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Week 2: Bakery and Pastry Production

Good morning! Let’s start explaining my second week:

I was doing two workshops at the same time: Bakery and Pastry Production. Therefore, our team was divided in two. 554 more words

EHL Life

Honey: a quick outline

Although it seems banal, whether it is justifiable for vegans to consume honey is quite an interesting topic. Evaluating if this is the case requires one to analyze the roles that one plays when it comes to animal agriculture as a consumer or harvester, the stark differences between mass and local production, and the dilemma of consequentialist versus deontological veganism! 1,986 more words


#PoeticAnswers 67 - What Is 'Green Eggs and Ham' Really About?

Is it a metaphor for consumerism.
Regarding how the mass-market
Attempts to force new products down our throats,
Attempts to show that everything is replaceable… 182 more words


The 2002 NAWCC National Seminar, “Boston: Cradle of Industrial Watchmaking”

I had the honor of chairing and organizing the 2002 NAWCC National Seminar in Boxborough, Massachusetts, which was the first of two National Seminars I chaired. 398 more words

Pocket Horology

Middleport Pottery

On Wednesday I travelled to Stoke-on-Trent to visit Middleport Pottery, home of the famous Burleigh-ware, named after the partners Burgess and Leigh who took over the pottery in 1862. 860 more words

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Post 2

Week 2

This weeks required reading was on 19th century Graphic Design, written by Stephen J. Eskilson.

The first section of the reading is on the Industrial Revolution and the Rise of Urban Mass Culture. 189 more words

Five Notes for a Phenomenology of the Photographic Image

Damisch, Hubert. ‘Five Notes for a Phenomenology of the Photographic Image’ October, 5, Summer 1978, 70-72


Theoretically speaking, photography is nothing other than a process of recording, a technique of 

865 more words