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10 Terrifying Mass Effect Reaper Concepts

The Reapers in Bioware’s Mass Effect series make for incredible nightmare fuel.
If the thought of becoming a Husk wasn’t scary enough imagine running into one of these monstrosities dreamed up by the ever talented  209 more words


The Romance of Mass Effect

If you ask me about my influences, you’re gonna hear something different, strange, a little odd. Mass effect. Yep, one of my greatest influences for writing science fiction romance is a video game. 617 more words

Jolie Mason

S1, E2: Boba Fett (STAR WARS) VS Urdnot Grunt (MASS EFFECT) - CLASH

Three Months after the Reaper War…

Grunt was out on a solo patrol to investigate sightings of an unusual ship landing near The Hollows. As he approached the ancestral burial grounds of the krogan, he saw a green armored individual making repairs to his ship. 487 more words

Season 1

Bioware Ladies Apparel: ThinkGeek Responds

When I wrote about my frustration over the lack of merchandise for women, I hardly thought that anything would come from it. It was more or less a way for me to voice my opinions through a platform that I saw fitting. 627 more words


Achieving, the Fun Way

I’ve never been much of an achievement seeker. Don’t get me wrong, I like finding all of the hidden bits and secrets that games have to offer, and I like being good at games. 859 more words

Video Games


As a social media creature who ravages content and distills it into bitesize chunks for the average cynical joe, I’ve become at one with worlds which I’ve previously chosen to ignore. 637 more words

Video Games

Blooper Episode 5: I Can't Believe Dan Murdered Me At His Own Birthday Party.

I can see the light at the end of the tunnel, but the glare is fucking with my hangover.

Anyway, yeah! Season 3 will start soon, but  we’ll take a pause between seasons so our friendly neighborhood GM can get more planning and scheming done. 59 more words