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The dream to pursue my Master’s abroad was more of fantasy to me and like any other student in his Junior year of college I was battling in with my choices, forcing the brewing seriousness to turn the fantasy to decisions for future. 1,890 more words


Tattoo Legends

There’s nothing more interesting and inspiring than watching a master of their craft at work. Jimmy Ho and Horyoshi-III are most definitely two of the most legendary tattoo artists ever. 23 more words

The Third Chapter: Crossing that Halfway Point

When you’re wrapped up in a project, it’s difficult to see just how far you’ve come. For me, things are getting real now. I’ve written about 30 000 words, three chapters and several imprecise rants about various things, and it’s just starting to hit me that we’re in July, and I passed the halfway-mark somewhere, unnoticed and unrecognised. 625 more words



Applications for the masters degree have finally opened.

Whilst this is a very good thing, I’ve now a tiny little ball of nervousness hovering around me. 363 more words


What do professional learning policies say about the purposes of teacher education?

Aileen Kennedy (2014): What do professional learning policies say about the purposes of teacher education?  Asia-Pacific Journal of Teacher Education, DOI:10/1080.1359866x.2014.9940279

I’m preparing a 7 minute research paper for our next “teachmeet” tomorrow (we need a better name – researchmeet sounds a bit worthy though). 137 more words


Masters Degree

How do you become a qualified Librarian? I’ve already talked about one avenue into the profession – through CILIP and their Chartership program – but there is another, and that is also something that I am looking into completing, and that is a Masters degree. 514 more words


The First Chapter: Done, Dusted and Casualties Noted

It’s been a strange couple of months since my last post. During this time, I’ve completed a draft of my first chapter, started preparing for my second chapter, received feedback and spent a week frantically responding to that feedback. 968 more words