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Finding the perfect jeggings

‘I have jeggings to wear and worlds to conquer’ – Rachel Sklar

Back in the 90s when the Top of the Pops was on a Thursday night, my bedroom wall was covered ceiling to floor in Backstreet Boys and we did our weekly shopping in Safeway I distinctly remember getting my first pair of boot cut trousers for school (or ‘bootleggers’ as we called them). 575 more words


Rana Plaza Collapse (Her version of a happy day)

A beautiful seam at lightning speeds,
Making beautiful things,
Is the beauty that brings the meals her family needs.
The sewing thunder can be lost, under… 96 more words


Little Weekend Away.

Hello everyone, I hope your are all well.

So I am currently say chilling at home with Michael, the duvet and Spider-Man Homecoming on the telly. 243 more words

My bargain of the month

This month, my biggest bargain has to be these leopard print ankle boots – down to just £8 in the Matalan January sale. And I used Christmas money! 126 more words


End of Year 2017 HAUL!

If you find a better way than a BIG HAUL to start the blogging year on a better note, you are sadly mistaken. I went shopping on the 29th and 30th of December since I’m donating many of my things to make space for new ones. 644 more words


For me, red has always been a colour I’ve been drawn too and often have in my wardrobe and as you know I just adore a red lip. 166 more words


Boxing day haul (2017)

I did not go crazy at this year’s Boxing day sales. Unlike my sister who ran to town at the crack of dawn to come back with bags bigger than her! 190 more words