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Day Two Master Cleanse

I would be lying if I said I wasn’t struggling. This is harder than I had imagined but sharing my journey, even if no one even reads it, is helping me stay strong. 149 more words

Lemon Detox

Master Cleanse

Today is my first day of the master cleanse. Eeeeek!

I’ve said for years I would never do it, I’ve even written articles about not doing it (hypocrite much :/) but sadly I feel it’s my only option at present. 338 more words

Body Pride

Sephora Master Cleanse: Daily Brush Cleaner

If you tune in regularly to this blog, you know that a great deal of my findings usually come from Wal-Mart or the dollarstore. Well, you’ll be glad (and maybe even a little surprised) to know that this week, that won’t be the case. 236 more words


Master Cleanse (IT MUST BE DONE)

So as you read ive been doing very well with walking and eating right to lose my weight. A few days ago my love wanted to make so Philly cheese steaks sandwiches. 218 more words


Preparing Myself For The Master Cleanse Diet And Why I Wanna Do It?


Right now I’m totally in the preparation mood and try to get rid of everything chocolaty before I go for the Master Cleanse Diet. You may wonder what the Master Cleanse Diet is? 441 more words

Master cleanse- 2nd go around Day 1

After clearly decideing that I am tired of feeling miserable and tired of people trying to get me to buy some pill to cleanse my body I have decided to do the Master Cleanse-Lemonade drink AGAIN. 394 more words


MASTER CLEANSE (you can make at home!)

Here is the recipe for our MASTER CLEANSE Inspired by the WHOLE FOODS version, we now make our own at home. This is a lemonade-based fast prescribed for detoxification and weight loss. 235 more words