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Graphite design on matchbooks

There is street art, that you either like or hate but there is also graphite design, which is a detailed/accurate illustration.

Krista Charles is a talented and certainly patient artist. 111 more words


Entry Eight: Creativity

After doing so much research on this e-magazine, I actually signed up for the website to get notifications for when the new issues come out. This magazine is very creative in it’s design. 116 more words

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Entry Seven: Advertising

This magazine has very few advertisements on the site. The advertisements being shown are closely related to what the magazine entails. For instance, the advertisement on the main page of the site is for a website called wallscaping.net. 238 more words

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Entry Six: Katie and Jane

Jane Lilly Warren and Katie Armour are the two founders of Matchbook Magazine. They are two friends who met overseas in Switzerland while in college. Jane Lilly serves as the co-founder and the creative director of the site while Katie serves as the other co-founder and editorial director. 241 more words

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Entry Five: Community

Matchbook magazine does a spectacular job at creating a sense of community for it’s readers. From the magazine itself, the stories seem very personal. From my previous post about the Matchbook Girl, the target demographic is pretty specific. 274 more words

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