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My name is Avianca Small and I’m posting all the way from my hometown, Los Angeles, CA. Time is passing so fast!!!!  This class marks the 5th course along my journey to attain a Master’s of Science in Project Management. 79 more words

HOW TO.....

Create a successful freelance marketing business. Freelance marketers can have the best jobs on the planet. It is always excitement when starting new projects working with new clients, but in the end your work is helping businesses grow, meaning better livelihood for everyone involved. 290 more words

Boston University

Data scientist: The job with negative unemployment rate

This article was originally published for PC Advisor on May 11, 2015.

“If you want to get a job quickly, figure out how to become a data scientist,” says Jim Davis, executive vice president and CMO at SAS.

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Guess what came in the mail today...

It’s Stefan’s official letter of acceptance from the Hebrew University! All the way from Jerusalem, it finally arrived. Now we can apply for our visas, the big project for this week.


Fighting With Myself

Anyone looking to get their Masters, I highly recommend working in the field of study DURING your degree program. Experiencing the language, back and forth communications, processes, discussions, debates, and more is so applicable to what you learn. 1,131 more words


Without Evaluation, You Are Not an Instructional Designer


Imagine that you have designed and implemented the first stage of an instructional solution with a client. To your surprise, the client has decided to forgo the evaluation and revision process, and decides to continue to rollout the solution without any data collection efforts to review its efficacy. 616 more words


Outside of My Comfort Zone

When I began working on the implementation ideas for my recent course (we were challenged with designing and implementing our own 1 hour course), I was both happy and a little afraid that we chose face-to-face for the delivery model. 1,048 more words