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A Return to Tamriel and Podcasting News

Although I normally try to stick to content that leans more towards article content than blog content, today’s post is going to be unabashedly bloggy. I’ve been up to a lot stuff recently that hasn’t shown up on The Errant Penman yet, so I bundled it all up into a single post tackling it all at once.  624 more words

Massively Multiplayer

Fantasy Tales Online

Fantasy Tales Online is a retro MMORPG where you must form parties, collect gear, fight through dungeons and defeat bosses. Featuring puzzles, a rich item system and complex encounters. 16 more words


Dear The Secret World, Please Let Me Replay Your Main Story

This one’s a bit personal. I really like The Secret World. If you want to know why, check out its entry in my Hobo Gamer series. 280 more words

Massively Multiplayer

Hero Battle

The plot of Hero Battle takes place in the near future, where a nuclear war breaks out that nearly destroys the world. Only a few human beings have survived and have formed 4 camps fighting indefinitely for resources, faiths and survival: 29 more words

Positive Ratings

Interview: Questing in Saga of Lucimia

Remember that article I wrote about how MMO quests get it all wrong? There was a lot of consternation about the fact that no one was actually making a game that fit the model I described.  540 more words

Massively Multiplayer

Crowfall Social Systems Interview with Thomas Blair & Raph Koster

I was lucky enough to have the opportunity to pose the Crowfall team some questions focusing on social systems and player interdependence; their answers give us an interesting look at one of the core features of the upcoming sandbox PvP MMORPG. 147 more words

Massively Multiplayer

Am I really a PvP focused player? Thoughts on PvP and PvE MMO communities.

I’ve recently come to realize that my self-identification as a PvP focused player might not be entirely accurate. I certainly enjoy PvP a lot – the more of it, the better, really -, but when I think about my favorite MMO of all time,  753 more words

Massively Multiplayer