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John Wesley Harding

Oil! over by there
(never whisper, never breathe, keep mum)
sound of crispy sacred boots
scrims, crunch, scrimmage, nowt words
in hushed echoes yell
'over there behind the ball park
sheltered by seaside
Atlantic City and beyond
waiting sadly remorseless
for supremacy'
comes a gentle hush
into the night a wild 
nightingale infers:
unkissed eyelids smart

Bobby and the Nobel Prize

Bob Dylan

The voice of a generation.
In my opinion, which is admittedly not worth much, he is the poet of the Twentieth Century.
Bob Dylan has inspired, enchanted and maddened us for over 50 years. 288 more words


The First Classic: Freewheelin'

I needed to return a library book, buy some new walking shoes, get a haircut, and retrieve my bike from work (it rained like hell yesterday), so I cued up… 339 more words