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The Graduation

Dear Seamus,

I have been reading about and practicing techniques around manifestation for the past few years. A few weeks ago I felt urged to ask myself why I had not yet managed to create a cancer-free body. 1,024 more words

Day 6 - 21 Days - Frederic Edwin Church Master Study

A little bit different from the previous master studies, this time focusing more on the sky rather than mountainous structures. I have always had problems picturing clouds, therefore, Church’s brilliant painting was perfect to do a study on!


The Old Man in China Town

‘What are you looking for?’
‘Oh … at some magazines…’
‘Why… what are you looking for?’ 215 more words

Creative Writing

What is the Kingdom of God?

Spoken by Master Ching Hai

What is the Kingdom of God?

It is not the palace that is shining with gold, silver, diamonds, rubies and all kinds of precious stones. 155 more words

Master Ching Hai's Lectures

Adios Tun Jack

Matai i tatan bihu-hu, Si Tun Jack Lujan gi ma’pos na simana. Gof matungo’ gui’ giya Guahan komo herreron tradisionat Chamorro. Mafa’na’gue gui’ ni’ tata-na antes di gera, ya guiya ha’ kumatga i tiningo’ yan kustumbre mo’na anai makpo’ i gera. 523 more words


The Underground Vol. 3 Pt. 3

                Izzy hoped her roommate decided to stay at the club for a while, because she was naked and partly covered in cum with Derek, who was in the process of taking off the rest of his clothes. 734 more words


Week Three | Task 3B - Master Pages & The Grid

After conducting some research into appropriate grids, ranging from the modular, Modernist grid to do the Post-Modernist breaking of, I created my own grid for my… 100 more words

Design Studio - Typography 2