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Health Benefits of Massage and Bodywork

Besides feeling good, massage therapy and bodywork offer many health benefits, increasing wellness and enhancing your quality of life. Studies have shown that massage:

  • decreases pain levels (from as migraines, fibromyalgia, and even cancer)
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Do Women Hurt More?

Women suffer more head- and neck-related discomfort than men, in the forms of migraines, osteoporosis, forward head posture, and degenerative disc disease. This could partly be due to the fact that a woman’s head comprises 8% of her total body weight (the same percentage as males), but studies show that as a group, women have 40% less neck musculature than men. 134 more words




Welcome to:  317 MASSAGE & BODYWORK

We are located in Castleton area of Indianapolis, Indiana.

We provide several different kinds of massage based on price and request! 154 more words

Can personal injury improve your massage therapy practice?

Sprains, strains, cuts, contusions, breaks, concussions… There are so many ways to get hurt! Massage therapists know, because we see the gamut of ways human beings get injured in our bodywork practices. 455 more words


Breath is a rhythm

Breath is a rhythm

We gotta say in.

The bounce in our step
Is chosen in the brain.

An understanding of the continuous myofascial network of the human body brings a knowing down to three hundred microns, 271 more words


With thanks... Taking Care Portland, August, 2013

Sunday morning. August in Portlandia. Light filters through the window, soft and golden.

Hydrate. Stretch. Move. Dance. Run. Down to the river with the dogs to stand atop the old lighthouse platform, singing to the Willamette. 612 more words


A massage therapist goes to Md Anderson Cancer Center

I really dig how they have a swooshy red strike-through on “Cancer” as part of their logo.

I ponder the thumb drive in my hand. And, I realize that storage capacity has come a long ways from the 8″ floppy disc and the data cassette. 845 more words