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The Pi Zero Mass Storage Picture Frame

The Raspberry Pi Zero – and the not-perpetually-out-of-stock Raspberry Pi A+ – only have one USB port, but behind that port is a lot of functionality. 213 more words


Microchip Publishes USB Mass Storage Loader

Microchip just published their USB-MSD Programmer firmware. This open source project allows a board to enumerate as a USB Mass Storage device. Programming is as simple as copying a .hex file to the “drive”. 255 more words


Android Crash debugging using Rampdump parser

This post details usage of ramdump parser to debug crashes on android running qualcomm chipsets.
It has been validated on APQ8064 chipsets with host running Ubuntu 14.04.1 LTS version. 462 more words


Mass Storage

Q147. Define Mass Storage.

Ans. Storage of large amounts of data, not part of the computer’s internal memory.