Proof Satan is running EA!!!

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Thoughts On Gaming

what to play

so just a summary of what I’m playing and what I might play in the near future.

MMOs (ESO & Lotro)

The grouping side of things has gone a little quiet and I’m quite liking that at the moment.  456 more words

Video Games

For sale: video game real estate

Last week I wrote about my dream development team and how all we needed was an idea (plus the necessary budget, technology and skills) to make a best-selling video game. 680 more words