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When Vodka speaks for me

And if you could just have the wide, crooked dick that he does, Be Kane, and be taller than I am and have the part where he does whatever I say without question and then if you could just fuck like he does, Be Bingo, where he finds different ways to mine the same cave from different angles with the most intense pressure, Be Kevin and then if you could just talk to me while the sun shines like he does about shit that I don’t know and make me understand Integers and MLA format and Voters Rights, Be Logan, and if then you could just dress like him with the classical styles of pant suspenders that match socks and a shave so clean that you can still see the chalk outline and smelling like the oldest of money, be Buck and if you could then just smile like he does, and tell me the corniest of jokes but because you are so happy because I’m happy hearing punch lines that make no sense any other time, Be John, and if you could be smarter than me, Be Chris, and trick me into doing things that are going to grow me with or without you and just be as bad ass as he is and code for companies while riding a motorcycle and a righteous ginger ZZ Top beard to work and Be Khary, and you could be unafraid of loving who I love, whether its a man or a woman because you know everything I do and everyone I am with makes you feel indulgent and blacker and sexier and Be LaRay, and if you could just be so fucking vain about the shit that you stare at yourself in any shiny reflection just to fix your hair, and Be Tommy, and then be stronger than me, and know the law and be so beautiful that people stop and gawk and stare and Be Stephen, and if on top of all that you could always check me without degrading me, 60 more words


Leadership and the Sense of Contribution

Leadership must give everyone accenting to it and signatory to it, a portion of stewardship, a sense of participation, and a space for relevance, to gradually move them from talent to expertise, from crudeness to refined, and from potential to purpose. 990 more words

Personal Growth

"A New Flute"

One of my very favorite stories….

A new flute was invented in China. A Japanese master musician discovered the subtle beauties of its tone and brought it back home, where he gave concerts all around the country. 597 more words

JMU Bike and Pedestrian Plan

image: unsplash.com

Based on the bike and pedestrian website for JMU, JMU is supposed to be preparing a “Bicycle and Pedestrian Master Plan to realize the maximum potential and benefits of an interconnected system within the JMU campus with connections to the City of Harrisonburg and regional networks.” This means that the website will look similar to the UC Davis and Stanford bike websites, with the use of bike routes, bike education, bike rack locations, and even ways to register your bike. 73 more words

My Fear!


“What are you afraid of”? A little boy asked me just the other day.

“Nothing”, came my reply almost immediately. I was surprised he had asked. 484 more words


A deep seeded need for bdsm...

There are many reasons to enter our way of life, but not everyone stays and calls it a lifestyle. Some feel a deep seeded need of not belonging to the ‘vanilla’ world in which we are all born into. 1,768 more words