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Forced Discomfort

It is a term you might not know, but this term is central in the current Xbox One debacle. You see the Windows 10 update came with a massive setback, you now have to be online to validate your profile and to play games. 2,559 more words


R.O.D.G.G.: Late to the party

Hello everyone!!!! I have missed you.  Today I am going to talk about being late to the party.  I obvious do not mean an actual party.   327 more words


Mass Effect 3 Masterpost

Happy N7 day everyone! I realized I never put together a masterpost of all my Mass Effect 3 posts and today is the perfect day to do so. 103 more words


Currently Consuming: Mass Effect 2

A Sci-Fi, choose-your-own-adventure game.

About: Sequel to Mass Effect, Mss Effect 2 continues the story of Commander Shepard. At the beginning of the first game, you get to create a custom character; I decided to be a lady and one unintentional facial feature was… 251 more words


Classic Game Review: Mass Effect Trilogy

2007 saw the release of the first instalment of Bioware’s video game space opera, Mass Effect. Eight years and two sequels later, it has gone on to become regarded as one of the seventh generation’s flagship video game series. 1,794 more words

Episode 59: Do Not Ingest

In this second part of our Mass Effect series, we talk about Shepard as a self insert protagonist vs wholly their own character. We also dip into the romances of the series and how believable they were to us. 124 more words