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Delta mayor fears Pattullo project means Massey Tunnel replacement 'dead in the water'

The eight-decade-old Pattullo Bridge is finally being put out to pasture, and almost no one is sorry to see it go.

But while virtually everyone says they’re pleased to hear the bridge will be retired, the NDP’s plan to replace the aging span has earned less than universal acclaim. 654 more words


Antarcticans: Ian Hawes in the inky backness under the sea ice in Antarctica

A 360° glimpse at the inky black under sea ice at Cape Evans Antarctica as Waikato University diver Prof Ian Hawes descends.


FS17 Massey Ferguson 9030

Farming Simulator 2017

This Mod Is For PC

Today we bring you a Self Propelled Sprayer in the form of a Massey Ferguson 9030.  Now this mod was released by Giants as an extra with the Platinum DLC if you purchased from the Giants site.  100 more words

Mana Wahine

Mana Wahine is a theory explored both in Annie Mikaere’s “Maori Women: Caught in the Contradictions of a Colonised Reality” and Naomi Simmonds’ “Mana wahine: Decolonising Politics.” Simmonds describes mana whaine as the explicit examination of the, “intersection of being Maori and female.” (Simmonds, 11). 193 more words



Tina Engels Schwarzpaul raises some very interesting points in their piece, “Dislocating William and Rau: The Wild Man in Virtual Worlds.” The most notable point that I have taken is that appropriation is the act of removing cultures from their social, poltical and economic contexts for profit. 216 more words


Representation and Stereotypes

In Melanie Walls’ “Stereotypical Constructions of the Maori ‘Race’ in the Media” it is highlighted that there are four main stereotypes of Maori within media. The first being the ‘comic other’ who provides comic relief, the ‘natural athlete’ who draws on their ‘primitive’ nature to fight and wage war, the ‘political radical activist’ who is socially deviant and the ‘quintessential Maori’ which is produced by Maori content makers (Wall, 42-44). 303 more words


Oceania: The Ocean in Us

I think that both “The Ocean in Us” and “Towards a New Oceania” discuss the notion of an Oceanic Identity and what that means. Ocean in Us ties this identity heavily to the waters that surround our islands. 503 more words