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how safe is your food?

Food: material consisting essentially of protein, carbohydrate, and fat used in the body of an organism to sustain growth, repair, and vital processes and to furnish energy. 661 more words

Public Health

Animal Rights to a Certain Quality of Life

Humans have excluded themselves as the superior group of animals placing themselves on top of the food chain. The idea of humans as the superior specie in the animal kingdom is excused by many because of their more developed cognitive abilities. 524 more words

An American Agricultural Problem

Quality over Quantity

In terms of producing food, the focus has shifted towards having the mindset of quantity over quality. This mindset is what drives mass production companies. It seems as the quantity of food goes up, quality has gone down within these companies.  526 more words

Mass Production

Animal Rights

Fast food has become an integral part of the United States, but despite being so widespread, it lacks nutrition and promotes unhealthy food choices. Furthermore, the preparation of these foods often consists of brutal exploitation of animals. 550 more words


Be Smart. Eat Smart.

When someone is given the choice to eat a meal from the dollar menu or a healthy salad for $5.00, they will most likely choose the unhealthier meal due to the lower price. 569 more words

Health Issues

Animal Lives Matter

Animals, the living breathing creatures besides humans. Some people have them as pets, others run free in the wild, but the majority of animals are used for food. 453 more words

Health Issues

Abandon flowers from mass production

Flowers are beautiful. In early spring flower blossoms are a source of joy. After an always too long and dark winter the first colorful buts are welcomed by everyone. 585 more words