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Smoke Screen Mirror Taped Dawn

Cracked tape covers smoke screen mirrors draped with shredded intended transitions, spacing the thin edges between dances of genres and media. So many questions rise like the dawn through the lines and layers built up by unseen hands. 438 more words


Meditation to Destroy Negative Emotions ... by Alice ..

Dear Ones,

A video about a simple tool for destroying the illusion of negative emotions:

Identify an object passing through the mind, about which you feel a negative emotion: a person, a person’s voice, a place, an organization, a concept (such as black magic), an activity, a tool or household item, and so on. 237 more words


#Hamas #Militant #group to carry out five #executions in front of #mass #media

“Those to be executed murdered innocent civilians, the punishment must be implemented as soon as possible to achieve social justice Jabber said,’’ Jabber said

Hamas said on Thursday that it will execute five convicted murderers next week, possibly in front of the mass media as a way to deter criminals. 228 more words


News on mass media VS social media

Newspaper, as a way of carrying the news, has been playing a dominate role in information delivery for more than one hundred years. However, with the rapid development of information technology, especially the booming of various kinds of social media, which has challenged and competed for public’s attention  with traditional media. 407 more words

I see many trends in societies around the world towards greater indulgence, lasciviousness, crassness, and violence. Everyday clothing is slowly tending towards nudity (e.g., women’s leggings being worn as pants… 234 more words

Putting the Print into Print Culture

Even before sales of print editions of newspapers and magazines began to decline in favour of online reading, many publications moved their printing operations to industrial estates on the outer edges of cities. 1,925 more words

Dread Secret of the Realm Unknown

The Phenomena Inn Philosophy –

Welcome any Object,



Occurrence Perceived or Observed.


The Dread Secret of the REALM UNKNOWN……..

phenomena are the objects of the senses… 77 more words