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New Zealand: Second Highest in Mass Incarceration

Locked Up Warriors

Al Jazeera (2013)

Film Review


Locked Up Warriors is an Al Jazeera documentary about New Zealand’s mass incarceration of its indigenous people. 97 more words

New Zealand

Speaking out against mass incarcerations

On July 18, 2017, I had a proud moment when I walked into a public meeting and introduced myself as the chair of black lives matter at the First Unitarian Society. 222 more words


New Slaves

Change, is it something that's deranged
Estranged by the kleptomaniacs
That yak empty rhetoric
Making my spine chillier than the Adirondacks
To add on to that they develop projects… 84 more words


Words of incarceration: poems from #SchoolsnotPrisons Merced

Weekends spent visiting an incarcerated uncle, spiced-up ramen noodles from the jail cantina and a web search to find one’s name and a list of arrests. 36 more words


A Slave Doesn't Rebel: Obama Refuses To Grant Clemency To African American Political Prisoners. 

By: Talib Williams

I was at breakfast this morning with a friend of mine, having our normal morning political conversations, when this friend began talking about Obama’s recent act of benevolence. 654 more words

Mass Incarceration

Angela Davis And Prison Abolition: How Reform Only Broadens The Demographic Of Those Affected By Imprisonment.

By: Talib Williams

​I’ve always been aware of there existing an idea that prisons, and the idea of imprisonment, should be abolished. However, I never truly grasped the “why.” … 510 more words

Mass Incarceration

The Inconsistencies of "War"

When drug abuse been public enemy number one back in the 70’s, people of color became the face of addiction abuse. Black (and brown) men and women were given swift justice, in the form of harsh prison sentences for their role in this “war” waged against drugs. 558 more words