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Oceania: The Ocean in Us

I think that both “The Ocean in Us” and “Towards a New Oceania” discuss the notion of an Oceanic Identity and what that means. Ocean in Us ties this identity heavily to the waters that surround our islands. 286 more words



The image I have selected to analyse is the map of New Zealand/Aotearoa drawn by James Cook as I believe it reflects western attitudes towards ‘others.’ First, it must be recognized that this idea of ‘The Other’ reinforces, “the notion that Europeans are superior to their ‘others’.” (O’Shaughnessy and Stadler, 403). 676 more words


In Search of Original Dwelling

The main point that stuck out to me about “Take me away: In search of original dwelling” was how westerners sell cultures for profit, particularly with buildings. 141 more words


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Colonial Art

I believe that this painting supports the idea discussed by Leonard Bell that the European settlers looked to give New Zealand a past (Bell, 144). And it is a wonderful thing that New Zealand’s history was being told except that its stories were already being passed down by the Maori people. 233 more words


Kaupapa Maori and Matauranga Maori

As I understand from the reading by Te Ahukaramu Charles Royal, kaupapa maori is the actions created by maori that reflect maori values. These are done “anticipating tikanga maori” (Royal, 30). 193 more words


Tauiwi and Mate Pakeha

It was very interesting for me to read the excerpt by Ranginui Walker on the pakeha entering into New Zealand. Previously, I had always thought that I had a solid, though basic, outline of New Zealand’s history. 208 more words