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Short story: "Five-Year Plan"

“Five-Year Plan,” by Jason Marak

Appeared on matchbook, March 2016

386 words

Nicely captures a certain hopeless hope.

The author says, “I let the character’s words (rhythm, diction) do the work.” That’s probably what holds the piece together so well.

Short Stories

Short story: "Woman of the Week"

“Woman of the Week,” by Claire Polders

Appeared in matchbook in February 2016

449 words

A neat piece. Sort of celebrating the individuality of somebody who appears superficially uninteresting.

Twenty-first Century

Trader Mort's

2904 Shelter Island Dr., San Diego

Established: 1965
Status: Still exists

Other Places

I might like this person

“During a period of unemployment, I made myself write a few hundred words per day by creating flash stories and essays based on entries from the Pokédex (an encyclopedia of the creatures from Pokémon). 25 more words

Algiers Restaurant

6205 El Cajon Blvd., San Diego

Status: Demolished.  There is now a strip mall at this location.

Places That Are Gone

Posh Profiles: Matchbook's Sources of Style

Focusing on stories of unique beauty, feminine design, and personal style in all aspects of life, online magazine Matchbook inspires its readers by profiling and photographing the lives and living spaces of iconic style and design visionaries. 326 more words

Magazine Material: Matchbook

“Magazines are printed and bound publications offering in-depth coverage of stories often of timeless nature. Their content may provide opinion and interpretation as well as advocacy.

359 more words