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Just-in-Time manufacturing hits the runways

Fashion has not been untouched by different manufacturing methods that allow them to become more efficient and in some cases even resemble Toyota’s production line. … 817 more words

David Kiger

Late Night Thoughts: Fast Fashion

Bangladesh. April 24, 2013. Garment factory collapse mid-day. More than a thousand dead and over two thousand injured. Even more watching the building crumble with many innocent people trapped inside. 575 more words


Modern Farming

This is where most of our food comes from. Natural gas is used to pull nitrogen out of the atmosphere and bind it to hydrogen to create anhydrous ammonia. 485 more words

Evolution of Sales and Marketing - Part 1

Sales and marketing, though sharing the same objective, differ significantly. Sales can be considered the last stage of marketing. It would be interesting to explore how they differ, but we will reserve that discussion for another day. 323 more words

Living in the Lap of Plastic

I know that living in the lap of plastic is actually residing in the upper thighs of a crash-car dummy.

I tried eating Wheaties for lunch but my step-mother said I was deranged for thinking I could be a hero. 680 more words


The Legacy

I am the anti-Buddha
the prince who clings to possessions
as grimly as a demon once inside
I am my things
a living, breathing human midden… 107 more words


Michael Young

Extract taken from FX magazine, The business of design, January 2016 edition

  • An influential designer driven by Mass-production methods , technological advances around the world cater to certain practices…
  • 346 more words