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Month 2 (Oct-Nov)

My voice kept cracking more and more which is amazing!

My facial hair as well as hair all over has started to grow in more and more. 114 more words

Q81. Student: “Sir, my mind is very uncomfortable.”

A. Master: “Bring your mind to me, and I’ll make it comfortable.”
Student: “I can’t find it anywhere.”

Oh! Poor fellow.
It is like he’s saying that he can’t find his mouth. 10 more words


My life as a housewife

I never imagined I would end up as a housewife. I honestly felt that no one would want one. That being a housewife was something of the past. 745 more words


I love being my Master's Kitten

When I first met my master I had no intention of dating him. He was meant to remain a friend and nothing else. When we started talking about our sexual experiences I thought he was a bit crazy to be honest. 616 more words