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Dropship Down

Dropship Down is a fun and intense twin-stick alien shooter for up to four players. 7 more words


Shattered Skies

Explore a massive persistent open world shooter MMO featuring full loot drop and dynamic objectives for both coop and solo play. Learn to survive and fight other players as well as hellish creatures hunting remaining human survivors. 20 more words


Hero Zero

Become a hero and start by saving your neighbourhood. Level up your skills, collect incredibly weird superhero gadgets, and join a superhero team to save the world! 7 more words


Riders of Icarus

Take the battle to the sky with fantastical flying mount combat unlike anything you’ve seen before in Riders of Icarus, the new unprecedented action-adventure MMORPG experience that lets you ride and fight on the back of the realm’s most dangerous winged beasts… dragons. 8 more words


What is Interdependence in MMOs?

This article originally appeared on MMOGames.com.

It seems like anywhere you turn these days, you’ll find the creators of some up and coming MMO extolling the virtues of player interdependence in MMOs and how it’s making a comeback in their game. 1,595 more words

Massively Multiplayer

What Makes an MMO Unappealing to you?

Hello and welcome to today’s edition of Isarii wrote a really long Reddit response and decided it would make a good blog post. Today’s post comes courtesy of the r/MMORPG subreddit where a user posed the titular question: what makes an MMO unappealing to you? 765 more words

Massively Multiplayer


Screeps is a MMO RTS sandbox game for programmers, wherein the core mechanic is programming your units AI. 28 more words