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From standard to personal production: A new industrial trend?

In the early twentieth century, the Ford Motor Company began a trend in the world of the automotive industry, which ended up encompassing thousands of other businesses: the… 834 more words


Rethinking... chicken

Food, Inc.: Chicken

“This isn’t farming, this is just mass production, like an assembly line in a  factory.”

“When they grow from a chick, and in… 145 more words

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Mass Produced Art is Problematic Art

I’m currently taking a break from writing my Early Medieval Art paper (sssssh! Don’t tell my teacher!). I’m currently writing about the Book of Kells. I already kind of started writing it, but just today, I figured out all the pieces to make this a topic I’m truly excited about: which is comparing the Book of Kells, a handmade work of beauty, to artist books, which I’m personally not a fan of because oftentimes, they seem to involve  660 more words


The Burden of Representation

Tagg, John (1988) The Burden of Representation.  New York: Palgrave Macmillan.


Yet the daguerreotype survived, at least until the introduction of carte-de-visite photographs, patented by Disderi in France in 1854.

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[Q&A] WLAN Design on PCB & Mass Production



我們是3X3 2.4G的設計,只有一路的TX Power特別低其餘兩路皆正常,但三路皆可透過Calibration的方法校正回來
1. 為什麼只有一路的TX power跑掉?若是版子問題應該是三路都會跑掉
2. 使用網儀量測組抗特性後發現AB兩廠的最大不同是在虛部阻抗,板廠回覆他們無法控制虛部特性,請問虛部特性跟哪部分比較有關聯?


(你提的問題導致的可能的原因,有很多如,Chip date code, SMT, 用料, 測試治具….等等 )

下列回答請先參閱我的文章 88 more words


Dear Adorno, Not All Mass Production is Bad

“Film in the culture industries was organized like industrial production and utilized standardized formulas and conventional production techniques to mass produce films for purely commercial — rather than cultural — purposes.”

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October 1, 1908: Pass Me? Not a Chance

Automobiles had been around for decades as we entered the 20th century but they were scarce and rather pricy. That was about to change. On October 1, 1908, a new sort of vehicle hit the streets. 193 more words

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