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Season 2 Episode 7: I Can't Believe We Did A Live Show

And I can’t believe it sounds like trash!

Also, Jax is back!

Humble listener, The Leviathan Files needs your help! We lost an entire block of audio which was supposed to be released next week. 166 more words


Commander Shepard and crew (Mass Effect 3)

Cosplay from Mass Effect 3

EDI cosplayed by Maria H. Myklevoll

Liara cosplayed by Chrix Design

Commander Shepard cosplayed by JC / Fandomily cosplay

Morinth cosplayed by Karin Olava Effects… 11 more words


Some Fan Art and a Self Portrait

I worked on these a month ago. Some fan art for Dragon Age 2(Isabela) and one of my Commander Shepards. The last is just a self portrait of my frowney face.


Mass Effect 1

Hello there, and how are you??

As you might be able to tell from the title, I’m back into playing The Mass Effect series, starting of course with Mass Effect (1). 598 more words


On the much hated and woefully overlooked Codec radio

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In a recent video on… 1,441 more words

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