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Mass Effect: Andromeda Latest Screen Shots

A picture is worth a words. So here’s an article with 5 thousand of them. Check out the latest and greatest screen shots of Mass Effect. 10 more words

Video Game Tag

I gotta thank my mans Matt for tagging me for the video game tag. It’s a rarity that I talk about my own interest outside of news, reviews and the like. 555 more words


Cards Against The Universe

Bioware and Cards Against Humanity have teamed up to create a special expansion pack for everyone’s favorite card game on the Citadel. The 14- card pack contains exclusive cards only found in this pack. 36 more words


Mass Effect Screenie Of The Day - Corporal Jenkins

Corporal Richard L. Jenkins is the first test of your ability as an N7 Commander in Mass Effect to get your squad alive through a mission. 204 more words


Mass Effect Andromeda: Looking pretty bland so far...

Am I the only one thinking that after the latest trailer release for Mass Effect Andromeda that it looks rather boring and dull?  You know like one of those bland generic powerpoint presentation at those mind-numbingly corporate training meetings?  554 more words


Mass Effect Mouse Fix

What is this?

This fix removes the game’s mouse acceleration.



While the mouse controls are pretty responsive, the first Mass Effect suffers from mouse acceleration, which can’t be turned off via the ingame settings or with the usual approaches for other Unreal Engine 3 games. 537 more words

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