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10 Mass Effect 3 characters I would prefer over EDI or James

A lot of words spring to mind when I think of Mass Effect 3. Compelling, moving, missed opportunity…many others. All in all, Mass Effect 3 was a great experience for me. 3,207 more words


Call to Arms

The Earth is falling
and the embers ignite,
as a galaxy divided
bursts into flames
and sinister schemes
come to light.
From the hills
of Eden Prime… 95 more words


Mass Effect 3: Tarysande on ME3's Ending

Very recently I spotted on my tumblr dash a fantastically put together argument about why so many of us were disappointed with Mass Effect 3’s ending and more importantly, how Bioware should take note. 1,112 more words


Press Start: Mass Effect 3 (2012, PC)

‘Press Start’ is a new series I will be writing giving in-depth reviews on games I have just completed. This time, I’ll be talking about the latest installment of the Mass Effect franchise, Mass Effect 3. 649 more words


Garrus Vakarian and Shepard

“Commander Shepard? Garrus Vakarian, I was the officer in charge of the C-sec investigation into Saren”

And with that, I met Garrus. At that moment I didn’t realized he’d be an important part of my Shepard’s team. 1,555 more words


The best way to say goodbye in Persona 4 Golden

Last year I wrote extensively about the incredible Japanese role-playing game Persona 4 Golden.  At the end of it all, I concluded thus: “I had done everything I needed to do in Inaba, made the most of my relationships there, and I knew I had discovered the truth.”. 937 more words