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From the Serpent Nebula to Hades Gamma. A dissection of Mass Effect's lackluster endgame.

So. This is entirely my own thoughts and that is all it ever will be. The ending of what could be the best game, space opera, saga or whatever else you want to call it has been up for debate on it’s ability to stand up against the original material once touted by it’s developers in earlier stages. 455 more words

Must-Own Games—Wii U Edition

It’s hard to do these kinds of lists in the middle of a console’s life, but I think the Wii U is past its peak at this point, so having a look at what makes the little console that almost could desirable is in order. 459 more words


Muddied Waters

E3 not only gave us the Mass Effect: Andromeda release trailer, but the announcement of backwards compatibility on the Xbox One, which was demonstrated with the original Mass Effect. 511 more words

Mass Effect

Lucien's First Take: Mass Effect: Andromeda Debut Trailer

It’s E3 time of year, and I’m going to be a complete whore and cash in.  But I do also mean to talk about stuff that I care about.  645 more words


Music in Video Games.

So after checking out some music from Buffy the Vampire Slayer and Angel I found that 1 band had a song in one of my favorite games of all time, Vampire The Masquerade: Bloodlines. 427 more words



Platform: PS3

Genre: Role playing sci-fi 3rd person shooter

Setting: The Milky Way Galaxy in the future

Story: The concluding chapter in the story of your Commander Shepard (whether you made them male or female) and their fight to defeat the Reapers, a force bent on destroying all life in the galaxy. 949 more words

Mass Effect Trilogy

The End of Mass Effect

A little over three years ago Mass Effect 3 made its debut concluding the three game saga that is the story of Commander Shepard. As per normal… 1,276 more words