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Match History: Skippy Taylor vs Tazz, WWF, 1993

This match was never broadcast on television and is quite the rarity.

Before Tazz joined ECW and became a hardcore icon, he had a rather unknown tryout match for the WWE against “Skippy Taylor” who was actually Scotty Taylor. 71 more words

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Musashikuni Mamu in the Kyūshū Basho 2013

Today’s post is a review of Musashikuni Mamu’s performance in the Kyūshū Basho 2013.  I could only find video for three of the seven matches, so this post doesn’t give a full perspective of Musashikuni’s performance in this basho.  584 more words


Match History: Eddie Guerrero vs CM Punk vs Rey Mysterio, IWA Mid-South, 2002

A Triple Threat you never thought you’d see, this match is the epitome of forgotten gems.

Rey Mysterio with no mask, an indie Eddie Guerrero and a rather green CM Punk square off for the IWA Mid-South World Championship.

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Wakaichirō Ken in the Haru Basho 2017

This week, I decided to create more gifs of Wakaichirō’s prior matches.  I find it interesting to review his early performances, but I also find it oddly relaxing to make these gifs.  393 more words


Musashikuni Mamu in the Aki Basho 2013

As mentioned in my last few posts, some YouTube accounts that upload sumo videos are being taken down due to these accounts being deleted.  I periodically download videos of Musashikuni and Wakaichiro to ensure that I have copies, but I do not do it near enough.  422 more words


Match History: Chris Benoit vs Terry Funk, NWA, 1994

Two wrestlers, one a master of technical wrestling, the other a key player in the evolution of hardcore and extreme wrestling. Combined, they personified what ECW stood for. 36 more words

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Match History: Randy Savage vs Shawn Michaels, WWF, 1992

These two icons in the world of professional wrestling met only a handful of times during their collective times in the ring.

Savage had pitched an extended feud with the rising star Shawn Michaels, right as the Macho Man was on the back end of his own career. 36 more words

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