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237130_A2_Week6_Task#4_Reflection on Learning_29/04/2016.

Previous 6 Week Reflection:

Reflect on the previous 6 weeks and consider what your learning been. You can refer to the following questions as prompts. 338 more words


237130_A2_Week6_Task#3_Contextual Knowledge_28/04/2016.

Videos Related to Essay Question and helping to understand contextual knowledge.

Critically Evaluate one or more of the selected video presentations by considering the following: (50-150 words) 614 more words


237130_A2_Week6_Task#2_Analysis Ideology_27/04/2016.

Images and Ideology and What is Ideology?

1. Define ideology in 30-75 words and situate in your glossary.

Ideology is the ideas around society or politics based on social theory, it can invert and obscure the way things are and thinking of ideas that are detached from history. 268 more words


237130_A2_Week6_Task#1_'This Stuff'_26/04/2016.

Select key words or phrases  from your essay question, and other words or phrases more specific to the direction your essay will take. Locate online discussion groups or feeds  on your topic and link  these to your blog, e.g. 169 more words


237130_A2_Week5_Task#4_Written Paragraph_24/04/2016.

For creating this paragraph, I am going to create a question that I can start my paragraph off with and then go into further analysis to help the reader gain contextual knowledge about the text and better depth of understanding. 388 more words


237130_A2_Week5_Task#3_Task A_23/04/2016.

Task A – Locate from a credible source, one visual text you will use in your essay. (This can include a visual texts from Wk4 I/S) 697 more words


237130_A2_Week5_Task#2_Visual Analysis - Sturken and Cartwright _21/04/2016.

When reading the analysis of the images ‘Their First Murder’. Within the  text it is discussed about the power that is held within the image. 125 more words