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The Disposable Cost of Fashion 

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This past weekend I watched a documentary on Netflix called “The True Cost”. The fast fashion movement has become a year to year struggle in this economy, many consumers are still in the fast fashion trance essentially hypnotized by disposable cost. 465 more words

Conscious Fashion

First Things First. 

The arts and craft movement -1880 Britain, and from here, began spreading to the U.S,Europe and Japan.

Reflecting the world (First Things First) this arts and craft movement focuses on recognising flaws in society. 58 more words


What's wrong with Mankind?

Well, I think that message says it all. At times I really ask myself what’s wrong with us and I get super frustrated. In these moments I find it very difficult to stay positive in such a seemingly terrible world. 261 more words

Human Rights

Small Custom Picture Frames

Any of you that work at some sort of art or craft know that, for the most part, it’s a labor of love rather then a viable money making endeavor.   1,021 more words

Picture Frames

The Mass Production Of Art: How Body Modification Became Mainstream

As tattoos and piercings have become more mainstreamed in our society, I decided to explore how and why this happened by talking with sociologists and body modification artists as they react to the different trends. 14 more words

Journalistic Writing

Fashion, Clothing, and Commodity Culture

Clothing has for many years come to symbolize social inclusion or occlusion. Through our attire, we can create a ‘look’ that is homogeneous and that reconciles our differences while allowing us to remain together, united. 278 more words