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The First Classic: Freewheelin'

I needed to return a library book, buy some new walking shoes, get a haircut, and retrieve my bike from work (it rained like hell yesterday), so I cued up… 339 more words


Its been hours, already: the body’s cold.

Oregonian Complexities: the PPN between the FBI and the C4CF: and Where Are the Paiute?

The PPN (Pacific Patriots Network) inserts a ‘Waco-free’ zone between Fortress FBI and the Bundy occupiers of Malheur Wildlife Preserve. The Paiute tribe struggles for its own claims, but on what terms? 4,362 more words

Precedent? The Indian Occupation of Alcatraz, 1969

Think it through…

If I were in class, I’d say:¬†what are the constitutional and legal principles upon which these two “occupations” are arguing their position? 354 more words