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Visual Scripting - Final Post

Good progress has been made continually throughout the project, I have run into a few problems but I have  prioritised more important features rather than grinding away at the same problem wasting precious time. 361 more words


Week commencing 23 April 2018

Training during the week :  on Monday, up to 10k-ish easy or fartlek. On Wednesday, threshold session on laps of the estate. Plus beginners’ sessions on the track, if required. 83 more words

Visual Scripting - UI Implementation

This week I added Menu to the tool so that the user can configure various Generation settings with sliders and such, the settings are:


Sports Media: Not Up To Par?

After Patrick Reed won the majors in April, his victory was not the main thing posted about him on social media, but rather his complicated family structure. 441 more words

Visual Scripting - Notable Problems

This post covers a few of the most notable problems I have had with UE4 regarding random crashes and compiling issues. I am less so concerned about the crashes themselves but more of the lack of supporting documentation surrounding fixes for what to me seems like a fairly common use of the engine. 367 more words


Going back to school, what was I thinking?!

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It’s been 5 years since I finished university. I’m one of those lucky ones that got a job in my chosen field and I am desperately in love with what I do.

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From Sidelines to punchlines.

A different view of sports

Clearing my mind and notebook while wondering why anyone cares about setting attendance records for spring college football games:

Farewell tour… 1,893 more words