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You Can Handle the Truth

I know a lot of people who are waiting for the moment when they can say “you can’t handle the truth!” aping Jack Nicholson’s famous line. 677 more words


Marginalization represents opportunities lost

Currently 43 million strong, African-American consumers have unique behaviors from the total market. For example, they’re more aggressive consumers of media and they shop more frequently.

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Sudbury photo blogger aims to highlight need for cycling infrastructure - Sudbury - CBC News

Sudbury photo blogger, Matt Alexander, is using photo manipulation and social media to highlight the lack of cycling infrastructure within this Northern Ontario city of  over 160,000. 129 more words

Media Literacy

What's Up?

You might have heard about the latest information from the Pew Research Center about how most of us seem to get our news these days.  If the study is accurate, you might even have heard about it on… 393 more words

Thinking Aloud

Contrarian Quick Take: Today's Murder Will Be Televised

It’s very rare to witness a murder first hand. It’s even rarer to have a murder recorded for posterity. So it was on November 22, 1963 that Abraham Zapruder made what is arguably the most famous and important 27 seconds in film history when he inadvertently filmed the assassination of President John F. 478 more words

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Previous Satire Pieces I Didn't Link to

Here we are, at last. The (in)glorious return of UKIP’s Tarquin Binnett, holding forth on the impoverishment of the mass media, as it slides inexorably towards pretentiously highbrow TV scheduling: 31 more words