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Ten day letter challenge

I will begin this today (06/02/2016) and write one letter a day.

Letters Challenge Request

1. A letter to your bestfriend

2. A letter to your parents… 63 more words

10 Letters

Stuff we were lucky to do in 2015, Football and Drinking version

I started to write some elaborate breakdown of how I felt about the ups and downs of the last year, but then I realized I’m worse than awful at speaking about feelings and, you know, human emotions.¬† 1,238 more words

Master List

The AV Club Adds to The Master List

The Master List is one of the most popular features of Pop Culture Christ. It’s a list of a whole bunch of popular songs that mention God, Jesus, or Biblical themes. 81 more words

Music Reviews

For later

All of the music videos for my favorite band since 2004. They have inspired me to rise above my pain, be true to myself and be someone I could be proud of. 53 more words

Master List of Color Meanings for Reference

An overview about Color: What it is and how impacts our lives.

To understand color, we first have to understand where it comes from.

Color is the result of light being reflected and bounced off an object. 494 more words

Galtons Minecraft World - Intro

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It’s drawn me back in!

After nearly two years of not playing, Minecraft has taken me into it’s embrace again. 319 more words