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82) 2017 U.S.S. Franklin

Hallmark’s 2017 U.S.S. Franklin ornament was announced on August 4, 2017 at Star Trek Las Vegas by artist Kevin Dilmore.

Concept art poster of U.S.S. Franklin for Star Trek Beyond motion picture.

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Character Details: Face

Descriptions are a bitch when you’re on your third cup of coffee, second red bull and junk food, trying to squeeze that last bit of creativity from your dark dead soul. 391 more words

S. McClory

Podcast Topic Master List

ACCIO TOPICS! Here you’ll find a running list of the topics we’ve covered on the podcast, along with the number (or numbers) of the episodes and links to the show notes. 7 more words

Harry Potter

Master List

Below is our Master list for the year. This is the outline of every story we will cover with our kids–feel free to join along and do the crafts with us, or come up with your own! 1,306 more words

Valerie Shanks (Artist)


“I love Star Trek, so this was one ornament I really wanted to do! I sculpted the characters on the computer, so I got to print them out in 3D and pose them to make sure everything fit together well. 30 more words

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25th Anniversary Revisit: 1991 U.S.S. Enterprise NCC-1701

It has been 25 years since Star Trek’s Enterprise debuted as a Hallmark Keepsake Ornament.  Over that quarter of a century it has been followed by nearly eighty more ornaments depicting ships, characters and scenes from all five television shows and three movies series. 252 more words

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