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ten word lust

my sheets miss

what your words made

my fingers do


The Big One...

The man who I will henceforth refer to as The Big One (TBO) was a sporadic feature in my life for a couple of years. Iā€™d finished university and started renting my first house in the midlands, a couple of hours away from everyone I knew. 2,126 more words


An Eruption of Essence

Rays of sunshine pierce the window and fall on his bared flesh. The heat of the rays causes a tingling warmth to begin radiating throughout his body, and with a long stretch, he awakens slowly. 566 more words


Like this? OMGYes: website review

When I’m at the point of orgasm I tend to shout ‘No! No!’ While Freud would undoubtedly have a field day, needing some help in this area and in an uncharacteristic fit of flexible thinking I decided that this didn’t necessarily mean that the website… 1,523 more words


Toy Review: 6" Vibrating Dildo with Balls šŸ˜˜

Hello, my darlings!šŸ˜˜

Welcome to my second toy review! Since I didn’t get any comments to the contrary after my first review, I’m going to go ahead and grace you with another! 537 more words


Local woman sick to the back teeth of husband chatting during foreplay

A 28-year-old Whitechapel woman has told The Whelk that her husband’s constant flow of idle chit-chat during heavy petting prior to sex is infuriating beyond belief and shows “a lack of respect” 187 more words


An Orchard of Nymphos

Dear Passenger,

I’m sorry I haven’t written to you in a while. It wasn’t on purpose – I promise. My rollercoaster life just got stuck in place for a bit due to some technical difficulties. 474 more words