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Highs ... and lows!

How bizarre!  Felt good this morning after 1½ hour meeting with our mediator.  Yet, coming into the house this evening, that upbeat feeling is utterly wiped out.   503 more words

How To Cheat On Your Girlfriend

Cheating in a monogamous relationship is like robbing a bank, you want it to be highly organised and quickly executed, with as few variables as possible. 1,252 more words


We Are All Lonely

It is often underestimated just how powerful loneliness is in society. The societal narrative mainly revolves around the idea that it is we not I… 597 more words


We Are All Scared

No matter how spiritually enlightened and supremely conscious you believe yourself to be, your monkey operating system is largely what rules you.

If the Dali Lama heard a gunshot his brain would behave the same as a junkies: he would immediately cut out everything that is cognitively unnecessary; he would be hyper sensitive to environment changes; and depending on what he observes he would choose either fight, flight or freeze. 223 more words


Iago: worst friend ever.

For me, Othello is Shakespeare’s most horrifying play. (A category with an awful lot of competition, I might add.) There are many reasons for this, most of which I won’t go into because they would just bring out the English major in me more than is probably necessary, but the main reason, the… 125 more words

Bad Guys

Bradley Cooper's Ex-Wife Reveals Dirty Details About Their Relatioship In Tell-All

Did you know Bradley Cooper used to be married to actress Jennifer Esposito?  Yup, and now she’s written a book called Jennifer’s WayThe Daily News… 118 more words