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road trip pt 7

daddy: we have to get ready so we can get back in time for the parade.

8yo: we have 3 hours until the parade, plenty of time. 32 more words


Police Clear High School Football Stadium After Disturbance

UPDATED 09/08/12 11:33 a.m.

CHICAGO (CBS) – Police descended on Gately Stadium on the Far South Side Friday night, after a fight in the stands led to a mass-panic and halted a football game between Simeon and Morgan Park high schools in the third quarter. 331 more words


Mass panic: drinking 'out of control'

The debate over proposed minimum alcohol pricing rages on.

‘Something must be done’.

Yes, so why not implement government price controls on drinks?

It is unbelivable that at a time when alcohol consumption in Britain has been decreasing over the past several years, our experts and politicians want to impose a minimum price per unit. 893 more words

Mass panic: Britain's 'obesity timebomb'

Why do Britons still vote Liberal Democrat?

I stopped sometime during the last decade when a) my local Lib Dump councillor told me he was a militant anti-smoker and b) then-party chairman Menzies (‘Ming’) Campbell insisted that prisoners be allowed to vote. 474 more words


Mass panic: European heat wave

The moment we finally get normal summer weather, the panic starts.

RMC announced on the news that temperatures reached 41° C somewhere in France at the weekend. 184 more words

Yaaaaaaaaaaawwwwwwwwwwnn- The Countdown's On

So firstly apologies for the lack of blog last night but I was too emotionally drained ( and totally knackered) to even think about writing one. 271 more words


Researchers Say Hitting Yourself In The Face With A Hammer Could Potentially Be Dangerous

Apparently, hitting yourself in the face with a hammer isn’t safe after all.  An extensive study done by researchers at Harvard University claims that striking yourself with repeated blows to the face with a hammer could potentially lead to terrible side effects.  358 more words

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