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"Man-ing" up...

I wanted so much to cure myself of my feelings of femininity, that I did everything to become the most masculine I could be. Kill it with manliness, I thought. 358 more words


Showering With Mimi

The rest of week one after my double mastectomy was much, much, much better than those first couple of days. Being at home was just more comfortable all around. 730 more words


What You Really Need at the Hospital

When having a double mastectomy, you have to stay in the hospital for several days after surgery. When thinking and planning for this, I packed a bag as if I was just going on a trip – like a vacation without the bikinis or margaritas or hot boys. 540 more words

Double Mastectomy

Late night trip back to hospital!

Well nothing ever seems to go smoothly for me, and last night was no exception. I was discharged from hospital with a drain coming out of my side that needs to be emptied into a little bag periodically. 316 more words

Beauty, Cancer And Life

Bilateral Mastectomy and Fashion

Since having a bilateral mastectomy, I’ve been mistaken for a man twice, been called a “person like that” once and have been whispered about on more than one occasion. 732 more words

Bilateral Mastectomy

Mastectomy number 2 over and done with.

Good morning everyone and sorry it has been so long since my last blog. I have been very busy with foster placements and also I am just about to be discharged from hospital after having my second mastectomy. 381 more words

Beauty, Cancer And Life

What Survival Looks Like

So Sunday morning nearly three weeks after my mastectomy,
we sit in bed and you point at my pyjama top
saying ‘I want to see your boo boo.’ 109 more words