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My New Obsession - Halo

Most of you know by now that I love a good story, and I especially love a coming-of-age or the making-of-a-true-hero story more than anything.  And… if you’ve been following my blog posts over the past several months, you’ll also know that I’ve discovered FPS video games on the XBoxOne… starting with Destiny and now picking up the ever popular Halo. 875 more words

Two New Halo 5 Guardians Trailers

Which one is truth and which one is the lie? Halo 5 Guardians releases on Oct. 27th, 2015.

Video Games

Gameplay or Story: Which Should Take Centre Stage?

The recent release of The Order: 1886 to a lukewarm critical reception got me thinking about the story in the media of videogames, and how it can sometimes become an afterthought. 506 more words


Monty Oum has passed away - News: Gaming culture

Sad news for the gamer community, and for fans of gaming everywhere. Monty Oum, a web-based animator for Rooster Teeth Productions, passed away last night. Oum is well-known in the gaming community for making impressive fan-based gaming videos. 45 more words


PWNED.....Thrift Store Noob Combo!

When I found this, it brought back memories of the college days! So many HOURS were spent running around on maps like Beaver Creek, … 140 more words

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A Paper About Halo

In my last post I talked about my lone life and how I was going to write a paper on Halo. Tho I was planning on writing a paper on Halo, I gave a speech on it instead. 218 more words


Welcome to episode 4 of XBlive, your exclusive Xbox podcast. This week we celebrate Xbox One’s 1st Birthday! And we talk some AC:Unity and Halo: MCC. 67 more words