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The Fallacy of “Dismantling Mass Incarceration:” Wishful thinking refuted by ordinary mathematics and science.

I’ve noticed that there is now academic as well as popular interest in “Dismantling Mass Incarceration” in the United States. When serious academics get involved, it’s time to address the issue head-on. 1,544 more words

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What is Mass Incarceration?

Over the past 30 years, the U.S. has put in place radical, unprecedented policies and practices that attempted to address crime through prioritizing harsh and disproportionate punishment… 724 more words


The Banality of Evil in the Era of Mass Incarceration

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Almost didn’t make it today! This one is an evolving piece.

Normalizing Evil

One of the interesting ways of settling the race problem comes… in this period of unemployment among the poor. 1,869 more words

Mandatory Sentences.

As someone who reads a lot of undergraduate writing, I’m all in favor of mandatory sentences.  Also, mandatory knowing the differences between the possessive and the plural.  428 more words

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Prosecutors Hold the Key to Justice Reform - The Atlantic

A consensus is building around the need to seriously rethink the role of the prosecutor in the administration of justice. Power dynamics are unbalanced, sentencing guidelines are outdated, and old-fashioned human biases persist. 71 more words

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The Karabots Junior Fellows Ask Questions About Justice and Prisons

As part of their year-long focus on forensic science, the Karabots Junior Fellows have been exposed to issues related to the larger criminal justice system, of which forensics comprises a small part. 330 more words

Karabots Junior Fellows