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Behind the scenes on #projectweed

There have been three main setups for the ‘Weed’ project to date. Each with very different pros and cons so I would not say anyone was the most successful. 446 more words


Doreen Massey on Maps

Another additions to on maps,  where I collect what non-cartographers have said, thought and written about maps. This time my guest is nonetheless than Doreen Massey. 386 more words


My Adobe Hacienda

(Louise Massey / Lee Penny)

Louise Massey and the Westerners

Columbia – 20117 (C 3570)



Weed goes big

 After a bit of patient searching (thanks to NIWA, Wgtn Marine Education Centre et al for your help) I managed to find a large fish tank for sale on TradeMe. 106 more words


Making seaweed sexy

Seaweed has a bad rep. That smelly, slimy goo that takes the edge off your beach holiday or hides who-knows-what when you go swimming. 341 more words


Govan Street 1925

Nancy Riise Kvamsdal emailed me in November 2015 saying, “Hi again, I love your FBpage. I would like to ask if you know anything about an address: 3 Govern Street, Blantyre. 227 more words

Blantyre Streets