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The Master Cleanse

The Master Cleanse

(click this link to download a PDF of The Master Cleanse by Stanley Burroughs)

The Master Cleanse is a cleansing fast, where only lemonade is to be ingested for a period of time. 1,075 more words


The Downhill Slide

It is hard to believe that I have stuck with this cleanse for 21 days! I am on the downside of 40 days. Wow! People are starting to be a bit awed by my ability to endure, but it is such an easy thing. 236 more words

Winter Lemonade Cleanse Day 6: Over the Hump Mental Strength

Is it surprising that one of the things that’s getting me through this cleanse is my yoga practice? I did get into the cleanse to help lessen the fat on my stomach so that I could complete postures better and I’m happy to say it’s been working. 189 more words

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A Lemon Concoction That Will Cure Everything

Of course, another thing on my mind today is my health. My cancer, my weight, my overall energy, all that stuff. I took my daughter to ITZ last night as a reward for her being such a good helper while my son has been on crutches. 471 more words


It's All About That...Weekend!

I love weekends, usually! Occasionally I allow too much busyness to creep in, and it seems much too weekday-like. Then I am sad.
But this weekend is shaping up in an amazing way. 312 more words

Winter Lemonade Cleanse Days 4-5: Midpoint Believer

I was reading about how cleanses like the Master Cleanse are bad because you are putting your body into shock by denying it nutrients. I think about so many negatives that people can come up with about anything. 269 more words

Master Cleanse

The Beyonce Way

Let’s be honest Valentine/President’s Day Weekend destroyed my good eating and working out behaviors. So I thought lets do things the Beyonce way to get a rockin hot bod….”The Master Cleanse” aka the “The Lemonade Diet.” 133 more words