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Somewhere Over The Drainbow

I have never been a good sleeper. It takes me a long time to fall asleep. I am restless and since having children, I get night sweats, which I’m pretty sure is my body’s way of saying, “Gurl, you don’t need to actually exercise, we be sweatin’ right now while you asleep!”. 496 more words

No Chemo Curl

“You will lose your hair,” Dr. Victor said to me early on as we discussed side effects of chemotherapy. “But it will grow back,” he said with that kind, infectious smile of his. 249 more words


My Tattoos

I have never secretly desired to have any part of my body tattooed, and certainly I have never voiced a hankering¬†for such an intrusion onto this aging body of mine–actually I think the process is a bit on the silly side. 348 more words


Um, Exsqueeze me?

I awoke rather joyless this morning. Sore, restless and cranky. I actually felt a wee bit sick, which I haven’t at all for months. The shiny newness of my recovery period, filled with well wishes and around the clock narcotics, has dulled to a mundane routine anchored mostly by Advil. 439 more words

Questions, Statements, and Numbers

For a variety of reasons, I would recommend that you not get cancer. One of those reasons is that it is expensive. Since my diagnosis at the beginning of October, I have paid about $8500 out of pocket (and I have good insurance). 1,322 more words

Breast Cancer


One of the first things the surgeon will do in a mastectomy is to take out a couple of lymph nodes from your armpit. These are sent immediately to the lab and analyzed so that if there… 455 more words

My breasts

I have 4 breasts. I’ve lost 3 along the way, so that makes 7 in total – a strikingly magical number.

My right breast is an amazing, hand-crafted piece of art, sculpted out of my own flesh. 309 more words