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day 3/ end of master cleanse

8:15 weighed in at 95.2lbs o: measurements are slightly smaller. I will say that for awhile it was normal to have even smaller measurements than listed in the last post, but that was without this increased muscle mass. 932 more words


day 2 of master cleanse

9:58 gotta be honest with you guys, I am bored to death of this fast. Had my first drink a few minutes ago and yeah I feel fine and whatever, but my mind keeps going, “but food ;-D” I miss chewing. 506 more words


day 1 of master cleanse

7:13 and I’m still really sleep. Tea hasn’t worked yet so I think I gonna try to sleep until st least 8 before doing the flush. 1,264 more words


My Story of Metamorphosis in the Amazon - Part 1

I went to Peru on a gust of air that swept through my life. It was completely unexpected and felt as though the universe was offering me a beautiful gift and all I had to do was pay attention and go for it. 3,203 more words

Amaru Spirit

I Survived the Fast-Mimicking Diet

I just got done eating nothing but avocados and veggie powder for five days. Why? For better long and short term health. It’s been clear for a while that one of the main reasons for what are called Western Diseases is that people don’t starve enough any more. 704 more words

Tips for doing the Master Cleanse detox~

Just finished a 5 day fast.  The ‘Master Cleanse’ detox is a responsible and the most simple and effective way for most people to cleanse and rejuvenate their body in a shorter time frame. 887 more words


A spiritual cleanse with maple syrup

I’m sitting by the fire forecasting my aspirations at the beginning of this cleanse.

Two of my girl friends and I are beginning a spiritual & physical cleanse for 6 days. 239 more words