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Detox Diets Suck. Here's Why

What’s up Fam?

Had a couple people asking about detox and juicing diets. Some of you may not like this.

Detoxing/juice cleanses are Everywhere.


98% of the juice diets and cleanses are a load of crock (I don’t say 100% because dealing in absolutes is absolutely idiotic). 384 more words

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Cayenne pepper and Beelzebub

My stint on the Master Cleanse lasted all of half a day. I actually thought it sounded quite nice: filtered water, freshly squeezed lemon, maple syrup and cayenne pepper. 498 more words

The Master Cleanse

I was introduced to the Master Cleanse detox by one of my classmates in the Kinesiology Department at Wayne State.  I read the book by Stanley Burroughs who designed the cleanse in the 1940s, and decided it was something I would like to try. 1,136 more words


Weightloss Update: Ketogenic Diet vs Waterfasting

I quit the Ketogenic Diet after Day 30. It’s just not a sustainable lifestyle for me and some of those recipes like cabbage moi-moi and other adapted recipes are not nice. 466 more words

Journal Entry

My Experience with the 14 day Master Cleanse (Popularly known as the Beyoncé Lemonade Diet)

First off, I would like to set a disclaimer… this cleanse is as intense as it sounds. I have successfully completed it twice and the second time it was equally as tumultuous as the first.   890 more words


Til I Gain Control Again

My reading hasn’t been that impressive lately. There is nothing to report as I am struggling just to get through A Court of Mist and Fury… 290 more words

Sunday Post

7 Truths I Learned While Fasting

Fasting for some people can mean improvement in health or weight loss, a deeper connection to religious beliefs, fulfillment of a personal goal, or experimenting with a trendy diet. 3,290 more words