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Master Cleanse Day Five

As I sit and write this I am watching a documentary called Sugar Coated.  WOW.  Every single person, young and old, should be required to watch it.  319 more words

Master Cleanse Day Two

Day two safely tucked away.  Even though it is only 4pm, I might be done sipping lemonade for the day.  Feeling sort of full, but tired of drinking!  418 more words

Whole 30: Fin.

25: A lot of people have asked along the way if I’m losing weight. For the duration, it was hard to tell. I felt good, but I wasn’t seeing any physical results, something I was equal parts frustrated and okay with. 1,397 more words

The Master Cleanse Experience

Hey friends!

I am so excited to see you here! Thank you for checking out my Master Cleanse experience. I will be using videos for the majority of the time to help guide you through my personal experience on the Master Clenase for a variety of reasons that I have outlined in the first video! 139 more words

Finally, Step by Step Details on How to Cleanse the Whole Body!

Let’s talk poop.

Just kidding!

OK, only sorta kidding.

Have you guys heard of toxic buildup? We’re exposed to millions of toxins over our lifetime, many of those in our food and medicines. 1,311 more words


Master Cleanse Diet Recipe - Recipe To Success

Detox Your Body With Master Cleanse Diet

Many people are interested in using the master cleanse diet recipe as a way to lose weight and detox their body. 1,107 more words

Weight Loss

Fat Folks Friday---Tryin' Cayenne

Halve small whole lemon. Place inside cavity of a 3# whole chicken.


  • 2Tbsp lemon juice
  • 2Tbsp maple syrup
  • 1Tbsp lemon zest
  • 2tsp ground cayenne pepper…
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Fat Folks Friday