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'They're trying to keep you QUIET so everyone thinks things are changing'


I hope this letter finds you in best of health and spirits. As for myself I’m adjusting. As I have written you more than twenty letters since I last heard from you. 759 more words

Arbitrary C.O.s

The Story of America in My Own Words

Domination, war, discrimination, capitalism, and patriotism are words I find synonymous with the history of America. The featured documentary serves to give the audience food for thought about what they think and do and why; how their thoughts and actions are influenced by American mass media; and whether or not their thoughts, behaviors and feeling are their own or manufactured by the gatekeepers of American history. 135 more words

Harper 3.0

It occurred to me during a discussion on a friend’s Facebook wall that I have some perspective to offer on the Harper Revolution in light of what I experienced living in the States. 431 more words

Propaganda: Invisible Government

Mass manipulation was never a conspiracy, it was always a reality.

The author presents the facts and answers to the question, “who is lying to us, and how do they do it?”. 59 more words


Learn to Storify


Storify incorporates different forms of social media into one ‘story.’ I use hashtags and posts from all social media platforms: Twitter, Instagram, Facebook and Google+ to create a story. 177 more words