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I Didn't Choose the Drain Life, the Drain Life Chose Me

UGH THE DRAINS ARE BACK! but I’ll get to that later.

Second ever surgery in the books and I did my best to make sure that I learned from the last experience and I think for the most part, I nailed it. 368 more words

Breast Cancer

New Breasts in 45 min or They're Free

That’s right, in 24 hours from now I will have a new shiny set of breasts. Never in my life did I think I would have silicone implants but as of Monday afternoon my sternum will officially be the silicone valley. 504 more words

Breast Cancer

Loving through the Pink - Sight (Short  Version + 2nd Surgery)

This one’s a lot shorter than the last update.  I also mention the second surgery.


(Me in my new kitchen!)

A Future for Fanny.

Following a few nail-biting weeks, I’ve just heard the two wonderful words which my husband never got to hear.

All clear.

Thank you to everyone who helped to drag me along the darkest path I’ve ever had to walk alone – in particular to The Fanny Pack, and to so many others, whose kindnesses will never be forgotten. 83 more words


Why More Women Are Getting a Double Mastectomy

Recent research has shown that despite more having more treatment options, women with cancer in one breast are increasingly choosing to remove both breasts—even though experts in the field say the procedure is not necessarily accompanied by better outcomes. 776 more words

Chemo and me are breaking up - the passionate love-hate story has finally come to an end!

Fuck yes! Yes, yes, yes. YEEEES!!!!!! I’m out of my mind happy and yet tired and weary. This is surreal and I actually don’t think anyone who hasn’t been in this situation can understand what it feels like. 800 more words

First blog post

Hi. So just over 2 years ago I had a risk-reducing double mastectomy (you may have guessed as much from the title)! I felt I wanted to share my experiences. 125 more words

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