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Perfume Genius and the redemptive spirit of No Shape

In the music video for “Slip Away”, the first single taken from the new Perfume Genius album, Mike Hadreas runs through a slideshow of soft-focus fantasies, away from a cast of hapless villains, towards an implied happy ending. 89 more words

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Spoon: Hot Thoughts Review

By Ché Salgado
Music Journalist

Artist: Spoon
Album: Hot Thoughts
Released: March 17, 2017
Label: Matador
Website: spoontheband.com

If you could boil down the critical consensus of Spoon down to just three words, you’d probably get: “minimal”, “reliable” and “consistent”. 1,312 more words


Perfume Genius - Slip Away

A-LIST: Perfume Genius – Slip Away
(from f/c LP “No Shape”, out May 5th)

Diezgan pamatīgi (un patīkami!) Maiks Hadreass mūs pārsteidza 2014.gadā. Pēc trauslajiem, introvertajiem un alkohola un citu atkarības vielu pamocītajiem pirmajiem diviem… 214 more words


Power or Pub Rock… screw the labels: Spoon – Hot Thoughts

Very few bands garner my ever elusive “buy unheard” designation. That place where you drop cash on release day or do that advance order thing. With the popularity of music streaming sites and advance listens on popular music mag web pages, there isn’t much need for the mystery purchase. 544 more words

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New Song Of The Week: Spoon's Hot Thoughts

No matter what else is happening around us, it’s got to be a good week when a new Spoon song is delivered to XRT.

The Austin band has returned with a much welcome preview of the title track from their forthcoming 9th album, “Hot Thoughts”.  113 more words


Car Seat Headrest - "Teens of Denial" - Record Review

This album is a rogue ocean wave that knocked me on my ass, swept me out to a frothy and frenzied sea where it tossed me around for 70 minutes before spitting me back onto dry land asking “what the hell just happened to me and how the hell do I get back out there ’cause that totally kicked ass!” As grunge and alt rock have always had their teeth in me given the styles explosions in my most formative of years, I am excited by this record.   644 more words

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Julien Baker shares "Funeral Pyre," Signs to Matador Records

Singer-songwriter, Julien Baker just released an excellent new song to coincide with her signing to Matador Records.  Check out the live version above.