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See ya, tracks!

MC just texted me:

Is it Wednesday yet?

I’m dying. The ache is in my groin and pulsating.

My body has converted him from interest subject to lust object.

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Sex Addiction

What do Kellogg Corn Flakes and masturbation have in common?

For people the world over, a bowl of corn flakes is the go-to breakfast of choice.

But for the majority of those who look forward to their morning bowl, it will come as a surprise that they were invented to stop people masturbating. 439 more words

What's FUZZing???

First Ride: Mixed Emotions [Advisory: Sexually Explicit}

Advisory: This one is sexually explicit, so please don’t read it if that bothers you. There are plenty of clean ones posted for you choose from. 439 more words

Another Experiment

As I told you readers last week I had fun playing with my new butt plug, and feeling the after effects of that play.  After the last blog update I did in fact have to go play with my plug, and I had a great time with a delicious and profound climax. 701 more words


My eyes still closed, warm and comfortable under the bedclothes, relishing that blissful semi-waking state, in between slumber and awareness… my thoughts drift to you. I picture your smiling face, your kind eyes crinkled at the corners as you look down at me, your wide shoulders and chest, strong arms that I long to have wrapped around me. 1,115 more words


The Pleasures & Benefits of Lifelong Virginity

Those of you who have read my writings know that I am a lifelong adult virgin, by choice, by right, by philosophical communion with Self, in accurate understanding of my rejection of my humanity, and as the honorable reflection of Truth itself. 2,036 more words