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La La Land Review

Behold, one of the biggest critical darlings of the year, and the almost certain slot-in for Best Picture winner. Does it deserve all this praise? Yes. 824 more words



I was everybody’s girl once
And then somebody’s woman later.
In that transition
I ended up becoming Noone’s
Not even my own.
By the time that journey… 122 more words


A Pearl of Great Price

Pearls are found in oysters and are the result of the oyster’s way of protecting itself from foreign substance.  To understand how pearls are formed in oysters, lets evaluate an oyster’s basic anatomy. 671 more words


Stone sculpture 

Stone Sculpture
Veiled skin pale stone
Waxed smooth
Chastity beneath masterful hands
Apollo and Proserpina
Curly beard
A magician
Turning marble to wax
The veiled christ
Stone Sculpture


Untitled thoughts 

Show me your deepest, scariest, mind twisting demons; let them play with mine. Maybe then I’ll find peace. Find me a soft asylum.

They can’t win but, they are destroyers amongst us. 226 more words


I dreamt that one day,

I’d create the most perfect piece of art…

But once I saw you standing there… 

I realized I was too late.

© J.G.

Original Poetry

Victoria by Daisy Goodwin

by Daisy Goodwin
St. Martin’s Press

Alexandrina was 15 years-old when she realized that she would probably become Queen of England.  Although she didn’t dread her fate, she did worry.   357 more words