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Massively Effective Japanese Calligraphy Art

If you are a fan of Mass Effect or even just beautiful art, then MYCKS Art Studio is definitely for you. Mycks creates various types of art ranging from original/custom Japanese calligraphy to modern illustration. 54 more words

Geek Art

You Probably Shouldn't Eat That

Today’s prompt: Garrus, James, “you probably shouldn’t eat that”

James stabbed the lizard with his field knife. He skinned the little beast. It still twitched. James jumped the first time and ignored it after that. 340 more words


Mass Effect 2: It's Not a Book

I wanted to talk about a book. I just wanted to sit down and type out the strengths and weakness’ of something I have read recently, but I suppose video games and its culture have been a concentration of mine for the past few months. 741 more words


Smile -- A Mass Effect fanfiction

Who was she?  Commander Jane Shepard.  However at this moment, none of that mattered.  This was her time.  Jane’s body would not remain still. Her moves were full, commanding attention. 1,155 more words

Fan Fiction

Mass Effect Andromeda - A Theory

So, E3 2015 has come and gone and my, what a show it was! Loads of cool announcements and really great games to look forward to. 587 more words


Season 2 Episode 4: I Can't Believe We Split The Party

Also, meet S.U.S.A.N. the ship’s AI!

The crew split up, with Allanabelle and Izene heading into the Eclipse base while Tarka and Kal’Koris (still undercover as Dr Richard Quarian vas Quarian, DDS) interrogate some prisoners. 79 more words