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Der müde Tod (1921), dir. Fritz Lang

Alongside Murnau, Lang may be one of most influential voices of Weimar cinema. Lang innovated: Metropolis (1927) presented a spectacular vision for the future of science fiction, combining sets, models, mirror effects, glass plates and multiple exposure to spectacular effect. 1,543 more words


Film review - Drunken Master (Yuen Woo-ping, 1978)

Two decades before Jackie Chan broke into Hollywood with box office smash Rush Hour, he was making another significant breakthrough in his career. Snake in the Eagles Shadow and Drunken Master were both released in 1978 by Seasonal Film Corporation. 378 more words

Film Review

Fright Night (1985)

Marking the directorial debut of Tom Holland (Child’s Play (1988), The Temp (1993)), and starring William Ragsdale (Herman’s Head (1991-1994), The Reaping (2007)), Chris Sarandon ( 808 more words


Film review - Wings (William A. Wellman, 1927)

For all its technological achievements and successes as a great tale, William A. Wellman’s 1927 cinematic epic is remembered for one thing – it’s the first film to win the Best Picture Academy Award. 1,003 more words


Ivan Booze

When I first watched Yuen Woo-Ping’s 1978 kung fu slapsticker Drunken Master in 2000 (back then referred to as “the year 2000” to avoid confusion with the B-boy dance move) 340 more words