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Heavenly Sin

This poem/short story was something that just flowed and connected between my cousin and I. Hope you enjoy.

Heavy footsteps to dilute the sound, running fast unaware of my surround…ings, feel the blur as the pain stings.

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REVIEW: Inside Out (2015)

The following is a review of Disney-Pixar’s Inside Out, a Pete Docter film.

I am a part of the Pixar-generation. You could say that I grew up with Andy from… 417 more words


Small Seed Inside Of Me

He squints his eyes

and he smiles

Upon seeing the clouds nearby

Surely the rain will come

And will bless the barren land.

I squint my eyes… 77 more words


Ping Pong: The Animation - Review // A Breath of Fresh Air in the Anime Industry

Ping Pong — At face value, we’re presented with a crude yet uniquely animated sports seinen; but after watching the eleven episode series in its entirety, having such a shallow view of this masterpiece is almost offensive. 1,021 more words



Fifth grade.  Middle school.  A building full of 5th-8th graders, 10-year-old children to 14-year-old puberty stricken adolescents. Whose bright idea was this?

It wasn’t so bad at first.   459 more words


Poetic Spotlight: SEEDS BY Nikki Skies

I wanted to share a poem

but was told to bring you seeds.

With today’s yellow breath

I blow you these seeds / sent to me through… 824 more words


'Raging Bull' (1980) by Martin Scorsese

“Fucking two hour-long orgasm.”

—Pedro Colunga, Mexican filmmaker, Scorsese fan and friend o’ mine

I have seen few films begin as beautifully as Raging Bull…

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