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A return to creativity...

A few days ago I was attempting to find some inspiration for something to knit. Oh don’t get me wrong I have plenty of things to work on, I just wanted something to inspire me to get back to working on the projects I already have going. 1,292 more words


deconstructing reconstruction... what a hot mess

Big holla back to the creators and supporters of the pink ribbon movement. I work in public relations, so I geek out when something so simple raises international awareness. 2,199 more words

Breast Cancer

Headed Home

On day 3 after my double mastectomy, I finally able to have some morphine. Hallelujah! This was essential in allowing me to sleep for more than one hour at a time, allowing me move a little more and do a little bit more for myself, AND allowing me to go home. 1,041 more words

Double Mastectomy

The Truth Is

I was reading another girls blog about her journey so far with first a lumpectomy and then down the track when some lumps resurfaced her having a full mastectomy. 888 more words

Breast Cancer

BRCAnomics: Who Needs Anesthesia Anyway?

Next week is the first anniversary of my mastectomy. It’s been a crazy year of ups and downs: healing,  minor complications, tumultuous emotional fallout, revision surgeries, lingering fatigue, negotiating work while still recovering, adjusting to the new body, the angst of finding out that most of my clothes didn’t fit after so many surgeries, buying new bras and clothes for a body with proportions I’m still not used to. 254 more words

Why I Didn't Look at Myself Naked Until Two Weeks After My Double Mastectomy

The day after my double mastectomy, my surgeon took off all of my dressings to check on my incisions. My first instinct was to close my eyes. 496 more words

Double Mastectomy

so, I have cancer... again.

A lot of big things happened for me in June, but the most significant was ironic… June marked my 17th year in remission for Hodgkin’s Disease… 2,057 more words

Breast Cancer