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How is Mississippi Defining Violence?

While our state made a huge stride in 2014 (with the passage of HB 585), and a parole backlog has been addressed, Mississippi still incarcerates more people than any nation on Earth, including the U.S. 264 more words


An Epistle of the Incarcerated to the 21st Century Church

Apostolic Letters from Prison

In the book Ministry with Prisoners & Families: The Way Forward, Madeline McClenny-Sadler offers a “Letter to African American Churches Concerning the Saints Coming Home from Prison.” It uses “the hybrid style of a Pauline epistle and a scholarly article” as a call to action (140). 1,345 more words


Second chances are the key to stopping mass incarceration

Kids can’t smoke, they can’t drink or see rated R movies. But they can be sentenced to life in prison even though research shows our minds are still developing. 30 more words


Mass Incarceration Disguised as Police Brutality

Every day more cities are feeling the stress of what they see as police brutality. This stress is leading to a burst at the seams. The violence that is becoming more of a daily occurrence is showing no sign of slowing down. 1,287 more words

Honoring Victims of Racial Lynchings and Injustice 

On August 16 the Equal Justice Initiative (EJI) of Montgomery Alabama announced plans for two projects honoring victims of U.S. racial lynchings and injustice.[1] 561 more words


Why is Milwaukee Burning?

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I ran across the following research taken by a young man. People see riots and, having little knowledge of history or human behavior, attempt to blame one incident on the riot. 302 more words

Freedom is...

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While you were watching TV and being treated to Donald Trump’s latest attack of verbal diarrhea, climate change advances. Last week a downpour with an estimated likelihood of just once every 500 years, and roughly three months’ worth of rainfall during a typical hurricane season literally submerged southern Louisiana under water. 1,495 more words