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I’ve been called many things in my life. Many, many things and on a rare occasion I get called ‘cute’ or more that I have done something ‘cute’. 577 more words

Hell On Wheels

Game Show Memories - Masterchef.

Masterchef (BBC1, 1990-2000)

As I have said before, I am not really interested in cookery shows, but I do remember regularly watching this one, it may have something to do with the timeslot. 458 more words

Chicken Roulade with beets and butternut squash puree

The second meal we tried in our second Chefs Plate box was a Masterchef Canada inspired dish, Chicken Roulade with beets and butternut squash puree. A roulade is a dish typically served a filling and rolled, so in this case it was chicken with stuffed mushrooms. 317 more words


Stuffed Pork with crisp potatoes, Brussels sprouts and a baby green salad

For our first Chefs Plate, we tried the winning recipe from the MasterChef Canada Mystery Box Challenge.

The box came with pork chops (already butterflied), za’atar, fingerling potatoes, fresh rosemary, parmesan cheese, brussel sprouts, cherry tomatoes, an apple, figs, walnuts, dried thyme, a shallot, kale, apple cider vinegar, and butter. 242 more words


"MasterChef" 6/13/18

Skills Test: They had to shuck & break down a Dungeness crab.

ET #2: Crab Benedict
HAD TO DO THIS TEST- Ralph, Stephanie, Farhan, Gerron, Samantha, Matt, Ryan, Darrick & Olusola
L- Olusola & Stephanie


What to Watch: 06/13/2018

It’s a bonanza of new reality shows, including a new one from Mr. Yelly Chef, but we’re suggesting his original home, where he’s giving his annual Masterclass. 335 more words

What To Watch