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Donald Trump: 5 Video Game Characters That Would Make a Worse President

So Donald Trump is still in the running for the presidency of the United States and no one but his supporters can quite believe it. There are any number of words you could use to describe him and none of them suggest he would be good for the White House. 1,179 more words

Grand Theft Auto

Currently Reading/Watching/Playing: September 2016

The fact that we’re here, almost at the end of October, and I’m only just now managing to put together this post, tells you a great deal about both the state of my life lately and the state of my reading list last month. 556 more words

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Mass Effect: Andromeda Won't Be Coming to the Nintendo Switch! (Any time soon)

2017 is really shaping up to be an incredible year for gaming, we have the release of Nintendo Switch, a great line-up of games to go with it and it’s also the year… 267 more words


The Future of Mass Effect (Andromeda)

We’ve come a long way since Shepard and his crew encountered Sovereign, The Collectors, and eventually confronted The Reapers themselves. We watched while the game transitioned from a new age RPG, with mechanics we both loved and hated, to a finely honed Action/Tactical RPG with such excellent combat execution it almost makes us cringe thinking back to how the series began. 1,089 more words


Ranking my Bioware Romances to Date

There was a time I eschewed the romance options in Bioware games because I found the concept of in-game romance a little strange. I still do to some extent, but ultimately these games are story-telling simulators, and it’s just another kind of story. 1,682 more words


Season 4 Episode 5: I Can't Believe Kal'Koris Loves Things That Ooze So Much

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Battlebards tracks used:
Dungeon – The Halls of Abandon – Inhabited by Jonathan Pitcher… 86 more words


Announcing New album "WAIFU"


“Waifu” (‘wife’ in Japanese) is a term associating with fictional characters in video games that players have a crush on. Musician and gamer, George V. 45 more words