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Duke's 3rd week: All settled in.

Duke has made it through his 3rd week of joining our household. On the whole he has been fabulous; he’s obedient roughly 70% of the time, the remaining 30 he just seems to be fed up of what he’s been told to do or he’s too distracted to listen. 744 more words

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Duke's 2nd week

So Duke’s second week with us is coming to an end! And he is making progress. Duke has gotten over his fear of puddles; he now likes to bite the puddles and jump in and out of them, which is hilarious to say the least. 689 more words

Getting better acquainted with Duke: getting to know our new dog.

Last Sunday night we took Duke home. Duke is beautiful. He weighs in at 32kg so he is heavy and not the smallest of dogs! He seems to think he is the size of a puppy though and loves getting in our laps. 524 more words

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Meeting Duke.

I have wanted a dog for a long, long, long time. We always had dogs around as children. My husband and I have been talking about getting a dog for ages and ages. 252 more words

Crazy Dogs Want Walkies Fit Bites

Last week we went on a family walk through our local arboretum. Us humans had our snacks, but what about the dogs? We decided to bring along Walkies Fit Bites by Crazy Dog. 146 more words