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I’m not the first the write about this subject, and I certainly won’t be the last. Others have written on it before and probably better. 452 more words

Bold Strokes Books

Power Tools

Man, myth and vibrators: the Power Tools of the Empowered. Good vibrations: for all your pleasureful needs. And worse.

I was trying to come up with a title for a blog post I wrote for one of my will-write-for-food sites, a post describing a massager and vibrator section of an online catalog of “romantic toys.” The copy was pretty straight forward: selling sex toys with luscious descriptions of need and success in the bedroom. 414 more words


Musical Monday

Yes I know, two Garfunkle and Oates in a row but come on, this is good stuff!  This has never happened to me personally (I’ve only been Go Karting twice, first time I hurt my ankle very badly and second time I accidentally exacerbated a concussion I was unaware I had – oops) but any woman who claims they’ve never been sat somewhere or moved suddenly and found themselves briefly in a similar situation.   30 more words


I love Sex

there is nothing more enjoyable to me then sex ( except perhaps food). there is always that initial tingling that course through my body when He touches me, when i feel His lips on my neck, or feel His cock pressing against me. 784 more words


Precious Games Part 2

Part 2

I release your arms from the cuffs and move down your body to free your legs. While doing this you wipe a tiny amount of my cum from your chin and scoop it into your mouth moaning slightly at the taste and feel of it on your tongue. 895 more words


He’s lonely. Its a deep-seated loneliness that he can feel deep inside his being. Its like a hole in his heart that he can’t fill; not with food, not with work, not with books and poems and stories. 224 more words


How To Regain Sexual Power After Years Of Over Masturbation?

Self-pleasure techniques to get relief from sexual pleasure are very common in men in the absence of a female. Hand practice once or twice a day is not a problem. 474 more words