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HYPE MACHINE: Tom Clancy's The Division better be an RPG

Nearly 80% of my time on this Earth is spent consuming trailers. I fucking love trailers. The Mass Effect 3 launch trailer? That thing is gorgeous, eerie, grotesque, desperate, operatic, and tagged for some reason with a Yahoo! 1,094 more words

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Hi!!!!! I have wonderful wonderful things to show you!! If you have ordered the Mass Effect N7 Special Edition Loot Crate and if you do not want spoilers since you ordered one and have not received yet please abort mission and wait for your amazing loot!!!! 95 more words

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The Success of Graphic Adventures and the Necessity of Choice Illusion – Part 2

It is an undeniable fact to me that Heavy Rain, The Walking Dead, The Wolf Among Us, Life is Strange, and… 73 more words

This Week in Sexy Games: Mass Effect (A Look Back)

Remember that time Fox News made a giant spectacle of the original game’s “explicit sex scenes” that would ruin children and turn them into sexual deviants and rape every man, woman and child in sight?! 718 more words




The sun is setting which means she’ll soon go from afraid to terrified.

Earth is in ruins. London is in shambles. Buildings are unsteady. They waver under sharp gusts of wind that carry debris, the pungent smells of death and the howl of the half-living. 8,704 more words


Mass Effect 3: My New Perspective

Mass Effect 3 was my introduction to the series. I had heard all the fuss about the ending when it was first released, but as a fan of sci-fi I wanted to explore a new universe and this seemed like a good choice. 1,021 more words