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MySQL Master - Master recovery

As it happened the 2nd time now that I need to fix a problem with a master-master MySQL (MariaDB) setup on one of my machines, here is a step by step tutorial to fix it. 210 more words


You can virtually inhabit Toyota’s new humanoid robot

(Source: techcrunch.com)

Toyota has a new, third-generation humanoid robot bears the charming name “T-HR3” and is designed to be a helpful and safe assistant to humans. 262 more words


The goals

We should all have goals in life and I as a  Dominant also  need to set goals for my submissive.
The goals come from training , and again this is just my point of view , what works for me may not work for another Dominant. 1,251 more words

Materials: Barkcloth

As recommended by one of the FabLab technicians last week, I’m looking into barkcloth (he mentioned it in relation to Uganda, so will be looking into that, too). 889 more words

Art Student

Kino's Journey Episode 7: The Art of Reimagining History


Obi Wan Kenobi probably said it best when he told Luke, “So what I told you was true, from a certain point of view.” History is open to interpretation and two people given the same set of facts may very well draw different conclusions. 218 more words

Francis Ford Coppola: The Rebel Auteur

Maverick…Auteur…Cinematic master…Perpetual risk taker! These are all monikers that could very well be attributed to the amazing director Francis Ford Coppola. Coppola, who is from a large very proud immigrant family, was born in Detroit, Michigan, but moved to New York at a very young age (not only the locale but his very tight-knit family would be the source of many of his story concepts).  802 more words

Best Master Bedroom Ideas: How to Create a Spectacular Sleep Space

Here are some of the best master bedroom ideas to create a sleeping space that will be both well-designed and comfortable. The average human spends around one-third of their lives either asleep or attempting to get to sleep. 22 more words