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A voice from the past cried “Give peace a chance”
He paid our price now he’s free at last
Imagine, we called him a dreamer! 1,290 more words


Mass Media?...Absorb it!

There is somewhat of a natural tendency inside of me to constantly compare myself with this image I have created of a successful influencer who should be changing the world presently, and in response am disappointed that I am not that person. 448 more words


Mass media, High Society and the invention of Celebrity

These days a great deal of the popular press is locked into a reciprocal and lucrative relationship with a wide variety of celebrities. The press needs stories (and above all else, photographs) of celebrities in order to sell their publications, while most celebrities need press coverage in order to maintain the public profile without which they would not be celebrities. 2,062 more words

Scientists and Journalists

There is no shortage of people that are happy to loudly proclaim how mainstream media cannot be trusted.  Many of these same people believe that scientists cannot be trusted and cite many of the same reasons.   652 more words

Mass Media

Media Malfeasance

The intensity of the reactions to the 2016 election of Donald Trump—reactions that ran the gamut from disbelief to near-psychotic breakdown—and the cultural and political schisms that these laid bare have been explained and re-explained almost to the point of absurdity. 1,166 more words

Common Sense About Politics And Economics

Is Perception Reality? #psychology #science #education #WW2 #history

There’s a lot of discussion these days about how media influences people – both real and fake news. I ran across an interesting example that predates our current political mess by decades: … 386 more words

Neat Science News

Reading Capital Today

As we approach the exact date of the publication of Marx’s Capital Volume One 150 years ago (14 September), a host of conferences and books are coming out in the small world of Marxist study on the relevance of Capital today.  1,761 more words


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