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NYC pays 'invisible fare' to run MTA, comptroller says

NEW YORK (AP/PIX11) — New York City residents are paying an “invisible fare” of $130 a month per household to run the MTA, Comptroller Scott Stringer said Tuesday. 287 more words


Is the downtown vision 'myopic' or far-sighted?

A recent blog I posted posed the simple question of “why” regarding the opposition by some to efforts to revive downtown Amarillo.

It drew a thoughtful response from a reader who said this, in part: … 598 more words

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I Think I can, I think I can…

Everyone here thinks Portland is so progressive and the transit system is the cat’s ass. I rode this world class transit system for 2 years to and from work Mon-Friday and I gotta say, not impressed. 433 more words

Dear easel

Dear easel,
I have to go into town today but I will return to you as soon as I am able. A necessary thing has come up, one I am  happy and grateful to do. 116 more words

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These American cities have the worst commutes

In a world where pollution, climate change, and energy supplies are major problems, you might think that work and workers would be close enough to allow efficient commuting. 402 more words


When they turn off our water..

Written by Lydia Wylie-Kellermann for the Detroit Peace Community’s Stations of the Cross. This week the City of Detroit has resumed shut offs to 30,000 homes. 148 more words

Watershed Discipleship

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Detroit-Shutoff-posters-FINAL-8-183-1000-940x608Just a reminder to those who don't quite understand interconnective community. As the problems regarding sanitation with infectious conditions are boarding the buses across metropolitan Detroit --- all communities across the metropolitan area will be impacted. There are no general provisions for paid sick days at this time (legislation is pending in Michigan House [House Bill 4167], meeting resistance as well). We also don't have freely available public bathhouses around Detroit where sanitary needs can be handled by those mobile enough to do so. Water shutoffs are happening to houses with the infirm, diseased, and elderly. Mothers with newborns may not have water at their home to care for their infant and self. People returning from surgeries need to keep wounds clean, but may not have water. These concerns and so many more need to be considered when shutting off water to the poor. It is a violent attack on life which anyone in elected office should be ashamed of committing. In truth it is a violation of their oath to protect the public.

Nonpetroleum share of transportation fuel energy at highest level since 1954

“In the United States, petroleum is by far the most-consumed transportation fuel. But recently the share of fuels other than petroleum for U.S. transportation has increased to its highest level since 1954, a time when the use of coal-fired steam locomotives was declining and automobile use was growing rapidly.” 262 more words

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