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The Fall of Bernie Sanders and Hillary Clinton and the New Decade of Republican Dominance

One observer noted in regard to the New Hampshire Democratic debate on MSNBC: “The debate was revealing, but the questions were even more so; arguments about how to arrange the deck chairs gave way to the realization that the Titanic is sinking… 888 more words

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The Branding of YOU

Until I began graduate school, I never thought about social media. I was using it like everyone else, or because I had to for work, but I never thought about it in terms of converging media. 404 more words

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Mitochondrial Memes pt 4

The obvious difficulty with treating ideas like viruses is that while most viruses are detrimental to one’s health, ideas are quite useful; indeed, you won’t survive very long without ideas of… 966 more words


'The media represents homosexual groups as deviant' Assess the usefulness of this view when considering media representations. 18 marks

The media represents homosexual groups in many different ways. The deviant homosexuals are stereotyped as sexual predators or as feeling guilty about their sexuality. They are shown as completely defined the problem of their sexuality and homosexuality is often constructed to appear morally wrong. 715 more words

Johannes Gutenberg: Used Car Salesman

I’ve been going through some of my old posts. I know, I know. I don’t update very much anymore, but there was a time – I assure you,  dear reader! 1,144 more words

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Of Polls and ‘Horse Race’: Making Media Coverage Count

MEDIA coverage of elections, which often treats these political exercises as though these were mere sporting events pitting opponents eyeing a highly coveted prize, does not push the boundaries of acceptable public discourse. 533 more words


JUNE 2012 - Mass Media Answers

Identify and briefly explain three ways in which globalisation has changed the role of the media over the past 20 years or so. (9 marks) 1,398 more words

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