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Chocolate Avocado Mousse


This post is for my student, Jake. I had such a sweet and amazing class this year, and Jake was certainly no exception. They all knew about my balanced bella blog, and some of them even started following my Instagram account. 256 more words

The Master Cleanse - Day 4 Is No Joke

Day 4 of The Master Cleanse was serious. I was totally fine and feeling good until around 11AM. That’s when my mood shifted into deathmurderkill mode. 124 more words


The Master Cleanse - Day 3 Recap

No weight loss today, but I feel lighter and my clothes feel looser. Hopefully the scale will show some progress tomorrow. I know we’re not supposed to focus on numbers, but I am a numbers person, I’m addicted to my scale. 160 more words


The Master Cleanse: Day 2 - How'd It Go?

Day two was not bad. A little hungry, but as long as I had a shaker bottle of the lemonade mixture, I was satiated. Lost another pound! 266 more words


The Master Cleanse: Day 1 - How It Went

Day one was pretty easy. Ended up drinking a total of eight shaker bottles of the lemonade mixture. Also drank a cup of the Smooth Move (poop) tea last night.  49 more words


The Master Cleanse: Countdown to Mexico - Day 1

Goal: Lose 12 pounds

How: The Master Cleanse (my version, see below)

Time Frame: 21 days

I’m choosing to start this cleanse now, because I finally have time. 350 more words


Road to Fitness 01

 The year started okay, then when I started having projects, I forgot about my “healthy” regimen again. I would eat anything in sight and neglected my daily “running” routine.Slowly, my weight started creeping back in and I can already feel myself huffing and puffing when I climb up the stairs. 717 more words