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Healing Self Medical Qigong

By Daniela Stevenson, Holistic Health Practitioner, Reiki Master Teacher

Medical Qigong Practitioner

I can not go a day without doing Qigong. If I skip a day I feel disjointed and sluggish. 121 more words

The Ultimate Home Yoga Guide for Beginners from Advance Wellness

Trying yoga for the first time can be a daunting experience. With so many different styles of yoga and teaching to choose from, it is important to find the right style for your own personal requirements. 460 more words

Massage Therapists

Mobile massage - the safest health curative program for a well-thy life

Just last year, while I was on a short holiday to India for Christmas, out of tiredness I had ordered for a mobile massage, but eventually, I found out the fact that, there one has to travel all the way to a recognized spa, if you fancy a massage. 495 more words

Aroma Therapy In London

Day 70: PSA for Bodyworkers - CBD Oil Helps Clients and Your Hands Too!!!

So I know I spend a lot of time professing my love for the Healing Rose’s products. And you would think that I’m an affiliate or something. 413 more words


"Is all this health history information REALLY necessary?"

At least one in every 15 or 20 new clients will ask this question. My answer…YES!

Although it might seem irrelevant if you’re coming in for “just a relaxation massage”, or for a specific treatment like a strained hamstring or plantar fasciitis, a thorough health history is always relevant. 91 more words

Massage Therapy

Best Physiotherapy & Massage Therapists in Hamilton, NZ

Physiotherapy and Massage therapy are both practices used by professionals to improve someone’s well-being, restore movement and body condition. Physiotherapy is a medical profession applied by registered physiotherapists that provide care to individuals with body injuries and pains, which may include therapeutic exercises, modalities, manual techniques as well as functional training. 462 more words

Massage Therapists