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Hi, still addicted. You?

How fantastic that porn addiction is such an epidemic that people cannot speak openly about being addicted because they are seen as perverts or sub-human because they look at porn. 237 more words


Sir ?

Last night when MrH was in the bath I sent him a message:

Unfortunately I didn’t see the instruction to video call him…..

But I got promises out and applied some lube. 416 more words


Rubbing the Tears away

Orgasms can be therapeutic. Damn near like opening some magical pathway that just makes things seem so much clearer than they were before you dug out your trusty wand. 747 more words

Hotel Stay

MrH and I went away last night for some play time. Yesterday morning I received an email from him with his instructions. I was to prepare myself for all types of play. 1,101 more words


Travel: The Fine Art of Dormitory Self Pleasure

Yes, you read that right. I suppose this has the potential to be a very popular blog ;) Though I digress, is it possible to ‘self pleasure’ in hostels? 338 more words



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Common Sense

Pulsing Head & Deranged Thoughts: I don't know what I just wrote.

By examining the engraved images of what is clearly a depiction of a man performing oral sex towards another man is actually an engraving that is supposed to portray Blake’s encounter with… 430 more words

The Last Judgment (4/4-4/11)