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Let's Play Mass Effect 3: Part 10 - Cherry 2000

EDI changes her look, and I chat with the crew some, before deciding on the next mission. (Archived from my stream).

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On modding and cheating

So it’s time to be a little bit controversial. Hooray!

I fell in love with internet gaming communities way back when I made my first online friends through gaming newsgroups back in the late nineties. 3,970 more words


Let's Play Mass Effect 3: Part 9 - "...In the last years of the 23rd Century..."

We set out to rescue the Turian Primarch. (Archived from my stream).

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Unforgettable: Thresher Maw vs. Reaper Destroyer

One of my favorite general moments in entertainment, from books to movies to games, is the unexpected save from the jaws of doom. Someone or a group of people is in the gravest of grave danger. 568 more words


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United We Game's "Unforgettable" series is all about those moments in games that stick with you well beyond the credits. Having recently completed the Mass Effect trilogy, "Unforgettable" provided me the perfect opportunity to relive and discuss one of the series most memorable and jaw-dropping scenes: the Thresher Maw vs. The Reaper destroyer in Mass Effect 3. The scene between the two giants is brief, but it remains one of the most amazing things I've ever witnessed in a game.

How "Life is Strange" devastated me

How “Life is Strange” devastated me

“Post-Game Depression” is what I heard it referred to on the “Life is Strange” subreddit where people shared their feelings of hopelessness and despair following the Dontrod hit game series. 311 more words

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Let's Play Mass Effect 3: Part 8 - The Slaver Weapon

This time Cerberus is involved in some shady research, and we figure out what they’re up to.

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