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No idea. Not the slightest clue.

Why are we here? What actual purpose do we serve? Humanity. Does anybody know? Really? Truly? Honestly? Is there a master plan? And if so who has it because I’d like to see it! 380 more words

Fear Changes Nothing

I am so afraid of making a wrong step. Can I make a wrong step? Can I actually do something outside of God’s plan? Why do I fear? 280 more words

Prayer is Never a Waste

I don’t think any prayer is a waste. Even if it is for events that will never happen or if it is for a wrong purpose. 95 more words

The Perfect Place and Time

God put us in positions in life that give us the greatest opportunity to be able to seek and find him. He created us and our spirit so he knew the types of things we would need to face or could face and when we would need to face them. 294 more words

Reimaging 'rural'

‘It is the visible and real world in its primitiveness and strength that is the natural subject of the thinking mind, and is able more easily than anything else to rouse it.’ Arthur Schopenhauer…

492 more words

There's Joy in the Heavens

Last spring when we first landed here at Ananda Village I had thoughts to fly the Mavic quadcopter over our village.  As it turned out the village manager asked me to shoot some footage which ended up in a presentation to the Nevada County planning commission and Board of Supervisors when we applied for the new village master plan permits.   49 more words