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Master Cleanse Days 3-9

Hi all,

I apologize for not updating during my master cleanse days. The past week has been a bit hectic, but if anything, it helped keep my mind off not being able to consume solid foods! 403 more words


Day 2! Why am I doing the Master Cleanse

Today marks day 2 of my Master Cleanse. So far it’s only 1:01PM, but I noticed today is so much easier than yesterday.

The Salt Water Flush is probably the worst part of the whole cleanse since the instructions indicate to consume a WHOLE liter of salt water. 542 more words


Day 1 of Master Cleanse

So today starts the day! Saturday, August 12th. I decided to start on a Saturday because I had read the first 3 days are the most terrible. 498 more words


Master Cleanse. Is it worth it?

After coming across the Master Cleanse(Lemonade detox) in a nutrition book I read, my interest was sparked. In the past few days I did a bit of research on the cleanse and after much debate with myself, I decided I wanted to try it out. 330 more words


I'm a Cheater...

Ugh, it pains me to say this (it actually doesn’t, but I feel like morally, it’s just better to say that) but, I cheated today. I drank a gigantic bottle of Boathouse Farm’s Vitamin C Boost drink. 211 more words

Inner Peace

Body and Mind Challenge Day 3

So here I sit, feeling intensely energized, yet insanely pukey at the exact same time. My oh my it feels nice to be on this roller coaster again. 412 more words

Inner Peace


I’ve in the past couple of weeks probably devoured and sipped on any and anything this good world has to offer, much to the dismay of my internal organs and digestive flow. 361 more words