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MASTER CLEANSE (you can make at home!)

Here is the recipe for our MASTER CLEANSE Inspired by the WHOLE FOODS version, we now make our own at home. This is a lemonade-based fast prescribed for detoxification and weight loss. 235 more words


What My 24-hour Detox Taught Me (I Love Food)

After my severe panic attack on Saturday about my constant anxiety (how ironic) and my 1-2 week “break” from all physical activity, I made a spur of the moment decision (un-characteristically) to do a one day detox/cleanse. 2,433 more words

Day 0 - Evening before

Fasting from food…how challenging is that to most people.  When I share that I am going to be going on another fast, most people give either a horrified expression or “interested but you are mad” expression.   525 more words


So What Had Happened Was....

I came in swinging at the start of day 1! I was so hype, feeling great-energetic, happy, positive- I knew we could do this. I took my first sip of the  559 more words


Lies They Told!

Day 1 – Taki

I mentally prepared for this cleanse by reading medical articles, blogs of those who did the cleanse and watching YouTube videos and reviews. 110 more words


The Master Cleanse vs. 2 Hungry Ladies

The 2 Hungry Ladies are taking on the Master Cleanse. We know we are already crazy for depriving ourselves of food in exchange of the “lemonade” concoction, but we figured we can suffer 4 days instead of the suggested 10 days. 142 more words


My 3 Simple Weight Loss Mistakes!

“I’m going to set aside two hours each day to work out!” The fat was supposed to melt off with all of the exercise I was doing. 759 more words

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