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Master Cleanse

Today is the end of day 3. The first three days have been easy.

Not a fan of the salt water flush. I’ll keep at it as I intend to follow Cleanse exactly as it’s meant to be. 9 more words


Lean & Not So Mean

Its been a couple of months since my master cleanse. Alex Botelho also did it after me and theres a bunch of friends thinking about it now. 60 more words


It's time for a Cleanse

Today was Day of 1 of a planned six day fast. I had six glasses of Vibrant Healths’s master cleanse mix, Vibrant Cleanse. Add in three cups of Yogi Detox Tea and I’m currently sipping a cup of Dandelion root and peppermint tea. 482 more words


Master Cleanse: Before & After

Feeling way happier and healthier, thanks Kelly for the tip! This last picture was taken after a big lunch, we call it sardinhada. I ate sardines, salad a little bit of bread and drank wine! 29 more words


My first day of all this

Hello! That is all I have been saying all day is HELLO!

I think that is all I can do right now.

I am pretty much terrified of this cleanse I have embarked on. 504 more words


Cleanse the Body..Cleanse the Mind

I’ve been reminded the last 7 days of just how significant it is to be conscious of how major a role the mind plays in our life. 784 more words

The Mind

Crítica / MOTELX 2016 | The Master Cleanse (2016)

A proposta de um retiro espiritual que promete melhorar para sempre a forma como vivemos o nosso dia-a-dia, libertando toda a negatividade, é um curioso ponto de partida, ou melhor de viragem para Paul, um homem que procura seguir em frente com uma nova atitude. 270 more words