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AUD451.1 Delay & Reflections

Sound reflections from surfaces blend with and affect our perception of the direct sound in differing ways depending on the delay time, directional angle and level. 515 more words


All work but still play!

There’s been a bit of a shift this week on free time with me returning to studies myself. I’ve had to be very disciplined in my time allocation and working out how to manage fitting it in alongside home and work. 742 more words

Our Year Full Of Play

Artists Worth Checking Out: Rock Beat Persists With Fernanda Abreu

No relation to Chicago White Sox first baseman/designated hitter Jose Abreu, Fernanda Abreu was born on September 8, 1961 in the South Zone popular tourist area of Rio that included Copacabana. 626 more words

Brazil Jazz

LLM Studies: Week 1 {Doctrinal Research Methods}

Hey Everyone.

My Masters officially started on the 4th and I have to admit I am totally out of practice with this level of study. 263 more words


Why I Chose To Pursue An MBA

To tell you why I pursued a Master of Business Administration, or MBA, I must first tell you why I chose my undergraduate major, meaning I must be honest with myself about two things: 612 more words

10 Stereotypes to Stop Spreading About Men!

The Good Men Project wrote an article about stereotypes in 2014. Stereotypes that are associated with men that we need to stop using. Yes, there are some men (and women) that will fit these stereotypes but that’s how stereotypes came about in the first place, we need to look at men in a new light and not blocking them into a corner because of our preconceived perceptions of them. 845 more words