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Jenna McLaughlin | Spies for Hire

Margaritelli wrote that he works with all sorts of hacking technologies, but he remains shocked by DarkMatter’s ambitions to surveil an entire nation.

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Corporate Empire

UK spy agency GCHQ paid NZ firm Endace to power Internet fiber-optic taps

The 2013 Snowden documents revealed UK intelligence agency GCHQ to be tapping into the undersea cables that carry Internet traffic, covertly gathering vast amounts of digital comms data under a surveillance program code-named… 1,001 more words


Court Judgment Finds UK's Mass Surveillance to Be Unlawful

Subsequent to over a year of legal conflict, the UK’s Investigatory Powers Tribunal (IPT) has officially issued a landmark ruling on the country’s secret bulk collection program. 211 more words

UK spy agencies' bulk data practices ruled unlawful before 2015

The oversight court for the UK’s intelligence and security agencies has ruled they operated unlawfully and breached domestic human rights law by harvesting bulk comms data and maintaining large databases of personal information on UK citizens for a decade and more. 1,899 more words


Report: Yahoo helped government with ‘unprecedented, unconstitutional’ email surveillance program

PrivacySOS – 10/05/2016

Big news dropped yesterday in Reuters : In 2015, the US government asked Yahoo to scan all incoming email looking for certain, unknown characters in emails or attachments; unfortunately, Yahoo agreed to do it—without putting up a fight.

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United States

Yahoo says report on email scanning for intel agencies is "misleading"

Yahoo issued a statement this morning on Tuesday’s report that the company built a custom software tool to allow U.S. intelligence agencies to scan incoming email for all Yahoo users for certain selectors, calling the report “misleading” but not outright false. 249 more words