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4 Reasons It's Perfectly Fine (And Healthy) To Masturbate Daily

While masturbation is a valuable and needed part of a healthy sexuality and sex life, it’s often the silent party of an individual’s sexuality — the part people are often ashamed of. 661 more words

Winter Wonderland - Orgasmic Possession (Part 1)

Winnie and Ester have been looking forward to winter break, and the two of them have been planning a one week girls only adventure and getaway together. 2,183 more words


I Recently Had My Heart Broken

It’s been quite a while since I’ve updated this blog. By quite a while, I mean, it’s been more than 6 months since I last updated this blog and on Valentine’s Day, it’ll be exactly a year since I updated my other… 927 more words


Gammy Goes Shopping for Valentine's Day

My mom got the little catalog from Vermont County Store a few times a year, as did other aged loved ones. I suspect the pajamas we got for Christmas as teens came from there, guaranteed to keep you virginal and sweet. 384 more words


Jesus, Mary, and Joseph: The Real Story?

So, if Jesus had a penis (see prior post here), then Mary had a vagina, right? Well, of course. And Joseph had a penis, too. 1,277 more words


Be your own #WCW

We live in a generation where women are dying to get the perfect figure.
There have been numerous deaths of illegal butt injections and complications of illegal as well as legal surgeries. 236 more words