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Freedom from Outcome Part 3: How to Cultivate It

Note: This is the final post in a series on freedom from outcome. You can find the first two posts here:

Part 1

Part 2… 1,391 more words

Tipping Point

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A little more. Keep pushing. You’re almost there. Why is it that when we are closest to our breakthrough is when we almost breakdown? 505 more words


Get Out of Your Comfort Zone and Put Yourself Out There!

“Being comfortable is the most dangerous thing you can ever do to yourself” – Casey Neistat. That quote spews out truth and really gets me thinking. 527 more words

The End of Poverty

(okay, well it’s actually the end of unemployment, since poverty is a relative term)

The primary focus of Singularity Ventures is to end unemployment worldwide. 673 more words