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from Wellington with love

The story begins in a small room painted, quite simply, a light grey. The door, mud-colored. The bed dressed in a tan striped sheet. This was my room in The Cube apartment complex. 252 more words


Bad-ass looking BMPCC goes to The Ice

After much research I have opted to take a Black Magic Pocket Cinema Camera as my principal video camera. Although it shoots at a maximum resolution of 1080p it records in RAW and ProRes formats with a very wide (13 stops) dynamic range. 209 more words


237131_A1_Week4_ Taonga Works and Values _15/08/2016.

1.) Choose one term from Moko Mead’s “Ngā Pūtanga o te tikanga: Underlying principals and values”, paraphrase this and explain how it can be applied to art/design. 344 more words


2014 Flashback "Voters don't care if John Key"

​Everything that is wrong with our political process can be summed up in this one text:

“Voters don’t care if John Key uses SIS files or lie pathologically, at least he doesn’t wear a scarf to a job interview !” Claire Robinson… 7 more words

237131_A1_Week3_ Te Tipunga – the Growth _09/08/2016.

Choose one example of art or design made during one of the first three periods of New Zealand art history as defined by Hirini Moko Mead (Ngā Kākano – the seeds – (circa 900 to 1200 CE); Te Tipunga – the growth (1200 to 1500 CE); Te Puawaitanga – the flowering (1500–1800 AD)). 192 more words


237131_A1_Week2_ Visual Importance_03/08/2016.

Select an art or design example from the first chapter of Tangata Whenua: An Illustrated History, “Ancient Origins” (2014). Upload an image of this example to your blog and write 150-200 words explaining why this example is important. 182 more words


Antarctica project planning

Now I have officially started my MDes (Masters of Design) and the pre-trip planning shifts into a different phase. For the past few months it has been total emersion into all things Antarctica, and looking at artist models, more recently research shifted to include the logistics of photography in sub-zero conditions so a gear list could be formed and any new equipment ordered. 60 more words