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Highs ... and lows!

How bizarre!  Felt good this morning after 1½ hour meeting with our mediator.  Yet, coming into the house this evening, that upbeat feeling is utterly wiped out.   503 more words

Iago: worst friend ever.

For me, Othello is Shakespeare’s most horrifying play. (A category with an awful lot of competition, I might add.) There are many reasons for this, most of which I won’t go into because they would just bring out the English major in me more than is probably necessary, but the main reason, the… 125 more words

Bad Guys

Bradley Cooper's Ex-Wife Reveals Dirty Details About Their Relatioship In Tell-All

Did you know Bradley Cooper used to be married to actress Jennifer Esposito?  Yup, and now she’s written a book called Jennifer’s WayThe Daily News… 103 more words


How to kung fu your way out of money manipulation

The Master Manipulator Gets What They Want

I don’t know how true that is about a master manipulator but you can bet they started their mental manipulative techniques from a young age even if they didn’t realize they were doing it. 2,839 more words


Trust - Online Master Manipulators

So a while ago, my hubby decided to get Netflix and although I complained for weeks that there was nothing I really wanted to see on it, the other day I found a true diamond that I finally got to sit down and watch today. 510 more words

Sexual Assault Recovery