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NSA News That Never Made It Into The New York Times.

News stories about mass surveillance which have not been reported by The New York Times.

What makes these programs different from previously revealed programs?

The scale is increased to millions of targets, and no longer passively collecting data, they are invasive, active, and harmful. 107 more words

Interesting Common Core prompt:

I have been taking practice Common Core tests at school. They, unlike the tests that I would never speak about here, do not include any “agree to never copy this information anywhere to continue” or “sign here to indicate that you will not discuss or disclose information about this test” components. 1,124 more words

Hillary Rodham Clinton Talks NSA, Presidential Aspirations With Kara Swisher

Americans feel “betrayed” by the revelations of the National Security Agency’s surveillance activities and it needs to be more transparent, Hillary Rodham Clinton said Tuesday at a gathering of female Silicon Valley executives, in a conversation that touched on issues from gender discrimination to her presidential aspirations. 792 more words


NSA, GCHQ reportedly stole mobile network encryption keys

Private information protected by the little SIM card in your handset might not be so private after all. Based on new documentation from former NSA-employee-turned-whistleblower, Edward Snowden, … 519 more words

▶ "When you collect everything, you understand nothing" – Snowden

 The former NSA contractor pointed to the Boston Marathon bombing that took place in 2013, saying that once it had occurred, the agency realized that it already had data on the suspects and that they had been previously flagged.

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Cyber-attacks rising in Utah, likely due to NSA facility

SALT LAKE CITY (AP) — Utah state officials have seen what they describe as a sharp uptick in attempts to hack into state computers in the last two years, and they think it related to the NSA data center south of Salt Lake City. 471 more words

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