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Chemotherapy FEC Rounds 1-3

​FEC 1 – One down five to go :)

I had my first of 3 FEC. I was very anxious I tried diazopam and it seemed to have no effect on me whatsoever, those herbal sleeping pills never seem to work either. 781 more words

Breast Cancer

Big breath in and out

Guess what, it’s actually OK having a mastectomy.  Doesn’t even hurt that much.  The nuclear medicine that enables them to track lymph nodes with radioactive stuff injected into the breast hurts more.   1,119 more words

The Human Condition

Nipple tattoos

Nipples healed really really well; when Doc told me to take off the cups, I was nervous to do it.  You can’t redo nipples reconstruction very well so it was very hard to see them flatten down after protecting them for 6 weeks. 234 more words

Health note from the artist :)

Hey there, Kitteh here passing on a note from the artist.

She’d like you to know that it’s been slow.   She hasnt been out to any conventions since Denver Comic Con, because she went and had surgery. 148 more words

Ta Ta

10/12: The day I have been anticipating had arrived…surgery day! I felt so strangely calm. I just knew in my heart that I was making the right decision and I never second guessed my choice. 640 more words

The boob diaries - part one: "It's easy to forget."

It’s safe to say that the last few months of my life have been an absolute whirl wind. Between girls holidays, crazy nights out, my forever changing training regime and job hopping constantly (guilty), there was something eating away in the background that had only been known to my nearest and dearest. 900 more words


Oct. 15, 2016 Credits to other sites

I need to give a shout out to another site that has been wonderful in my research for this surgery.  It is an older blog but she really tells it like it is and I am modeling this blog after her openness to share her journey so others can see what it is like.   8 more words

Before Surgery