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Women Masturbating: "Cat on Cat Crime"

The Huffington Post featured four women confessing masturbation misshaps in delightfully amusing stories of cringing embarassment, shock and humiliation. The real treat, however, lies in the frank delivery of the details by these clearly bold, tickled yet slightly discomposed young women relating early masturbation experiences. 131 more words


11 Reasons Everyone — Yes, Even Women — Should Masturbate

5. There’s no better way to figure out what you like in bed.
Experimenting on your own body is crucial to discovering what you need physically to have an orgasm, Denise Silbert, a psychologist and sex therapist from San Diego, told Mic.

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masterbation,a lonely marathon or a regular oil change

I cannot remember the last time i spoke to the man on the street about Masturbation.

Its a strange topic, a slippery slope to introduce at the best of times and one with possible lethal consequences if introduced in the wrong place, making you a social pariah quicker than you can blink. 414 more words

Lesbo fetish bondage - ready to sandwich

Yes, they are related.
And they’re both into fetish bondage.
Lesbian fetish bondage….
And every now and then I let them play

What a sight… 33 more words


Benefits of Refraining from Masturbation and Pornography


When I read the information about the benefits of refraining from masturbation and pornography I did not believe it. I was under the fallacious belief that a man needs sexual stimulation of some kind every day for his psychological well-being. 68 more words

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I Think I Really Like Threesomes

As I think back to where it all started, I can find no other time than that text message. It wasn’t the first time he had asked for a threesome, but there was definitely something different about his approach that actually held me back from typing “Nah” again. 4,597 more words

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