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MASTER LIST: Physical Descriptions



Sometimes it can be hard to find the right words to describe individual facial features, faces in general, bodies, and even hair. 987 more words


Galtons Minecraft World - Intro

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It’s drawn me back in!

After nearly two years of not playing, Minecraft has taken me into it’s embrace again. 319 more words


Food Websites and Blogs Masterlist

We all love looking at food websites and finding awesome recipes, so here’s a list of some that we love!


The Kitchn


Hungrygowhere Malaysia… 14 more words

Food Blogs

Master List

Workouts I have completed are listed in bold font.

A.M. Yoga for your week with Rodney Yee

  • Standing Poses
  • Twists 
  • Backbends
  • Forward bends
  • Hip Openers…
  • 367 more words

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Current Status (27/8/15): probably won’t update for a while.. (about ~4 month) T_T
because of meatbun studies..
uguu.. why does meatbun need to study about which veggies goes well with meat?? 610 more words

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