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Another log on the 'games cost too much to develop' fire

Raph Koster has another post up about game development costs, which continues the conversation we had here back in this post. This time he comes with more data, but I have some strong objections to said data, and again with what it means. 720 more words


Swift Mediums to learn Journalism

Since decades, education through various education programs on different levels has the prominence among the masses. Apart from the education in other areas, Journalism earned the popularity amid the legions of passionate learners. 290 more words

Journalism Colleges

PHD Journalist Reports On Operation Mockingbird Comgressional Hearing Confirms CIA Controls the Mass Media

PhD Journalist Reports On Operation Mockingbird; Congressional Hearing Confirms CIA Controls The Mass Media News, Such As CNN, CBS, ABC, NBC, PBS, NPR, BBC, CNBC, FOX, AP, And Others… 2,485 more words


Facebook and the Destruction of Free Association (Hot Take)

Like many people, today I woke up to Facebook fucking around with what didn’t need to be fixed; today, they instituted their new policy designed to re-orient the site back to peer-to-peer visibility. 496 more words


What are you scared about?

Fear is one of the most interesting and complex human emotions. You can’t fight against it, it comes without warning and it transforms even the mightiest of leaders into a crumbling mess of pure and raw humanity. 610 more words