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The one where I stress about grad school. 

Hello. Today I’m going to be an adult and talk about my future. This is gonna probably be short and sweet because, let’s be honest here, I have no idea what I’m doing. 540 more words


MFA in Popular Fiction. . . skipping out on adulting


Congratulations! On behalf of the faculty admission committee, I am delighted to inform you that you have been admitted into the Popular Fiction Writing and Publishing program for Fall 2016. 1,031 more words


The Difficult Choice: Master's or MERP

June 20, 2016

My scrubs have approximately 20 more minutes to go and I thought I’d continue with my thought process. I’m slowly climbing up the barrel, meaning I have a chance. 609 more words


Summer and a Puppy

Since school is out and I’m done substitute teaching, I finally have time to blog! Blogging/writing is one of the few remaining hobbies I have so I feel a duty to put in at least a few posts a year. 696 more words


Maastricht & Announcements

As some of you may know, in September 2016 I am moving to Maastricht to pursue  my MSc Psychology. Specializing in developmental psychology, I hope this opportunity will allow me to gain critical research skills and continue working at the intersection of information and the behavioral sciences. 317 more words


Captain's Corner: May 5

By Masters’ Captains Athena Sylos and Sally Linowski

It’s starting to get beautiful on the water in the morning and we are all getting great upper body workouts as we learn our new docks Thank You Todd! 454 more words

Latest News And Updates

Spring Registrations Exceed Expectations

This spring we had 65 youth rowers register for the spring racing season—thanks to our new Director of Program’s zealous outreach effort! The varsity and novice youth rowers began their season by organizing and rigging boats (as dock construction wrapped up).   216 more words

Latest News And Updates