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Kindle Matchbook - my PSA!

Yesterday’s Kindle Matchbook purchase got me thinking again about how wonderful that option really is. About how no one else seems to want to get in on this service. 614 more words


I used to light matches occasionally just to feel the warmth of their flame and to smell the glory of their burning.

I think I want that simplicity of meditative delight in my life again.

Post-a-day 2018

Short Story Roundup, 2.14.18

Short Story Roundup is a feature where I gather the best short stories I’ve read this week and share them with you every Wednesday. The stories might have been published yesterday or 100 years ago, but as long as I’ve read and loved them in a given week, you’ll find them here. 313 more words


Anyone Still Collect Matchbooks?

Anyone still collect matchbooks? Do restaurants still have them in a large glass snifter for the taking? I know people who’ve collected colorful and interesting ones from fancy or fun establishments-but years ago. 47 more words


Gotta Match ?

Any excuse to post
about pin ups is a
good enough excuse
for me.

Sexy matchbook covers.

how in the world
can I say no to… 441 more words