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Attempted innocence - FAIL

I just finished watching one of the worst stand up comedy concerts Netflix has to offer.

I will not say the name, mainly because I don’t want the karma that comes with making someone even mildly curious enough to watch it. 577 more words

Super hot club action with huge dildo from Maria Ozawa

Some girls feel in clubs like a fish in the water. Flashing lights and loud music turns them on and they keep getting wilder and wilder. 68 more words


Amateur Solo Girls - iFeelMySelf

Amateur Solo Girl – iFeelMySelf

At home alone and very horny young hot girl’s hd masturbating videos are exciting.

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Solo Girl

Interlude Four

She peeled apart the packaging and the handle in her hand. She’d never owned any type of sex toy before and without winning a raffle at the party, she still wouldn’t own one. 382 more words


Embrace Your Love with Adult Couples Sex Toys

Everyone is aware of adult sex toys. Did you know 45% of the women between the age of 18-60 use vibrators for the real pleasure?  Do you also know that 80% use it with a partner? 144 more words

Adult Toys Online Store

Ladies, buy a vibrator. Just do it.

I am honestly embarrassed by how long it took me to buy a vibrator. I started speaking out about female sexual empowerment years ago and yet I’ve only had a vibrator for a few months. 633 more words


Man Sexually Harrass Neighbor By Masturbating In Front Of Her Door (Photos)

​Imagine coming back from a hectic day at work only to see your neighbor masturbating at your front door. 

Well, this is the ordeal a young woman has to deal with everyday.  155 more words