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Field work on the Effects of Cayenne Pepper: Part 2

Ah, the Master Cleanse. I have always known that cayenne pepper was the main ingredient, but does that make it safe? It sounds scary to drink pepper, but let me share what I have figured out with personal exposure these past two weeks. 589 more words

Penny For Your Apples

Master Cleanse Days 4-6.5

I am just going to start right off and say it… I failed. I did not make it 10 days on the Master Cleanse. I made it to 3:30 PM on the 6th day and had to eat. 548 more words


New Year, New You?

It is always hard trying to figure out what the first blog post should be post-revamping the website. Have you ever noticed that? You think that this time you have the clear vision to really make it great until you realize that you want to constantly change it again and again. 209 more words


Master Cleanse: Days 1-4

People always say “When in Rome…” Act like a roman? I don’t know the second part, because people only say the first part. Oh, I google searched it, “When in Rome do what the Romans do.” So that was basically the advice given to me and other teachers in Thailand- do what the Thais do. 1,112 more words


2nd Annual Master Cleanse!

I’m so excited to begin my 2nd Annual Master Cleanse! Also known as the “Lemonade Diet,” the Master Cleanse is my way to reset my nutritional focus, examine my emotional connections to food and shed the pounds I picked up during my stint with the likes of Seroquel et al. 486 more words


Master Cleanse-Epic Fail

Sorry haven’t posted in awhile, life takes over and all that, hoping to be more active online for 2016 :)

Anyways, Yes sadly as the heading states the Master Cleanse was sadly an a pic fail. 114 more words

What's the best detox or cleanse?

With 2016 upon us, it’s finally time get serious about your health. You’re resolving to eat better and exercise more. But first, you need to reset your body – and purge yourself of all of your lifestyle and dietary overindulgences. 2,584 more words