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Science Fiction Today - United Nations

The United Nations. If you’re like me, then they are that overarching governing body that you completely forget about most of the time. They have a lot of member states, but do they have a lot of power? 520 more words

Science Fiction

The Mass Effect 4 Info Leak

So earlier in the week, EA allegedly leaked info on the upcoming Bioware Sci-Fi RPG Mass Effect 4, I’ll discuss the possible legitimacy of this as well as talk about what I want to see in the game all while playing the Mass Effect 3 multiplayer!


The Best of Mass Effect: #3 & #2

Where I rank my favorite Mass Effect missions. Spoilers abound.

#3. Mass Effect 3: Priority: Rannoch


Who do you want Shepard to be? 1,042 more words

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Fermi's Nightmare

Certain genres of science fiction really love busy, talky universes, full of interesting alien species with which the heroes can interact. The beloved Lensman series of E. 1,655 more words

Fermi Paradox