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Mass Effect: Andromeda release date finally revealed

So 2017 is shaping up to be another important year in the gaming industry, and without doubt one of the more anticipated games set for release this year is… 337 more words

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Let's Play Mass Effect 3: Part 46 - The Captain's Table

This time we’re invited for lunch with Joker, but it doesn’t go well.

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Let's Play Mass Effect 3: Part 45 - Neuromancer

This time we’re jacking into the Geth Consensus to shut down their fighters, and maybe do a little extra.

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Deviate From Reality - Mass Effect : Somewhere Deep In Space

Before venturing out into the big and wonderful space of the universe, I explored the wide plains and corrupted lands of Thedas in Dragon Age. I’m mentioning this because if it wasn’t for this game, I don’t think I’d have ever realised my complete and utter love for Mass Effect. 1,807 more words


[Videogames/Xbox360] Mass Effect 2 & 3 (95% and 85%)

The nice thing about the Holidays break is practicing “hygge” (a Danish term referring to cocooning), especially when it is cold outside and nights are long. 1,493 more words