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With the approaching (kinda) release of Mass Effect Andromeda I felt I had to go back and replay the old games, both cause it’s been ages since I did so, also because I want the franchise fresher in my mind. 616 more words

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#inktober 3, 10/9

#Inktober post 4, 10-9

Fan art of Commander Shepard.

Meet me at the bar by Kaeldahn

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Say what you will on how it ME3 ended but Mass Effect is still one of the best gaming trilogies ever. 77 more words

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Mass Effect 3: A Response

I know, I know, I’m really behind. Needless to say, my tardiness in playing this series did not hinder my intense reaction that is very similar to the initial onslaught the game caused after it first came out and the world started playing it; and, upon ending it, quickly erupted into cries of anger and tears of disbelief.  1,675 more words

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My Top 10 Games #10: Mass Effect 3. ALSO, UPDATE ON THE SITE.


Hey people,

So, I haven’t been updating this blog as much as I would like to and I’d like to address that issue while I can. 814 more words

this is my current shepard, Nari.

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The Day My Gaming Love Got Sick and Never Recovered.

Once a novice gamer playing FIFA for hours on end.  Then unearthing the actual world of gaming.  Filled with countless genres, diverse graphics and stories, life was getting better.   819 more words