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Meeting with Dr. J

Since our last post, we have had some time to think about our genetic test results, what it means for us, and what we can/want to do about it.  586 more words

Body Image


I have endured 3/4 of the chemotheraphies assigned to me. I have 1 infusion left, in 2 weeks.

I am starting to hear lots of chatter about being almost done! 586 more words

May 17th 2016-Breastboard/ Board 17.5/ Lt arm d,m, 4 (rt arm down)/Longscale 22/ Lumbar 7: The Dimensions of Radiotherapy

17/05/16: The air feels soft and warm on my exposed skin. The sunlight hovers like a firefly just outside of my window inviting me to kick off my duvet, so I do. 1,402 more words

Breast Cancer

Barbie siliboobs, no nipples and ice cream!

How did I never realize that Barbie dolls have no nipples?

I would have felt much better knowing I belong to such an elite group of ladies… all skinny and plastic looking nippleless siliboobs… Yeah! 192 more words


Stay Puft Marshmallow Face

Low point of chemo today. Feeling lethargic, shaky and swollen.

We made it to the cancer center this morning for our hydration date with my new cancer pal Jessica and her family. 359 more words

Swimming part 2

So the summer is back in Germany. And with it the desire to want to go swimming. Sadly I haven’t made it yet. I wish I could say it was because of my disease and the chronic pain that kept me in bed for several days. 256 more words


Don't Get Excited

Don’t have a lot to share with y’all tonight. My appetite is better this time around. I have taken the nutritionist’s advice and have eaten the following in the last 24 hours: 194 more words