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Sounds Familiar

“What you both need is a jolly good murder!” – Sam (Honeysuckle Weeks), Foyle’s War

Wednesday Trivia Question

Who plays John Watson on the Masterpiece Mystery series Sherlock?

The answer is the exceptional Martin Freeman. He may have turned into a big star, what with playing a Hobbit in feature films and all, but it’s hard to imagine “Sherlock” without him as the perfect complement to Benedict Cumberbatch’s eccentric Holmes.

Sherlock News!

While some fans of the super sleuth feel that Sherlock Holmes is and always will be a Victorian entity, fans of Masterpiece Mystery! know full well Sherlock is perfectly suited for 21st century life. 53 more words

Inspiration: Grantchester

Have you been watching Grantchester on Masterpiece Mystery?  On my PBS station, it’s been airing at 10:30 on Sunday nights (after Downton Abbey and after the horrifyingly bad Downton wrap-up show), in what is possibly the worst time slot available. 192 more words


'Grantchester' Episode 6 Recap: Season Finale

After six episodes, it’s time to say a temporary goodbye to our gruff inspector and young vicar with a drinking problem. And although they seemed like clichés at first, they have become so much more to us over this season. 1,099 more words


Alan Cumming is the new 50

Alan Cumming drops by my place on a semi-regular basis, whenever Masterpiece Mystery is on.  As the host he functions as the preface to the story about to unfold to a very devoted community of viewers.  467 more words


Checking in with an Old Friend

Oof, it has been more than two-and-a-half months since I last wrote a blog post. Time has a way of getting away from you when you’re just dealing with the regular demands of life – work, home, holidays, kid activities, etc. 799 more words

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