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Experience the comfort of touch

From the ancient times there were efficient and skilled people who used to give oil massages with several biological or natural oils as a cure to many internal health problems or for body fitness and relaxation. 282 more words

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Thai massage-reduces stress and improves health!

A good way to relax after a stressful day from work is to have a massage therapy at home or at your local massage spa. There are many different types of massage methods and techniques to select from that are offered by massage spas. 236 more words

Body Massage

Tips To Learning The Basics About A Theraputic Massage

You may have decided to get a well-deserved massage, or to give one to another person. There is a lot you can learn about massage techniques that will benefit you, whether you are giving or getting a massage. 297 more words

7 Essential Tips for Choosing Your Wellbeing Business Model

Check out these 7 essential tips for choosing your wellbeing business model by Ginny West.

So what do I mean when I talk about choosing your business model? 1,350 more words

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Have You Ever Gotten a Shady Massage?

The Al Gore news has a lot of people talking about the ethics of massage therapy. Have you ever gotten a massage that made you feel uncomfortable? 262 more words


Advantages of getting a massage at a small business

You have many choices on where to go for a massage.  You can go to a local or national chain, a spa or resort, or a small business.  478 more words


6 Simple Tips to Get a New or Unknown Wellbeing Service or Product Out There

6 simple tips to get an unknown wellbeing service, product or class out there. So you’ve found a wellbeing modem you’re totally passionate about. The trouble is no one seems to have heard of it before. 773 more words

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