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The New World Order


*** disclaimer: the following is just my thoughts. At the moment people still have the freedom to say what they think, not for much longer, but I’m going to post as much as I can while I still have the right. 1,505 more words


Jakub Geltner - NEST

Czech artist Jakub Geltner‘s “Nest” project is a series of sculptures feature CCTV cameras and other surveillance objects installed in public spaces. The project expressing the artist’s interpretation of artificially-infested urban environments. 125 more words


Politics of Fear

While listening to the radio last week I learned that I am a member of the paranoid liberal bourgeoisie. Well there you go. News to me. 550 more words


Secret mass surveillance: For or against?

Does it bother you that the NSA in the United States and security agencies in Canada and other nations may be conducting secret mass surveillance of their citizens? 156 more words


Be a Trickster

Just watched a film from back in 1998, called ‘Enemy of the State’ is a good film. It is about the NSA & shows how the power of mass surveillance can & will be abused. 927 more words


7 Reasons Privacy Matters to College Students

In a well-functioning democracy, intellectual freedom would provide students the self-determination to openly exchange, investigate, and express their ideas in the online course platform.  Students’  intellectual property, however,  is stored without their authorization upon conclusion of the course. 785 more words


Technocratic Elite Domination via Mind Control and Mass Surveillance: Brzezinski Called It 45 Years Ago

Former National Security Advisor to President Jimmy Carter, infamous geopolitical “strategist” (read: al-Qaeda architect), and current Barack Obama advisor Zbigniew Brzezinski called it nearly half a century ago. 

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