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Day 7 and 8

I was out of the office for a couple of days due to a holiday in the country where I am now. I still haven’t beaten the one eyed monster. 154 more words


Just a light wank before bed...

Have a new toy to play with, so I thought I might as well make it festive!

Sometimes I get a little creative ’cause I’m bendy: 38 more words


Caution: Genius at Work (wear raincoat)

Hello, my friends. Hope that everyone had a wonderful day. I just thought I’d fill you in on my evening. Well, I had a couple of dates. 405 more words


The Man Who Did Not Want To Get Dressed

On Facebook people refer to my status updates as status downdates.

On Twitter my tweets are thought of as negative yelps that no one hears. 898 more words


Had an afternoon alone at home, and took the time for myself to masturbate, and take some measurements.  I was hoping to get a completely flaccid measurement, but I was a little excited about the process, so I couldn’t get an accurate read.  103 more words

The Surrogate

Her actions were methodical – almost robotic in nature. Closing the door behind her, she slid her arms from her raincoat, pulled the sweater over her head and unbuttoned her pants. 458 more words


control (chains VI)

TW: sexual abuse, trauma, PTSD, masturbation, control, mother, dating

…I’m going to talk about something I rarely talk about here, let alone in depth. I think I only really talked about it on my post about… 1,835 more words