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Twist the Knife - Chapter 28 Author's Notes

I come to you today with both the final part of the Leviathan DLC and some great news: Twist the Knife is now completely written (minus the epilogue)! 155 more words

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A Peek Behind the Curtain - Shepard's Timeline

As a writer of fanfiction, I spend a lot of time loading saves, watching videos, and reading codex and wikia entries. It’s become part of my process, and I think, makes my fics better. 1,046 more words

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Twist the Knife - Chapter 26 Author's Notes

We’re headed into Leviathan DLC here (to no one’s surprise)…  A few words about this DLC…

First, I love to play it because it’s generally fun and there’s lots of Shenko feels (thank you, Bioware, for giving us DLC that doesn’t ignore our LI), but it was NOT fun to write… turns out, Leviathan is VERY talky and, aside from perhaps 2181 Despoina, not very interesting from an action standpoint. 284 more words

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An Average Review: The Mass Effect Trilogy

A game that sucks you into its world and tells a story like no other, that’s the famed Mass Effect Trilogy. Mass Effect was released in November 2007 with the sequel being released in January of 2010 and the final part of the trilogy in March 2012. 798 more words

When Games Fail To Deliver

Oh Mass Effect 3, how I loathe thee. Even after three years, this game is still a sore spot for me. Easily the best game of the series, it quickly turned into a giant mess of “what the fuck is this shit” in the last half hour of the game’s story. 1,715 more words

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New Chapter of Twist the Knife

Brand new chapter of Twist the Knife!

Read Chapter 25 here.



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8 Vault games will be added this June to Origin Access | 8 juegos Vault serán añadidos a Origin Access en junio

[EN]: The lineup of PC games from Electronic Arts’s subscription service keeps expanding as EA has announced 8 Vault games will be added this June to Origin Access. 272 more words