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Master Cleanse

After last year´s near drowning experience I got myself together thanks to Wim Hof aka the Iceman. This year I want to start eating clean so I am doing this 10 day fastenning. 38 more words


Nine Days of Only Raw Fruits and Vegetables: Following the Advice of the Medical Medium--Anthony William

Nine days of only raw fruits and vegetables, and only nineteen more days to go…  Who in their right mind would give up amazing foods like goat cheese, eggs, salmon, wild rice, and chocolate for twenty-eight days? 753 more words


The Ease-in: day#1

Good morning all you FABULOUS People!

Yesterday was supposed to be day#1 of the “Ease-in” for me BUT I decided to load up on terrible foods while weaning myself off coffee. 331 more words

Master Cleanse: an underdogs tale of getting back on the horse

Many of you may have heard of a detox diet called the “Master Cleanse”. If you aren’t familiar with such, it’s also referred to as the “lemonade diet”. 756 more words

My Super Easy 2 Day Cleanse+Detox

Finally….A cleanse that doesn’t consist of keeping me in a state of Hangry for its entirety! It Works Global…my husband thanks you ;)  He has been around for many a juice cleanses and let’s just say, I’m not the nicest gal without food and I’m not even tolerable to be around without carbs. 605 more words


Master cleanse 

*MASTER CLEANSE *Inspired by Mom

Purpose for the cleanse: The “ Master Cleanse” is a detox cleanse, used to help the digestive system. This is a low calorie cleanse, great for losing weight and getting your bowel movement flowing. 269 more words


Visiting the BF again, New bakini

So this Friday I’m going down to visit my boyfriend in Lancaster. We’ve been together for a year before he moved there to attend college. So one a month on one of my three day Weekends off I go down to visit. 293 more words