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Screenie a Day - Mass Effect

I should just go ahead and rename these the Mass Effect screenie of the day because that’s what it’s going to be for a long while yet. 63 more words


Top 10 Mass Effect Trilogy Moments

This is a list that we’ve been wanting to do here for a while now, but the list has changed so many times in our head that we kept putting it off until we really decided what we wanted to be on here and where. 1,203 more words

New Year. New Cosplans.

Last year was amazing, at least in terms of cosplay. I ended up sticking very closely to the Dragon Age franchise and why not? Bioware are incredibly supportive of cosplayers, with concept and final character designs that obey the laws of physics (most of the time) and providing character break downs so that cosplayers may see details that aren’t necessarily shown in game. 156 more words

Dragon Age

Screenie a Day - Mass Effect

The Screenie a day is back with another glimpse of the first Mass Effect game:

It’s a bit fuzzy if you look closely but it’s still one of my favorite shots. 86 more words

30 Games to Get Excited About in 2017 [Pixelkin]

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Every year is seemingly the best game ever for gaming. But 2017 will give us a new Mass Effect… 69 more words


Screenie a Day - Mass Effect

A Screenie a day is an idea I’ve toyed with now and then over the years. I’ve posted screenshots of whatever I happen to be playing at the time, usually to Twitter and I’m sure I’ll keep doing that. 329 more words