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The Master Cleanse (update)

I have eased into the Master Cleanse (as suggested by the book). Everything is going really well. Lots of energy, a little weight loss, but the best thing so far is I am sleeping like the dead. 130 more words


Everything that holistic cleansing is NOT

It really is amazing to do a Google search for “spring cleansing.” The sheer volume of results is enough to make the stomach turn. The most criminal thing about the cleansing hype are the profit margins of “cleanse-in-a-box” marketing. 321 more words


The Master Cleanse (because no one has ever done it before me)

I need to lose 15-20 pounds (I’m sure no one can relate to this). No, I don’t hate my body. It’s just fine with the way it is. 338 more words


Day One of the Rest of My Life

Well the song is really called Day One, but that made it sound like my journey had already started.  It is close, but not there quite yet.   744 more words

Over 50

The Master Cleanse

The Master Cleanse

(click this link to download a PDF of The Master Cleanse by Stanley Burroughs)

The Master Cleanse is a cleansing fast, where only lemonade is to be ingested for a period of time. 1,075 more words


The Downhill Slide

It is hard to believe that I have stuck with this cleanse for 21 days! I am on the downside of 40 days. Wow! People are starting to be a bit awed by my ability to endure, but it is such an easy thing. 236 more words

Winter Lemonade Cleanse Day 6: Over the Hump Mental Strength

Is it surprising that one of the things that’s getting me through this cleanse is my yoga practice? I did get into the cleanse to help lessen the fat on my stomach so that I could complete postures better and I’m happy to say it’s been working. 189 more words

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