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Bye-Bye Booby!

*From 4/23/16, a week before my mastectomy and a month out from completing chemo. 

I have a lot swirling around in my head. I have discomfort in my body. 1,157 more words

Three Chicken Fillets and a Pencil Test.

It’s almost a week since my mastectomy. And do you know what? I’m actually OK. The worst thing that was going to happen to my body, ever, has happened. 760 more words


What to do now?

Even though we had some proper shite news just before we managed to have a wonderful family time over the festive period. I cooked for everyone on Christmas Day and then headed over to more family for another fun packed day. 463 more words

Radiation Therapy

On November 21, 2016 I began my Radiation Therapy Journey, I called it #RadiationForTheHolidays since it feel over Thanksgiving, my birthday, Christmas and New Years. Though initially it seemed like a bummer it turned out to be nice because it gave me some three day weekend breaks in between treatment. 870 more words

Breast Cancer Stories

3 Week Post-Surgical Update


This post contains images that may be disturbing or that some may consider inappropriate.  Photos are for educational and informative purposes only.

Post-surgical photos.  Photos of breasts.   446 more words

Bilateral Mastectomy With Delayed Immediate Reconstruction

Studie; de mulige psykologiske konsekvenser af en mastektomi-operation (Og et par andre links)

Jeg vil gerne dele nogle sider, der går i dybden med, hvad man kan risikere i forbindelse med at få foretaget et mastektomi. Det er ikke nemt at vænne sig til sin nye krop, og det kan måske hjælpe at læse lidt om andre, og om, at det er naturligt, det man går igennem, selvom det ikke er nem læsning. 7,705 more words



Hi! I’m backkkkkk. It is been a REALLY long time since my last post. As a high school counselor, a great majority my time during the months of September-January is spent writing countless letters of recommendation for students’ college applications. 1,426 more words