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Golden Road Aquatics Masters Swim

1900 yds, 53 min.

On a warm summer evening, I swam with the Golden Road Aquatics masters at Verdugo Park in Burbank. I swim harder with people in my lane. 125 more words



For many the media’s insistence on blotting out the imperfections of a deceased famous person’s lifetime to focus on their triumphs could provide a form of reassurance: your fuck ups are temporary, it is your successes that will be remembered. 656 more words

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Week 4, Day 4 - Swimming with Masters Swim team and coach, so good!


This morning I hooked up with Golden Road Aquatics team that meet and train at Verdugo Park pool in Burbank. I swam from 6:00am – 6:45am and it was so awesome. 156 more words


Compilation Pick: Brazilian Chill Sessions Provide Instant Summer Relief

Twelve tracks of instant summer bliss awaits when you check out this 2007 selection from Argentina’s Music Brokers label.

Sprizty versions of classic Brazilian jazz songs are included.  129 more words

Brazil Jazz

Words & Quotes R. Ballen

“Photography is an easy art to master technically but technical mastery of a camera doesn’t mean you’ve mastered photography. Almost anyone can learn to meter a shot and then capture an image but it takes years of effort and dedication to become a really good photographer“

(Roger Ballen on Emulsive.org)


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                                      GOD OR DEVIL
These are two masters, God is the most powerful and mighty master (Rev 1:8), devil rebelled against God and decided to create his own kingdom by stealing what God create for His own kingdom if not 255 more words


My Great Adventure!

Hi Everyone!

As I’m sure many of you know, but for those that don’t I am in the process of going to school to become a teacher. 394 more words