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On The Precipice of Heart of Thorns Expansion| Guild Wars 2

Gearing up for the latest GW2 Expansion “Heart of Thorns“, I set out with a new character– a Norn Ranger, enjoying a bit of deafening silence and solitude┬ábefore the inevitable flood of players return to fill the global chat once the new expansion hits.


Making Bright:Night:Kite:Fight

To start, if you want to play Bright:Night:Kite:Fight as it currently stands, you can do so here, but I’d advise grabbing some friends to do so first, as it’s a local multiplayer game. 735 more words


Skyforge ramble

This game has me excited, I watched some of the Closed Beta stuff and it impressed me, the classes look awesome and I am a fan of the world setting and overall style, also the UI is very cool. 166 more words


The Secret World

With the recent rebalancing patch for TSW, I thought I would do a 5 reasons to play!

Reason 1, Modern Day setting, great for this style of MMO and there is so many nods to horror and conspiracies throughout the game love it. 334 more words

5 Reasons To Play

Kingdom Online.

Official website: http://kingdom.nttgame.com/

Kingdom is a Medieval fantasy MMORPG that is set in an ever-changing world, there is not alot of MMO’s from this time period that I know of and this is what attracted me to it. 302 more words


Here are some recommended Free to Play games currently available on steam.

1. Nosgoth: This game is tonnes of fun, great classes great balance, lots of fun to be had.

2. Dragon’s Nest: If you don’t mind the cute graphic style this is a solid MMO, with lots of classes fast combat and killer combos. 111 more words


Forgetting the "Massively" in MMO - WoW from 2004 to 2015

World of Warcraft is Blizzard Entertainment’s single most successful game and the most successful MMO ever released– in 2013 it raked in over $1 billion in revenue, quadruple that of its nearest competitor that year, Lineage 1, which earned a modest $253 million. 972 more words

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