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Blank Fact-Check

Blank Fact-Check

“You must fact-check all Trump’s vicious lies!”
cry the pundits. “His grunts and his sighs
are dishonest as well!
Fact-check Hillary’s? Hell,
guy, not even the F.B.I. 7 more words

When Education Makes Masses Uncomfortable

Udaari, the acclaimed and controversial drama series that single-handedly made Pakistan uncomfortable, concluded on September 25, 2016. Grappling with powerful themes of child abuse, women empowerment, and gender discrimination, it started a conversation about the taboos in Pakistani society around child abuse and female honor. 462 more words

Women's Rights

Guardians of the pass

It’s been too long.

Too many things have happened, the death of my mother being the most heart-rending, soul-wrenching of all. Then, my senior dog, Pippa, died this year. 1,189 more words


Shallow Thinking Pt. 1

When I was at Georgia Tech there was someone who attempted to commit suicide at the North Avenue apartments by jumping out of a window. I don’t remember the details of the exact incident, but I remember the conversation I had with a friend of mine. 717 more words


Body Image: Caveat This MF!

Oh goodie! I’m allowed to have stubborn fat around my midsection if I’m a woman who’s had children, says the advertising campaign for a popular breakfast cereal. 205 more words

Mental Health

This Isn't Denmark

Let me make this perfectly clear. You can vote for whatever third-party candidate you want to. It’s your right as an American to vote for whomever you please so long as they meet the qualifications set forth in Article II of the Constitution. 889 more words

Society And Culture

Gender stereotypes in mass media

Good afternoon!

For my Speech Fundamentals class this week, our professor told us to write a paper on how mass media influences the public. Decided it to share it on my blog, since it’s about mass media. 320 more words

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