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Goblin Fights In D&D Are The Worst

(Source: kotaku.com)

For four decades, players have dutifully sacrificed a large portion of their Dungeons & Dragons games to take turns hitting a goblin with a broadsword. 668 more words


A little bit of loveliness in Pride & Prejudice

I love Pride & Prejudice.  I loved it when my mum first read it to me, years and years ago; I loved it when I first reread for myself; and I’ve loved it ever since.  835 more words

Master of Everything

I’ve wandered through darkness and trouble
I’ve lived through the good times and bad
So far I’ve survived
By keeping my eyes
On the one who died in my place… 121 more words


The gift

There is a lot of blogs of the gift of submission, and yes it is a truly gift given to a Dominant when submission  is real and genuin. 925 more words

Hall of Heroes: Leonardo da Vinci

Why is this man only so famous for his painting? His ratio of drawings to paintings is utterly ridiculous,ranging from human anatomy to detailed architecture to character studies they are far far more fascinating than the paintings that he produced and yet they dwell in obscurity. 292 more words


The stakes to master “The Art of Professional Responsibility” tells our very favourite mentor Rituraj Khanna

We chose yet another segment of the industry to let each one know what Mentors believe and they try to educate all who are associated with them ultimately bringing up an ethical industry.  634 more words


Just Like a Prisoner’s Tail,

Who Wants To Set Out Free.

To Go On An Adventurous trail,

To Sit And To Spree.

Just Like A Free Man’s Will… 49 more words