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MLK Today: Racism is not a Simple Black and White Issue

We cannot treat racism as a simple black and white issue in the 21st century. It’s a multi-faceted issue: obscure, deep, and at times indistinguishable. If the above photo was part of an art exhibition and your job was to distinguish its meaning, you would likely contrive different meanings, altering perceptions. 479 more words


Massachusetts Bail Fund

“No mans person shall be restrained or imprisoned by any Authority whatsoever, before the law hath sentenced him thereto, If he can put in sufficient securitie, bayle or mainprise, for his appearance, and good behaviour in the meane time, unlesse it be in Crimes Capital, and Contempts in open Court, and in such cases where some expresse act of Court doth allow it.” 836 more words


The Love of a Good Liberal

I used to be able to avoid thinking about Conservatives. I occasionally thought about Republicans, but mostly I just ignored the whole batch of right-wing, addlepated, anti-everything-humane people. 1,400 more words


Jeff Sessions’ weed hustle

Even my non-weed-smoking perspective was left foggy by US Attorney General Jeff Sessions’ decision to rescind the Cole memo, enabling states to restore a high priority to law enforcement actions against marijuana sales and use. 264 more words


Bubble Trouble

The beginning of the new year is generally bubbly; literally and figuratively.  Bubbles can be deceptively dangerous, distorting our perspective, limiting our impact, and diminishing our hope.  708 more words