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The Media Corrupts Our Perceptions

The following is a very deserving article repost, discussing the corrupting nature of the media as it relates to perceptions and reality, and its broader effects on the human psyche: 979 more words


Jeremy Corbyn: How the News Agenda is Set

How the News Agenda is Set

By Craig Murray | June 26, 2016

David Cameron gets heckled every day of his life. The media never bother to report the names of the hecklers or the gist of what they say.

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False Progress: Queer Equality and the Media

This was my first real paper that I wrote for a Leftist audience. It was originally written a few years back and published on the Kasama Project’s website. 8,167 more words

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Causes of hate crimes, post Brexit

Here is a graph I created on the causes of hate crimes, based on the causes of rape meme, which exposes the hypocrisy of the corporate mass media… 23 more words



Folks are betting that Clinton will win.
That’s the story. That’s also the spin.
Yes, they have it all planned.
Oh, but Hillary-land
is a land I don’t want to be in! 6 more words

Introducing: "Red Criticism"

As someone with an interest in literature and criticism, but also as someone who is a revolutionary communist, Marxist criticism and theory, specifically in the Humanities, plays a major role in my thought. 728 more words

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Media Observation: America's Got Talent

There are so many ways of getting your name out there. Concerts, T.V shows, word of mouth, or doing something out of the norm.

However some people who have amazing talents will go on a well known T.V show called “America’s Got Talent” and make it big. 96 more words