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Friday night, Saturday and Sunday...

‘Tell us about the first time you came…’

Dee sat slumped on the sofa smoking a joint. Gabriella was on the window seat opposite sewing a button back on her blouse. 1,735 more words


running cold and hot

My partner and I have been apart for going on two months, and although I felt very warm when he first left, last week I felt like I’d cooled a little since he’s been gone. 777 more words


Saucy and Time and Slide

That’s when I am home,

soft reality of a drawn day,

drapes pulled open,

to see an evening lit sky,

the sill just above a wanderer’s eyes… 344 more words



Alright, so this is something different from all my other blogs… but this is too good not to share.
We seem to be becoming more open about our sexuality, our love of porn and masturbation. 262 more words


The Power Of Pussy...

When men practically fall down, while trying to get our attention or impress us, is it because they want to accompany us, to a nice romantic comedy, an art festival, or a flea market? 381 more words


Fabulously Lazy Vacation Day Means New Selfies

Today was a fabulously lazy vacation day.  There was nothing I had, or even wanted to do. 

I took a long leisurely shower.  After I got dressed in one of my favorite matching bra/panties set.  335 more words

Adult Content

25 Guys Describe The Most Disgusting Thing They Ever Stuck Their Penis In (NSFW)

Found on AskReddit.

1. Bread dough.

Worked in a bakery. Once bread dough is mixed, it’s left to rise. I went into the cold room, punched a hole into the dough, lubed it with some water and put my dick in it. 1,880 more words