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5 interesting people to follow on Twitter

Paul Bradshaw @paulbradshaw
Course leader for the MA in Data Journalism and the MA Multiplatform and Mobile Journalism at Birmingham City University in Birmingham, UK. Also consulting data journalist with the BBC England data unit. 203 more words

Journalism At Westminter

Reactionary Times Coverage of Values Voter Summit 2017: Day 1

Reactionary Times Radio is covering Values Voter Summit 2017. Julio Rivera is manning the radio booth and here is the best of Day 1. 35 more words


(Vita) Jak 3 review

Naughty Dog’s three-quel is a nice conclusion to the franchise, but some frustrating missions and design choices blemish the final product.

World-building & Story

Following the defeat of the Metal Head leader Kor and the death of Baron Praxis at the conclusion of… 1,834 more words


Mass Media and Buisness

Businesses across the world have grown significantly since first innovations of mass media. Companies introduce worldwide sales and events and coordinate using mediums like social media. 190 more words

Mass Media

Everybody, Let's Just Take a Deep Breath

There’s a lot going on right now. Let’s take a step back, look at the broader picture, and ask ourselves, “why?”

**WARNING!! This is long and covers a lot. 3,500 more words


Photo Story: California Fires.


The photo story I chose was the California fires that swept throughout the wine country of Northern California. The photo story was done by… 170 more words

Mass Media

The Two Lenses of Culture Theory in Mass Production: Benjamin vs Adorno

The three sociologists, philosophers and critical theorists of the Frankfurt School had two different emphasis on the rise and effects of mass production on culture and society. 1,064 more words

Mass Media