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The "Dunkirk" Incident

Director: – Christopher Nolan

Genre: – War, Drama

Cast: – Tom Hardy, Fionn Whitehead, Mark Rylance, Kenneth Branagh

So, before I begin let me just say – Christopher Nolan is my favourite filmmaker. 2,185 more words


12 Angry Men

This movie, by god this movie is something. Thank god i didnt see any trailer or read any description about this film before I watched it because it could have spoilt it for me. 167 more words

Movie Review: Drive by Nicolas Winding Refn

Drive‘ is an absolutely successful mix of beautiful pictures, sad figures and an insanely good soundtrack in the 80s style, which really captivates you. 308 more words


Dunkirk Review

Don’t Forget to Breathe…

Within the first five minutes of this movie, my fist was clenched, my teeth were grinding, I was holding my breath, and I was on the edge of my seat. 1,210 more words

Movie Reviews!

Dunkirk - A masterpiece? **spoilers ahead**

Let’s take a look at a template, shall we.

Minimalist Dialogue + Inspiring Soundtrack + Every Minute Action Plot + Immersive Viewing Experience.

Which movie(s) comes to mind when you think of the above template: … 1,204 more words

The Vatican Museums in Vatican City

When traveling to Rome, one of the highlights is taking the time to visit Vatican City and specifically the Vatican Museums. Throughout history, the Popes have collected artistic treasures from throughout the world. 481 more words


Casting Callout

Another week, another Masterpiece podcast.

This week: Grantchester‘s Al Weaver (Leonard Finch) talks tells us about his character’s journey and gives some behind-the-scenes flavor of his funny, friendly relationship with his co-stars. 6 more words