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Patrick Rochon-The Light Painter

I few shock when I saw this series of photos. They are so unforgettable in my mind. These photos are from an outstanding photographer, Patrick Rochon. 186 more words

Studio Lighting

Learning...or Mastering ?

Remember the time you performed exceptionally in the exams? I’m sure you do.

Now remember what you learnt, or I should say memorized, before that superb exam? 356 more words

I Am Powerful

No man can overcome me accept I give permission for it to be so. No lie or slander can destroy me unless I give it permission to do so. 38 more words

The Master

A few weeks ago i was contacted by a Dominant/Master on recon.com after my initial “cruise”.  i didn’t really think too much of it since hookups for this boy are fairly nonexistent.   230 more words


Hard Truth

“People love simple and preposterous lies. They much prefer them to the truth.  Truth is elusive.  Difficult to discover.  Infinitely nuanced.  Hard to hold on to.  91 more words

Thought For The Day

Sexual Politics

I have a love-hate relationship with feminism. At its most basic in allowing women and men to have equal rights, I’m all in. But in its most common form of wanting white middle class cis women to have the same rights as white middle class cis men and not changing a system that marginalises a lot of people, I’m not so keen. 339 more words


The Day Beyond Tomorrow

Continuation of the Last Christmas story, and the affect effects on everyone

I recommend you read that story first if you have not done so already… 482 more words