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Massey and other un-PC names

Suggestions have been made that Massey University change it’s name because the person it is named after said some racist things in the 1800s.

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Rio Daily: Massey Pays Tribute to Pin Xiu,

(Source: www.myactivesg.com)

10 September, 2016  

Simon Evans

Coach Mick Massey and Pin Xiu posing for the camera with the Gold medal. Photo: Sport Singapore… 662 more words

Current Affairs

237131_A1_Week6_ Māori Visual and Cultural Arts _31/08/2016.

Both Mane-Wheoki and Anderson describe how Māori visual and material culture has been framed by predominantly western accounts. Discuss this, using both readings to support your discussion (100 words). 395 more words


from Wellington with love

The story begins in a small room painted, quite simply, a light grey. A mud-colored door enclosed the room. A single bed dressed  in a tan striped sheet dominated most of the space, but I was glad to have it. 269 more words


Bad-ass looking BMPCC goes to The Ice

After much research I have opted to take a Black Magic Pocket Cinema Camera as my principal video camera. Although it shoots at a maximum resolution of 1080p it records in RAW and ProRes formats with a very wide (13 stops) dynamic range. 209 more words


237131_A1_Week5_ New Zealand History _24/08/2016.

Summarise Belich, James. “Chapter 8: Making empire?” Making Peoples: A history of the New Zealanders, from Polynesian settlement to the end of the nineteenth century. Hawai’i Press, 2001.  321 more words


237131_A1_Week4_ Taonga Works and Values _15/08/2016.

1.) Choose one term from Moko Mead’s “Ngā Pūtanga o te tikanga: Underlying principals and values”, paraphrase this and explain how it can be applied to art/design. 344 more words