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Bulk data collection only lawful for fighting serious crime, says Europe's top court

The European Court of Justice has issued a preliminary ruling on a data retention case brought by UK MPs and privacy rights groups seeking to challenge the government’s data retention regime under DRIPA. 1,148 more words


UK surveillance bill includes powers to limit end-to-end encryption

The UK government has explicitly confirmed that a surveillance bill now making its way through the second chamber could be used to require a company to remove encryption.  1,489 more words


Is Section 702 on the verge of reform?

A controversial law that authorizes the government’s bulk collection of internet data is being tested in a federal appeals court, giving anti-surveillance advocates hope that reform might be on the horizon. 1,224 more words


EU-US Privacy Shield now officially adopted but criticisms linger

The European Commission has formally adopted a new framework for governing personal data transfers between the EU and the U.S., replacing the prior Safe Harbor agreement which was invalidated last fall, and aiming to end nine months of uncertainty. 1,031 more words


Europe's new EU-US data flow deal clears final vote

The EU-US Privacy Shield, the cumbersomely christened replacement for the now defunct Safe Harbor transatlantic data transfer agreement, is rapidly approaching adoption, with Europe’s Member States today agreeing to support the new data flow deal. 684 more words


Silent Circle silently snuffs out its warrant canary -- but claims it's a "business decision"

Silent Circle, the maker of encrypted messaging apps and a security hardened Android smartphone, called Blackphone, has discontinued its warrant canary.

Attempting to reach the… 1,450 more words