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Third Committee Report Critical Of UK's "Sloppy" Draft Surveillance Bill

A third UK parliamentary committee has now published a report on the government’s draft surveillance legislation.

The report of the joint select committee, which is made up of a majority of Conservative MPs and Peers, takes a more supine approach than the… 1,554 more words


UK Surveillance Powers Bill Slammed For Privacy, Clarity And Targeting Failures

One of the UK parliamentary committees that is scrutinizing proposed new surveillance legislation has published its report on the draft Investigatory Powers bill — and it makes for uncomfortable reading for the government. 1,175 more words


The Saga Of the Privacy Shield...

(With apologies to all poets everywhere)

Listen to the tale I tell

Of Princes bold and monsters fell

A tale of dangers well conceal’d

And of a bright and magic shield… 934 more words


Snowden: Hero or Traitor?

“When legality and morality begin to separate, we all have a moral obligation to do something about that. When I saw that the work I was doing and all my colleagues were doing being subversive not only to our intentions but contrary to the public’s intent, I felt an obligation to act.”   – Edward Snowden                                                                                                                              (Xu, V.,2015) 912 more words


EU-US Data Transfers Won't Be Blocked While Privacy Shield Details Are Hammered Out, Says WP29

A mote of certainty for US businesses that export EU data for processing and are wondering whether or not they are in compliance with EU law right now, given the legal quagmire of EU-US data protection relations. 1,033 more words


U.S. and Europe Agree to Shield Data From Mass Surveillance

Nearly four months after it was struck down, the U.S. and the European Union have reached a new Safe Harbor deal. It’s called the EU-US Privacy Shield and will facilitate the transfer of European citizens’ data to American companies. 134 more words