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Tu te consideri manipulat de mass-media?

Ați observat că în loc să devenim independenți, societatea umană ne încurajează să devenim una cu turma? Avem analiști politici,  fashion trends, etc…care ne spun ceea ce noi ar trebui să gândim singuri! 237 more words

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Collages of Implied Space: 1-3

Process: After creating a series of collages on the scanner bed , I further blend and manipulated the pieces digitally. Collages are an excellent example of Necro-media. 53 more words


Legacy of Edward S. Herman, Author of Manufacturing Consent

The legacy of Edward S. Herman, who coauthored the book Manufacturing Consent: The Political Economy of the Mass Media. If you haven’t looked at the Manufacturing Consent book or documentary, I recommend doing so. 201 more words


Trump: North Korea is a State Sponsor of Terror

“Should’ve happened a long time ago, should have happened years ago.” – President Donald J. Trump

Using some of the strongest language he has against the brutal and intolerable regime of Kim Jong-Un, President Trump declared his intention to designate North Korea as a state sponsor of terrorism on Monday.

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Let's Talk About Sexual Harassment

The list of powerful and prominent men who are leering, suggesting, groping, fondling, and forcing expands every day. This has resulted in a necessary national conversation regarding behavior that ranges from the boorish to the criminal, and many Americans will recognize that this is both helpful and instructive. 1,205 more words

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In Alternative Media Crackdown, YouTube Censors Aceloewgold

YouTube users who click links Aceloewgold.com content are now, in some cases, met with a message discouraging them from visiting the site on the basis of it being “unsafe.” The message, seen below, implies that attempting to read an article on Aceloewgold could result in “malware, phishing attempts, or disturbing content” being delivered to your computer. 330 more words

New World Order

Mid-Binges Report

I have finally joined the 21st century — or at least a part of it: I have been binge-watching on Netflix.

I am completely hooked on “ 190 more words

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