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Awaiting correction...

Master has been so loving, but I have seriously overstepped the mark.

I snapped at him earlier, I was stressed, too many things to do and only one pair of hands. 161 more words


The gift

He did give me something most wonderful,I get to talk! My gbff came over last night, we talked and talked for hours. He has known me longer than most people, and he definitely wanted to know what was up with me… 808 more words

2017 shooting season starts

The SADPA calendar is full and we are hosting our first league at TacShac Defensive Pistol Club in slightly more than a month. While I’m not so familiar with the protocol, we have a great bunch of people working on the shoot, so I’m sure we’ll have a lot of fun come 16 April. 320 more words


Our Bed vs. Master's Bed

Having been married for over four years now, and having lived together for about 18 months before that, AND having slept next to each other more often than not for the last seven out of the eight years we’ve been together, Master and I have pretty much always had “our” bed. 431 more words



Who are you master?

Oh that is a deep question

But if I should go to the root

Then I shall say

I am my mother… 46 more words

Matsuri 2017

​Master and I have had this tradition going for five years now.

We got ready as soon as we got up dropped the little hellhound off at doggie day camp and headed over to the Matsuri festival. 43 more words


Meva Sienna Dress and Necklace

The new cute Sienna Dress and Necklace are now available at Cosmopolitan. Your Taxi —> http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/No%20Comment/181/5/22