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The Artist Named Rod

Rod. Rodrigo. Arturo.

Spiky Hair

Shark Grin

Leather Jacket

Baggy Pants

Dark Sneakers

Artist. Mr. Nice Guy. Ardent Gamer.

Visual and Sound Marksman. Gentleman.

Creator of his glorious surrealistic sphere… 107 more words


I Found A Masterpiece

As I move more toward a career in art I continue to struggle with the same problem over and over.  What to charge people for my work.  329 more words


Over on AC: "It Follows" Is the Most Important Horror Film in Decades

Originally, that was supposed to read: the most important “American horror film,” but the more I think about It Follows, the more I’m convinced it stands up to anything in the past two decades. 40 more words


'A Very Easy Death' by Simone de Beauvoir

‘The sight of my mother’s nakedness had jarred me. No body existed less for me: none existed more. As a child I had loved it dearly; as an adolescent it had filled me with an uneasy repulsion: all this was perfectly in the ordinary course of things and it seemed reasonable to me that her body should retain its dual nature, that it should be both repugnant and holy – a taboo’.

621 more words
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