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Teaching Massive Action

First off, I would like to give thanks and say how grateful I am for the growing interest and support I’ve received for my updates to this blog. 820 more words


Running Will Inspire Your Goals

I’m a firm believer that taking massive action in one area of your life will inspire you to take massive action in others.  The concept of success breeding further success is one that I have used often in my personal and professional life.   140 more words


Don't Make Excuses, Make Adjustments

Achievement is a result of the process. Start with the basics and be consistent. Commit to doing one thing each day that will lead to better results. 123 more words


Raw Foods - Good for the Body and the Soul

I’ve mentioned before that I’m a creature of habit.  For me, inaction breeds further inaction, and action breeds further action.  So while I LOVED taking a couple of weeks of downtime from my business and the busy pace of my life, I’m finding it a bit difficult to jump back into things in the way I would have hoped.   474 more words

Eat Whole Foods