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Reputation Management: The Good, The Bad, and The Ugly.

This week for class we discussed the issue of reputation management. We live in a world where one bad review on a website such as Trip Advisor, Yelp, or a company’s page in general can have major negative effects. 455 more words

MMC 5006: In Your Words

Funny thought about job searching

I remember when I was 21, a senior in college, scared about not being able to find a job after graduation. I remember getting rejected by so many companies because I didn’t have any experience. 449 more words


Almost done with Winter Quarter 2015!

I have 2 more projects (one for HCI 402 and one for HCI 406), and a final for HCI 406 which will be next week, and a sketchbook due for HCI 402. 317 more words


HCI 402: Can Logo Project


I was supposed to wrap it around a can of soup and take a pic, it actually looks a lot better when I wrapped it: 136 more words


Let's Talk Long Term

It is easy to talk about the “To Do” list for the week or the month. It becomes much more difficult to plan for a year or more in advance. 693 more words


HCI 406: Web Design Projects

Below are 3 different designs of the same newspaper:

HTML is very easy and relatively straight-forward, but CSS is tricky. These projects are super time-consuming, but it does makes you feel very very good when you see the end products:)