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'Beyond Good And Evil 2' Looks Like The 'Mass Effect' Game We've Always Wanted

From www.forbes.com -‘Beyond Good And Evil 2’ looks like the space adventure game we’ve all been waiting for.


Andromeda: After The Fact

I finally finished my first playthrough of Mass Effect: Andromeda and dutifully started my second (this time as Sara instead of Scott). Ramping up the difficulty to Insanity makes combat much more frantic (and thereby makes the brilliant combat systems that much more fun), but we’ll see how far I get through it before I decide to finally replay Uncharted 4 because a) it’s a better game, 2) I haven’t replayed it, and iii) my god I want to play a game that was actually finished. 752 more words

The Dreaded Backlog: Mass Effect: Andromeda

This is a tricky game to talk about. Anyone that pays even basic attention to video games media knows of the problems with Mass Effect: Andromeda… 1,105 more words

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Why I Can’t Seem to Finish Mass Effect: Andromeda

You guys, I tried.

There are good, entertaining parts to this game–I’ve mentioned them before–but the parts in between them are too much of a slog. 1,094 more words


Mass Effect 2 Fancast

A Mass Effect movie franchise should have been created yesterday probably. As the years go by and further advancements are made in film with regards to special effects, a… 1,797 more words


The Interesting Case of the Galaxies: A Side-By-Side Comparison of Mass Effects

Recently, I decided to start another playthrough of Mass Effect: Andromeda, now that a few patches have come out and the facial animations aren’t quite as creepy as they once were. 2,822 more words

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