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Can Mass Production Be Customized To Increase Your Revenues?

Companies are constantly looking for strategic advantages when it comes to their products, how they are manufactured, delivery times and the consequence that all of this has on their revenue. 798 more words


Industry and Industrialists

The growth of industry brought about changes in society and the growth of industry. Before the Industrial Revolution, wealthy landowners controlled most of the wealth & power in society but afterward, power and wealth became centered in industrialists, financiers, and bankers. 68 more words

Industrial Revolution

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Fordism is an economic system that thrives on mass production and subsequently mass consumption. Fordism combines both human and machine efficiency to create products for consumption. 272 more words

The Demise of Skilled Traditional Manufacturing.

Over the past century, the rise of mass production and the use of machinery in manufacture has led to a reduction in the number of people pursuing careers in skilled traditional manufacturing. 908 more words


From standard to personal production: A new industrial trend?

In the early twentieth century, the Ford Motor Company began a trend in the world of the automotive industry, which ended up encompassing thousands of other businesses: the… 834 more words


Rethinking... chicken

Food, Inc.: Chicken

“This isn’t farming, this is just mass production, like an assembly line in a  factory.”

“When they grow from a chick, and in… 145 more words

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Mass Produced Art is Problematic Art

I’m currently taking a break from writing my Early Medieval Art paper (sssssh! Don’t tell my teacher!). I’m currently writing about the Book of Kells. I already kind of started writing it, but just today, I figured out all the pieces to make this a topic I’m truly excited about: which is comparing the Book of Kells, a handmade work of beauty, to artist books, which I’m personally not a fan of because oftentimes, they seem to involve  660 more words