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Muddied Waters

E3 not only gave us the Mass Effect: Andromeda release trailer, but the announcement of backwards compatibility on the Xbox One, which was demonstrated with the original Mass Effect. 511 more words

Mass Effect

Lucien's First Take: Mass Effect: Andromeda Debut Trailer

It’s E3 time of year, and I’m going to be a complete whore and cash in.  But I do also mean to talk about stuff that I care about.  645 more words


Music in Video Games.

So after checking out some music from Buffy the Vampire Slayer and Angel I found that 1 band had a song in one of my favorite games of all time, Vampire The Masquerade: Bloodlines. 427 more words



Platform: PS3

Genre: Role playing sci-fi 3rd person shooter

Setting: The Milky Way Galaxy in the future

Story: The concluding chapter in the story of your Commander Shepard (whether you made them male or female) and their fight to defeat the Reapers, a force bent on destroying all life in the galaxy. 949 more words

Mass Effect Trilogy

The End of Mass Effect

A little over three years ago Mass Effect 3 made its debut concluding the three game saga that is the story of Commander Shepard. As per normal… 1,276 more words


10 Mass Effect 3 characters I would prefer over EDI or James

A lot of words spring to mind when I think of Mass Effect 3. Compelling, moving, missed opportunity…many others. All in all, Mass Effect 3 was a great experience for me. 3,207 more words