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Love Letter to Halo: Reach “From the beginning, you know the end”

Noble Six crash lands on the outskirts of a doomed city after performing an almost impossible deed, losing a friend while doing it, and then seeing it all go down the drain. 938 more words


Halo Masterchief

My brother loves Halo, and suggested that I make a charcoal drawing for him.

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“Let’s market the most expensive edition of Halo 5 to the kind of walking paradox that actually buys physical limited editions with statues, but prefers to buy their games digitally.”

– Microsoft marketing department.


THEORY: Could Warden Eternal be Cortana?

At the end of Halo 4, one of Halo‘s most well-known and recognizable characters, Cortana, was lost. However, her death was not for nothing. Rather than simply dying of rampancy, like how her lifespan as an artificial intelligence would have demanded, Cortana died being able to both save the Master Chief’s life from point-blank detonation of a nuclear warhead, and was given the moment to make physical contact with the Spartan himself. 482 more words


Microsoft Opens E3 With Halo 5

Microsoft chose to go big with their E3 opening, choosing to showcase Halo 5 from 343 Industries.

The company began with a focus on Agent Locke, choosing to go with a live gameplay demo focussing on the Spartan’s team. 191 more words


My New Obsession - Halo

Most of you know by now that I love a good story, and I especially love a coming-of-age or the making-of-a-true-hero story more than anything.  And… if you’ve been following my blog posts over the past several months, you’ll also know that I’ve discovered FPS video games on the XBoxOne… starting with Destiny and now picking up the ever popular Halo. 875 more words

Two New Halo 5 Guardians Trailers

Which one is truth and which one is the lie? Halo 5 Guardians releases on Oct. 27th, 2015.

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