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Life after chemo

My last bad chemo was Wednesday (taxotere and carboplatin), and I find myself reflecting and wondering, What does this all mean? Where am I going next? 347 more words


The Journey - I will Conquer!

My diagnosis came at a very inconvenient time…it is never convenient! I had gone through several very stressful years in a failed business. The ashes and rubble were still deep around my feet but mostly in my heart. 1,531 more words

Breast Cancer

Not just a year

When he came down for breakfast yesterday, my son wrapped his arms around me and said, “I can’t believe it’s been a year.” It floated in and out of my consciousness all day, this anniversary, this date that will always be a little bit of a mystery to me. 521 more words

Breast Cancer


I am curious as to how cancer treatment is a science, if oncologists and surgeons all disagree, and none recommend the same thing.

Seven months ago, my wife had 31 week old twins.   414 more words

Breast Cancer

Side effects #1,428 - 1,431... but who's counting?

I started running a mile a day the Monday after I finished radiation treatments (Feb 1)- like I promised myself I would. After four days I ran just under a 13 minute mile which for me is within my “normal” range when I’m in really bad shape. 1,641 more words

Another awesome run done!!!

I didn’t think I was going to do a very good run tonight but I went out and smashed it! It’s funny how you can have such different experiences for each time you run. 246 more words