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October 1, 1908: Pass Me? Not a Chance

Automobiles had been around for decades as we entered the 20th century but they were scarce and rather pricy. That was about to change. On October 1, 1908, a new sort of vehicle hit the streets. 193 more words

Wretched Richard's Almanac


You might ask why someone who is lactose intolerant is writing a blog about cheese; the answer to that would be that my professor is a kicker whose lesson plans are to make his students write about ridiculous topics.   378 more words


Solid-State LiDAR Startup Ready to Ramp Up Production

Quanergy Systems, a Silicon Valley startup that makes light detection and ranging sensors LiDAR used in self-driving cars, has raised $90 million from investors, illustrating their growing interest in autonomous vehicle technology. 345 more words

Professional Fan fiction: Where it started, and where it is now

From the beginning of time, we’ve had some amount of appropriation taking place within stories. There is nothing new under the sun after all. Even when storytelling was a strictly oral form of communication, it wasn’t surprising that there were very common overlapping themes. 883 more words

Fiction Faux Pas

Is WW2 the greatest supply chain management in the World?

The term “supply chain” was first used in the early 1980´s, but the very idea of supply chain would have never come into existence if it weren’t for the existence of the armed forces. 946 more words

David Kiger

Inspiration from a business that changed the world

In the history and economic development of the United States, there are great business, also great visionaries who were the responsible for changing the direction of the country, they were encharged to make the country a financial potency that remains today. 794 more words

Patrick Dwyer

Evolution of Sales and Marketing - Part 1

Sales and marketing, though sharing the same objective, differ significantly. Sales can be considered the last stage of marketing. It would be interesting to explore how they differ, but we will reserve that discussion for another day. 321 more words