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The Scottish Wars of Position

The Wars of Position- Gramsci In Practice

As the 2012-14 independence campaign drew towards its conclusion, it occurred to me that a Yes vote on 18 September would be the beginning rather than the end of the real struggle for independence. 1,262 more words


Problema dispariției Imperativului Cognitiv. Influența Mass Media asupra acestuia.

Uneori mă gândesc că noi, oamenii avem nevoie de niște răspunsuri la  întrebările pe care ni le-am pus din momentul apariției noastre ca specie. Oamenii sunt curioși de la natură, fapt ce stă la baza activității creierului nostru. 357 more words


Well Then, It Must Be True!

I dreamt that links to ProjectVeritas.com that was publicly outed by the government administered media was now being found on many low level Internet sites. It won’t make a difference in the context of the facsimile of a modern world where the various layers of the onion of the dissembled versions of American family units would prefer to be embraced by a faux approximation of pleasant believabilities’ than face the disturbing possibilities that what they experience as government is naught but a dilapidated minstrel show. 421 more words

Social Commentary

BMM: Semester 5.

Bachelor of Mass Media: Semester 5, University exams, done and dusted.

Wow. This is moment of relief and sadness at the same time. Relief because we don’t have to study for exams for next few months. 93 more words

Daily Blogs

Mass Media and the Transformation of American Politics

By Kristine A. Oswald

Repository Citation

Kristine A. Oswald, Mass Media and the Transformation of American Politics, 77 Marq. L. Rev. 385 (2009).
Available at: … 18 more words

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