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Not Today (Mass Effect Inspired - FREE DOWNLOAD) [Original Instrumental]

A piece I co-wrote with a friend for our orchestral page ‘Dorkestral’. Inspired by Mass Effect 3.

follow the link to soundcloud.


Mass Effect 2 Review: ME2: Modern Warfare

Three years after the launch of Mass Effect on Xbox 360, the team at BioWare certainly underwent some changes. As Mass Effect was released, Electronic Arts finalized its purchase of BioWare. 3,984 more words


Why "Mass Effect 2" is My Favorite of the Trilogy

You guys may know that Mass Effect is my favorite video game series ever. I’m replaying it right now and approaching the end of the first game. 788 more words


Mass Effect Review: Close Encounters of the Trilogy Kind

If there’s one topic that that comes up on this blog at every available opportunity, it’s Mass Effect. I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again: If I didn’t discover this game after university, I probably wouldn’t still be a gamer today. 2,880 more words


'The Witch's Inventory' -- Complete short story

I wrote this short story after I finished playing the first two “Dragon Age” games. As happens in every role playing game like “Dragon Age,” “Elder Scrolls,” or “Mass Effect,” you accumulate lots and lots of random stuff, until your storage capacity is maxed out and you have to stop and deal with it — sell, trash, or scrap for raw materials to make other stuff. 7,265 more words

Short Fiction

Venturing into the Unknown with Mass Effect Andromeda

Mass Effect Andromeda. Has been on the lips of many gamers for a long time and the lack of information about this highly anticipated new adventure in the Mass Effect series is driving people insane. 598 more words

The Witcher 3 – Just Another Day on the Job

“I promise this will get to the Witcher 3 eventually, but first…

For six months I worked as a wedding caterer. I attended two or three weddings per week to set tables, serve drinks, deliver hordervs, etc. 479 more words