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5 Big No-No's on your Graduate Application

 1.   Rushing through your personal goal statement

Taking the time to craft your personal goal statement can be more influential on your admission than you might think. 261 more words

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"I'm working toward my Master's Degree"

While I complain quite a bit about my lot in Graduate School, it comes with one amazing benefit that has gotten me through every minute of my hour and a half commute. 252 more words

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5 Steps to Finding the Right Graduate Program

1.    Check the graduate program rankings of  the institutions that you are interested in.

One important thing to remember is that your pre-conceived notions of good universities might not be applicable to their graduate programs, so it is important to research the graduate programs separately. 384 more words

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5 Ridiculous Questions From Prospective Grad Students

As a person who works in the graduate admissions office, I can tell you that there are far too many ridiculous questions that are asked about the admissions process. 236 more words

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