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Is There Love for a Recovering Cancer Patient?

It’s always hard for me to talk about love and relationships, but it’s something, I think everyone wants. I know it’s something I’ve wanted for a long time, especially as I get older. 564 more words

Breast Cancer

Dearest Amy Schumer

Dearest Amy Schumer,

I’m coming to Montreal to see you on Friday, February 17th and I wanted to tell you that I’m going to need you to make an exceptionally funny show for me and the thousands of people who will also be attending your show. 1,515 more words

Breast Cancer


When you get diagnosed with cancer, you meet a lot of other people who have or had cancer. It’s like another family, and we are all connected through our struggles, through our mortality, through our fears, through our perseverance, through the change and uncertainty that cancer brings. 556 more words

Breast Cancer

My Mastectomy. Breast Cancer journey almost over.

Are you facing treatment for Breast Cancer?  Have you been filled with horror stories about what is ahead for you?

Chemotherapy or radiation therapy?  There are frightening stories of people constantly vomiting and being severely nauseous from the Chemo.  2,366 more words

Breast Cancer

My Pain & The Pharmacist

I was prescribed Oxycodone for my pain after the surgery. I was under the impression that I was not going to need the entire bottle of pain meds, but boy, was I wrong because I did not realize that having a double mastectomy and reconstruction was as big as I now know it to be! 624 more words

New is nice

Today I am having the second and (hopefully final) phase of my breast reconstruction. They’ll be removing the tissue expanders, which I’ve affectionately named the “Iron Maidens,” and replacing them with soft, squishy, much more natural looking cohesive silicone implants over the pectoral muscle. 363 more words

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Loss of sensation is a common side effect of a mastectomy (and breast augmentation). Sometimes it’s temporary, and some people are numb from collarbone to the top of the ribcage for years or forever. 502 more words