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All's Fair in Love and War, Part Three

Here we are, boys and girls, the last installment of the Mass Effect series, and the entry I was most looking forward to writing.

Mass Effect 3… 1,397 more words

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Whatever Happened to Binary Domain?

In the long and storied history of video games, tales of missed opportunities never come as a surprise. Some of the more infamous examples include Nintendo passing up on an exclusivity deal with… 1,257 more words


Screenshot Sunday! #3

Hi everyone!! Hope you’re enjoying your weekend (:  Welcome to another Screenshot Sunday :D Alright normally I have screenshots that show really bad rendering.  I’ve thought to mix it up a little bit today.   71 more words


R.O.D.G.G.: Obsession

Playing video games can be a great way to escape, ranging from just wanting to waste time to just blowing off some steam after work.  For some it is an itch that they need to either get to the next level or discover the mystery or saving the damsel.   449 more words


From the Serpent Nebula to Hades Gamma. A dissection of Mass Effect's lackluster endgame.

So. This is entirely my own thoughts and that is all it ever will be. The ending of what could be the best game, space opera, saga or whatever else you want to call it has been up for debate on it’s ability to stand up against the original material once touted by it’s developers in earlier stages. 455 more words

Must-Own Games—Wii U Edition

It’s hard to do these kinds of lists in the middle of a console’s life, but I think the Wii U is past its peak at this point, so having a look at what makes the little console that almost could desirable is in order. 459 more words