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Where is Everybody?

Well, they’re probably not reading. (Only smart people read. Not Kanye: “I am a proud non-reader of books.”) Or if they are reading, it’s in the billionaire bondage category (which is ironic, since billionaires ALREADY have us in bondage as slaves to the system.) Or the vampire lover category, or (for the men) biographies of “great” athletes (like Lance Armstrong, Floyd Mayweather?) or other sports books. 182 more words


You Are a Sell Out!

I have a confession to make: I am a YouTube addict. To my credit I do watch more educational material than cat videos, but I spend far more time doing so than I ought to. 1,225 more words


An Unfolding Matter

Since all Media is accusing United States of America with the ISIS Crisis in the present days; we can all assume the future plans behind their strategies. 299 more words


Governing The Public

Mass Media has been implementing on the public their ways of life, thoughts… and this process is recycling itself year after year after trends… Especially in 1980’s. 379 more words


Virtual Reality

Ever since mass media is still controlling the economical, political, social, industrial, religious sectors since it shifted to its second Age until today, People began demanding their rights through protests around the world, revolutions, Great emperors fell of their throne, some of them are peaceful some of them are outrageous. 319 more words


The right-wing press don't fear Labour if Corbyn wins. They just fear Corbyn.

The most interesting reaction to the ascent of Jeremy Corbyn towards the leadership of the Labour Party has been that of the right wing press. The coverage of his lead in the polls in the Telegraph and the Times has been based on the threat that a Corbyn leadership would mean for Labour’s electability and for party unity. 722 more words


The White Vote

You may have heard this term being batted around the internet recently, primarily due to the rise of Donald Trump in the US political arena, but it is nothing more than a nonsensical buzz-phrase. 78 more words