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방 (bang) [Word of the Day]

안녕하세요! (annyeonghaseyo!)

This week marks the theme for “Household Items”! I know I said I was going to give the answers for the Matching Game yesterday today, but then I remembered that it was Grammar of the Week post. 87 more words

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Back-to-Basics | Link Back to Previous Lesson + Activity: "Fruits/Veggies Matching Game" [Grammar of the Week]

안녕하세요! (annyeonghaseyo!)

I’ve decided to link back to previous Grammar posts since I’ve gotten a bit ahead of myself. I decided to do a throwback theme.

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DIY Parking Lot with Matching Number

Koleksi mobil-mobilan Gege makin banyak aja (soalnya tiap ke toko mainan mintanya ‘mobil2an mulu :D ), saatnya kita bikin tempat parkir yuk!

Biar sekalian bisa belajar tentang angka, bikin parkirannya juga ditambah angka, tinggal matchin-in antara nomor yang ada pada parking lot-nya dengan nomor mobil (bukan plat mobilnya ya, hehe). 27 more words

Ghozi Al Ghifari

Doritos - Digital - Mobile Matching Game

The cost of the application is free. The difference between Screen 5 and Screen 6 is that they are on varying difficulties – with the former being Easy and the latter being Medium. 59 more words


Can You Find The Matching Pairs?

With two rambunctious toddlers in the family, I’ve been trying to come up with ideas for games that will easily fit into Altoid tins for the moms to throw into purses. 156 more words


Android Apps for Toddlers

Morgan is 18 Months now and is getting more interested in electronics and getting better at using them (she used to press the home button over and over).   282 more words


Handmade Wooden Matching Game

Kids love matching games and here is a fairly simple DIY way to make one.

I made a few different versions to show that there is no wrong way to make one of these! 751 more words