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10 Reasons Why GPS Is The Best Invention

I’m just sitting here, doing some thinking about they ways in which technology has changed our world and I wanted to express my thanks to… 385 more words

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Incognito Fashionable Wearables

Wearables are becoming a bigger thing in society. More and more companies are now creating devices that you can wear. The only problem is most of them aren’t so fashionable and trendy. 416 more words

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Where the Girls Are - An Analysis

The big “no-no” of all words, and the new “F” word of the century, seems to be the word “Feminism.” Females everywhere are forced to use the phrase, “I’m not a feminist, but…” before stating a feminist position so as not to be accused of being a “shrill, overly aggressive, man-hating, ball-busting, selfish, hairy, extremist, deliberately unattractive women with absolutely no sense of humor who see sexism at every turn,” as said by Susan J. 922 more words

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​World’s Central Banks ‘are gambling immense amounts of money’

The banking system is completely dysfunctional, and it is going to lose legitimacy as we are nowhere near the solution of the too-big-to-fail problem, Robert Pringle, chairman and founder of the Central Banking Journal, told RT.It was never supposed to force the Central Banks to gamble on such an enormous scale as is happening today, Pringle, author of the Money Trap said on RT America’s show Boom Bust. 9 more words


Langley Black Propaganda Provocation Claims that Donetsk People's Republic Demands that Jews "Register"


Read this. It’s a tissue of lies from stem to stern. It’s a Langley provocation… with the fingerprints of RFE/RL all over it (as long as Potapov doesn’t publicly disown his part in subverting the motherland, he drags the ROCOR’s good name in the gutter). 152 more words


Media Relations (14, 15)

Chapter 14: Preparing Materials for Mass Media

The News Release

  • Planning: key message, audience, benefits/rewards for use, objective of release, is this the best format for the information?
  • 698 more words
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Your Computer = Your Life

Earlier this week I was having a lot of issues with my computer and I thought it was going to crash on me. A little bit of liquid spilled on it over the weekend and then for three days after that my computer was doing crazy things. 416 more words

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