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Gameplay or Story: Which Should Take Centre Stage?

The recent release of The Order: 1886 to a lukewarm critical reception got me thinking about the story in the media of videogames, and how it can sometimes become an afterthought. 506 more words


Monty Oum has passed away - News: Gaming culture

Sad news for the gamer community, and for fans of gaming everywhere. Monty Oum, a web-based animator for Rooster Teeth Productions, passed away last night. Oum is well-known in the gaming community for making impressive fan-based gaming videos. 45 more words


PWNED.....Thrift Store Noob Combo!

When I found this, it brought back memories of the college days! So many HOURS were spent running around on maps like Beaver Creek, … 140 more words

Thrift Store

A Paper About Halo

In my last post I talked about my lone life and how I was going to write a paper on Halo. Tho I was planning on writing a paper on Halo, I gave a speech on it instead. 218 more words


Welcome to episode 4 of XBlive, your exclusive Xbox podcast. This week we celebrate Xbox One’s 1st Birthday! And we talk some AC:Unity and Halo: MCC. 67 more words


Halo: The Master Chief Collection Pre-order bonus skulls

  GameStop: The Bandana Skull provides unlimited ammo and grenades Pre-order

  Best Buy: Grunts explode after death Pre-order

  Amazon: enemies will drop plasma grenades with every melee… 34 more words

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Which video game character are you?

Hey guys! Koolpanda here!

So while I was online doing some web surfing, I discovered an interesting quiz. I was curious, so I obviously gave into my sweet desires and took a nice juicy bite. 118 more words