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Greyhound Coaches x2

I was suddenly awakened from my afternoon nap by a roaring noise and the overwhelming smell of diesel smoke. There was a massive silver 1960s vintage Greyhound bus gleaming in the sun outside the office. 166 more words

Iso Grifo

After the quick success of our ’69 Ford GT sale we decided to roll out another late 60s supercar grand tourer with a massive engine and sultry lines, the Iso Grifo. 106 more words

Matchbox Oldsmobile Vista Cruiser

Mr. Dino sure is a sweetie, and he’s easy to train it seems. He was lovely enough to buy me this Matchbox Oldsmobile, a considerate homage to our love canines and camping trips! 43 more words



Now the smaller Dauphin

the cabin build up much the same as its larger cousin

and that’s it as far as the interior goes just now

Model Making

'69 Ford GT

“Notice any patterns emerging with the cars you’re featuring on the website, Bob?” Mert asked. Always speaking in riddles.

It didn’t take long to figure it out. 177 more words

Rolls Royce Silver Shadow, Metallic Red

Mert and I just sat in this car, taking it in. It’s probably the nicest car we’ve got on the lot right now. Neither of us wanted to get out, but we were both afraid to drive it for fear of dinging the paint. 122 more words