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Introducing Growing Up With Chewy - NEW SERIES!

Welcome back!

Today’s post is very exciting, because I’m going to be sharing with you my new monthly series and the new members of the family! 120 more words



Our dogs enjoy travelling just as much as we do. Off course they haven’t told us that in words, but their tails tell their own tales. 818 more words

Ancient dogs at the British Museum

When we visited the British Museum, I was particularly interested in how dogs were depicted in ancient art and sculpture. A few canine-centric pieces from the museum that caught my fancy: 132 more words

Other Dogs

8.3.16 Agility Week 6

Last night there were people doing “make-up” classes during our class so there was a different energy.  One was a family, mom, dad, two little girls, and their dog (GSD).   299 more words


"that's the Pit Bull in her"

To the lady at the park today who told a group of other dog owners, “that’s the Pit Bull in her,” when Tulip ran up to a big dog, barked in his face, and tried to herd him away from us and our group’s miniature balls of fluff-  472 more words

Sit, Truman! (Dan Harper)

Summer Reading Day 45: Today’s book was Sit, Truman! by Dan Harper. The mastiff on the cover made me pick this one; JJ’s daddy and I have always been fans of giant-breed dogs (JJ’s “brother” is a Dane mix rescue). 95 more words